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For a “kuripot” person (stingy) like me, it was only early last year (2016) that I learned to purchase some stuff online. Online shopping isn’t really my thing but I have started to enjoy it though. I have this feeling of being not so sure if it does work and to my surprise, it brought me convenience!  Just when I thought that online shopping brings convenience, it has become better and found it more alluring when I learned about getting a few bucks back!

How would you feel if you get a “cash back” on your purchases online!?! Made me wanna shop all day long! 🙂 hehehe
It’s exciting to know that you get a certain percentage from the purchase you do via online shopping! Have you heard of ShopBack!? 
Yes, you’re right! Singapore’s popular cash back website is now in the Philippines! Popular not only in SG, but it has also started its waves to the other parts of Asia such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan etc.
Few of the most popular shops includes Forever21, Sephoraand some Korean beauty products (Althea) for those make-up fanatics!,, Expedia and more – for travel related purchases, Lazada, Zalora, Gap, AliExpress, EBay, FoodPanda and the list goes on . . .
Here are few of the shops you can enjoy with their corresponding % of cash back.
So how does this online shopping-cash back system works?
For Example you want to purchase a certain product:
  • Let’s say something that costs 1000/- Pesos.
  • The online shop where you will purchase this product has a certain percentage  to give out as a “cash back” – so for example gives 5% cash back.
  • That means you will be getting back 5% of 1000 pesos to your ShopBack Account.
  • That is 50 pesos!!!
 A good start to save, isn’t it?

Not clear yet? Well, this video may help!
Sounds tempting right? 
In fact here are some of the major shops that offers pretty cool cash back percentage!
To make sure that you get your cash back, do not go directly to the shop’s website, instead log in to your app or visit website and click the shop/product from there. You will  then be redirected to the site of your chosen shop. Do the normal shopping and pay directly there.
When your order is completed, ShopBack “cash back %” will appear on your account within 48 hours. You can get a payout once you reach a certain amount (will be tagged as Redeemable) and cash it out through PayPal, BPI, BDO or Metrobank account and more.
How do we start?
1.     Start by checking this step by step “How it Works” guide.
2.   Register for an account and enjoy online shopping –  Sign Up Here. 
           *You can either download an app or visit the website
3.    Start Shopping and start enjoying your cash back!
4.  Refer friends, get more bonus such as P100 on your successful referral once they complete a purchase.
As an OFW, I see this online shopping – cash back system helpful and very tempting in a way that we could use it to send out “gifts” to families and friends back home.

What do you think? Wanna give it a try?  Go ahead give it a try and share your experience with ShopBack Philippines. I’d be happy to hear from you!

God Bless!
JM Kayne @ #InMyHeart


Social media has highlighted many #RelationshipGoals photos and videos. In a recent blogpost from one of the bloggers I follow – Kryz on ThirstyThoughts , she wrote an open letter to the millennials… inside that blogpost are beautiful photos of her, but then what happens behind the scene is something not many know. . . which makes a superficial/shallow #hashtags of #WhateverGoals!

In this blog post, I have asked some friends of what are their #RelationshipGoals (in all aspects) many have seen it but only 2 brave souls were keen enough to give me a respond. So here are 3 #relationshipgoals + explainations (I have added mine too.)

Read on!

#1. Watch the moon and stars while doing a back float.

There is a challenge of trust in floating, while both eyes away from one another. A feeling of serenity; talking each other while looking to the moonlight and sparkling stars. Indeed, will relax to the depth of both souls. – Rei Moises (Visit her blog on MsPoetRM.)

#2. Understand.Love.Talk

Dapat mag intindihanay kmu mga duwa kng anu problema nga duwa histrayahan para indi mag lab ot sa away, kag mg palanggahanay kmu nga duwa. J (You should understand each other. Whatever the problem between the two of you, you should talk over it and avoid getting  into a bigger fight and also you must love  each other.) – Rhoda Chavez

#3. Serve in God’s Vineyard.

Whether in church or in a Religious community like CFFL/CFC-FFL (CFC Foundation for Family and Life / Catholics for Family and Life) – I believe every couple (boyfriend-girlfriends/married ones) should allow themselves to grow spiritually in the content of serving God. Inside a community you will surely know your strengths and weaknesses. I can vouch for that.– JM Kayne

Hope this list inspires you (whether single or in a relationship) – make sure you tick off these #RelationshipGoals or #RelationshipBucketlist!

How about you? What’s yours?

Sharing more of your #RelationshipGoals soon.

God bless!

Another 8! – My Blogging Journey so far . . .

My Blogging Journey so far . . . 

If not because of LinkedIn, I won’t remember that during this month (November) in 2008 right before I arrived in Abu Dhabi – I have started my little steps to the world of blogging.
 It has been 8 years!
To date, I still enjoy doing so.
Five (5) years ago I dreamt of having my own website during our SFL DISCOVERY WEEKEND – 2011 activity. I wished to use – but it has been taken already. This year I come to realize that it culminates that five (5) year plan we had in one of the activities and found out that I have ticked off this dream. So I’ve used It is only this year that I have created more than 60 blog posts and counting (last year 2015 – I had 55) – and it is also just recently when I officially leveled up my blog (in terms of content, design and other blogging niche thingy . . .) by purchasing my own domain. I am overjoyed! 🙂
Cheers to this opportunity to write what’s on my head. Cheers to the fact that indeed DREAMS come TRUE and I always honor God for these happenings. I know everyone can do this but not everyone has that guts to do so. That’s why whether I ace this field or not, I am already happy by just being able to continue expressing myself through this blog. To everyone who is apart of the 31K ++ views I THANK YOU! Again you make me happy and you bring joy in to my heart!
Yes, I drew this back in 2011: Got married –  þ (no babies yet)
Still in the community CFFL (CFC-FFL) – þ
Personal website / Blog  þ (Book not yet)
Teaching / delivering talks – þ

God Bless!

JM Kayne |