by: Julie Mae H. Bacus
ODW:  28 July 2007
To me, you’re the one puzzle left,
You were alone when I first met you~
When I see you- it feels great!
You look at me— the world conspires!
So I wanna know what’s goin’ on your mind
For you! You complete me w/ your presence
***‘Coz my wild hopes
Seem to come into reality This wild hope
Keeps me into insanity
Some people could be together
but others cant!
And that’s us.
Now I realize the pain
I knew that you have a girl
So everything was just a dream
I understand we are two different people
With two different ways to go through
But~ My wild hopes
Seem to give me faith
This wild hope
Keep me holding on.
And now I’m waiting
Waiting for the day you’ll be free
I’m waiting even without your love
Maybe while waiting I could learn something
Waiting could be happier
Maybe because on the day I lost you
I still have to go on and learn by oneself the facts of life!
I walk through the opposite road
But I know we share the same sky***
So please don’t give me up
Tears fall down
Do you cry like me too?
My pain should be made up
But am not blaming you
What can I do if I’ll give my heart to you?
I can’t let you see
You can’t give your heart to me
You love her so much and she’s damn good for you to let her go~
Where should I be?
My wild hopes
Couldn’t detach the strings
Here in my heart
I’d always believe your mine
Everything changes
This philosophy supplies these wild hopes!
Blog post by : JM Kayne

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