One Lazy Saturday

I’m home.. just enjoying this lazy Saturday.
Watching Filipino TV series, checking my fb, twitter, youtube etc.
Arranging stuffs on my bed & choosing what to bring for my 2nd year balikbayan trip! ^^
Last year I was so excited, this time, I am still excited but I guess a lil bit hesitant probably because someone is going to be left behind… ^^
As everyone know (Those who are updated of me) I now have My God’s Gift (GG) named Kokobear … so it’s a bit different this time.
I wish to be home right away and not to go through the process of being sent off in the airport.. I think thats one of the moment I don’t like… but that’s life, can’t skip that part.
Anyway… gtg will soon add more blogs!
JM Kayne 🙂
Blog post by : JM Kayne

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Share your thoughts! :D