You Blog You – Vol. 3

From LOUISE: If you’re wondering what this is, #YouBlogYou is a blog series dedicated for bloggers wherein they will answer 11 questions related to blogging every week. This is a great opportunity for us to know them more as bloggers while others can learn something from them too.

Finally found the time to complete the volume 3! Above link is Louise’s original post.
This #YouBlogYou volume is about blog design and statistics. I am a bit raw when it comes to this, so maybe my answers are not detailed yet.
1. How do you classify your blog? In what category does it fall in?
I classify my blog as a personal-lifestyle blog because I post anything about my journey. From my Faith/Community life, to the places I travel, books & movie reviews and any other topics that I thought worth sharing.
2. What is the title of your blog? Share with us too what’s the story behind it.
The title of my blog is In My Heart. As what I have shared in the first questions, the contents of this blog are about my life, about what’s “in my heart” ! 
3. How did you come up with the design of your blog? Tell us if it’s a free/purchased template or someone you know made it for you.
This is a free template from blogger itself. I have tried other templates before and so far this set up makes me comfy. For now I am satisfied because once a reader opens the link here, they are automatically directed to my blogs which is definetely what I am showcasing. Of course I have the Home, Gallery etc buttons as well on the top.
4. If you own a domain, where did you purchase it? If you don’t have one yet, what’s preventing you from getting one?
I have not bough a domain yet. Since I am a newbie, I am still starting to learn and understand for now the pros & cons of purchasing one. Maybe someday I will level up and will take my own domain.
5. Where do you host your blog? Which platform? (Blogspot, WordPress, Tumblr, etc) Are you planning to move to another platform/host? Why or why not?

I host my blog with Blogspot becasue it is free. It is user-friendly, easy to understand and navigate (which is very helpful for newbies).

There was a time I wanted to switch to Tumblr and WordPress but I feel like I will re-do all the blogs I made and will loose the pageviews and comments.

6. How often do you check your blog statistics?
I check it every now and then, I don’t have a very specific schedule.
7. Do you think having a good and fast-loading template affects the traffic of your site?
I think I have. So far my posts loads fairly fast.
8. Do you use other sites, software or apps to schedule and post your blog posts? If yes, care to share it with us? If none, simply tell us how you share your posts.
Blogger has a scheduling post app but I haven’t use it yet also google has an automatic share set-up wherein once you publish – there is an option that asks you to post it to google+ directly. I share the link of my posts as well via facebook/twitter.
9. How do you think you earn blog post comments or blog shares?
Comments rarely come. Maybe because as of now, I don’t have much followers yet. But I do have readers who don’t have blogs – who randomly visit my page. These days I try to join some threads and join other blogs’ discussion. Hopeful to have more someday.
10. Aside from the activities mentioned above (blog post sharing & comments), what other efforts can help increase a blog’s statistics?
I promote them via my personal facebook page and now I have dedicated a page for this blog too. Google+ actually helps a lot. Working on some more ways and learning ideas from other bloggers.

11. Check your blog statistics and tell us either what you think helped you attain that number of views or what do you think you could have done to increase it? 

Just few months ago, i celebrated 10,000+ views for the entire duration of my blog. To others it’s too small, but for me it is already a milestone 🙂 Looking at my blog statistics, I know I am way too far from the goal I would like to reach this year. But I am positive. I will work it out with God’s grace.

If you want to join this blog series, you may click Louise’s blog here to know how.

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Blog post by : JM Kayne

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