#InMyHeart started way back in 2010. Old entries came from my yahoo mail notes and I moved to blogspot and now in wordpress! This is a lifestyle (personal) blog that shares my randmon musings and story. Stories about life, faith, travel, love, food and more! I simply love to write anything about everything that excites me and gets my attention. 

What’s inside #InMyHeartJMKaynesBlog 

This is a personal/lifestyle hub (blog) that aims to share my expereinces in the aspects of faith, family, travel, and the whole essence of life, thus it’s the stories #InMyHeart.
Topics to expect from this blog are:
  1. Personal Experiences and random thoughts
  2. Stories of Faith
  3. Travel Log #ByaheNgKokobears
  4. Movie and Book reviews
  5. Foods? (actually an extension blog is also available at #KusinaNiKayne
  6. My passion in teaching, hosting/emceeing, English and others
  7. Sponsored Blogs & Collaborations

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In the past, I’ve shared some write-ups with other websites and some of them are below.

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