<---- Flash back: ♫♫♫ Living in the world’s RICHIEST CITY!!!! ♫♫♫

***Leaving CEBU is one of the things that would really hurt me… Yet leaving Cebu also means living out my dreams… ♫♫♫
ö    It didn’t take long after giving my CV to my cousin in UAE, that soon I will leave GEOS and my family in the Philippines
September 25th I left Cebu at 6:20PM for an almost 8 hour flight to Doha Qatar… On the plane and while in the airport, everything was first time. On my head I would just wanted to be directly in UAE and not to go through the process where people have to send me off, for I believe it will just make some dramatic moments, not that I don’t like but… I just felt it that way…۩
On the plane I did some funny stuff like pretending not to be a first timer, for I was looking for some connections of the headphone so I could watch a movie… and yes! I was successful~ I watched 2 movies: What Happened in Vegas and a Filipino movie which reminds me of LAI My Big Love!kk =)
It was past 12MN when I reached Doha and have to wait for an hour for the connecting flight to Abu Dhabi~ good to have 2 Pinay with me!..
When I landed and saw AD at night in a taxi from the airport, the first poster I saw was from McDonalds… Haha it reminds me of the mcfloat days and nights I had with my angels!kk it left me smiling.
All I see were buildings around me, only to know that I live in the heart of Abu Dhabi- in Najda Street.  On my first day, the first place I visited was St. Joseph’s Christian Church. I rode a car with Ate Ann and friends namely Weng and Jing ← she owns the car. Huh~! It was hot and all I see is the tree named “dates”… It’s soil is like an orange,yellow,brown (mixed)- which I think it’s the desert soil. Being inside that Filipino Bible study group makes me feel that God is with me. A good introduction of my stay! Later at night I went for a walk with both of my flat mates Ate Ann and Tyang Desa. What a place! Both positively and negatively!… All I see are tall and big buildings… but! OMG! The air is humid… really humid, I mean times 3 in Pinas!!!! Though the air blows me, my hair and my clothes still I couldn’t feel a cool breeze.
Much for that, let’s move on to my working place. It’s called ETSDC- Emirates Technical and Safety Development Centre- under the Mutawa Group of Companies. And I am a telemarketer here. I met Mr. Ramiz, my Operations Manager, and the one who interviewed me over the phone. He introduced some people which are mostly Arabs and also my partner in the Marketing Dept. Mr. Mahmoud..hahah I had hard time memorizing his name and I guess OM noticed it so he gave me a lil paper with his name… obvious!~.. ^^;
I was toured around and there was a little bit of orientation.
The next day I attended a course called Basic Fire Fighting, one lecture and one practical, I was more interested on the practical although I have to admit it was scary…. And later on, it made me ponder… Fire is such a devastating accident, which people needs to be aware on it. I had this training way back in college but the one that I have attended is more effective… Later in the afternoon I also attended First Aid Course. It was cool, and it makes me think that it’s presentation and content is easy, for me to be able to handle it if ever I get the chance to be an instructor, but then again~ I wanna experience a new job here…
Later I was assigned to be in front desk trained by Tin2 to take calls… haha I had hard time getting Arabic names and so whenever I transfer calls to Kuya Munir, he’d ask me to repeat and laugh on the way I pronounce their name… The first few days in the front desk left me unesy, I guess because of the calls and with the people I am talking to, because of the new sound of English. And to be honest, Indian English sound is really challenging for me.
Ramadan is finished and as soon as I get familiar to ETSDC and its people I have to leave for Kish Island for my exit…
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