TGIT – 3 Counted Blessings – Vol 3

Welcome to TGIT- # Counted Blessings – Vol. 3  It’s Thursday once again! Thanks God It’s Thursday! And yes, I am making another TGIT #Counted Blessings series once more.  Apologies, that it took me some time to continue this series… not that I’m not having a blessings in fact, every new day is a new blessings from God. I just got caught up with community activities and TVM issues plus personal stuffs. But I’m back! […]

TGIT – 7 Counted Blessings Vol. 2

We are licensed to praise God at all times and I do that in my own private time. But this blog series is an intention to literally count my blessings! Want to know the history? See its 1stvolume here.   1. TVM Editors I feel so blessed to have them. I don’t want to mention names, but they know who they are. Without them, the magazine will be having some uncorrected terms, grammar errors,  spelling […]

TGIT – 10 Counted Blessings

Inspired by the song Blessings by Laura Story… Every day we go through different challenges that are maybe not good – but could they be God’s way of tapping us and reminding us, hey! I remember you that’s why you are in “this” right now… Almost every talk in the community I attend, we are prompted of the blessings that we have at hand. So I thought, why not make a series of blog about […]


10 Things that make me happy

This post is another series of my TGIT – Thank God, It’s Thursday, #CountedBlessings series where I am enumerating ten (10) things (people/event) that make me happy! I know, I know – that it’s not Thursday but somehow, I feel the need to actually write this post because I feel I am blessed amidst the challenge that I am going through right now. So, let’s jump right into it and let me write those things […]

Blog Series

You Blog You So, I found this really cool way of getting to know yourself as a blogger from one of the bloggers I am following, check out – Louisechelle of Tales & Escapades! Find my versions below. You Blog You Vol. 1 You Blog You Vol. 2 You Blog You Vol. 3 Kayne Series While this is my version of Getting to Know the Blogger behind this page 🙂 Kayne Series 1 Kayne Series […]