Book Review: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (#KonMari)

Book Review


By: Marie Kondo

Genre: Self-Help | Published: 2011

Book Review - KonMari Magic of Tidying Up - iamjmkayne

This book is the Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, the #KonMari way. This #1 New York Times best-selling guide to declutter your home using Marie Kondo’s strategy takes a lot of readers step-by-step through KonMari Method for simplifying, organizing, and storing. 

In 2017, Kokobear bought me this book as a gift and I have tried this process. So let me share a little bit of how it goes:

The Process

STEP 1 – Visualize your destination, ask yourself why you want to live like that. Be specific.

STEP 2 – Clean in one or 2 days – in one event. Clean by categories.

  •      Category 1 –  Clothes
  •      Category 2 – Books
  •      Category 3 – Papers
  •      Category 4 – Komono (Miscellaneous)
  •      Category 5 – Mementos

STEP 3 – Take one by one and ask yourself if this item sparks joy* No distractions; no music no TV.

STEP 4 – Get rid of your materials. Donate and/or dispose of those items that you’ve set aside from this process

STEP 5 – Store items according to Mari Kondo’s style of storing items. She has specific ways how to fold and hang stuffs.

STEP 6 – Practice KonMari way in your day-to-day life. 

Marie has recently released her Netflix series and its been trending lately. In fact while watching it Kokobear and I were also cleaning up and I caught him doing this while were watching. Added it on my IG Stories and tagged Mari herself. To my surprised she replied to it and asked me to submit it in order to share that to her community. So I obliged. 🙂 

On the other hand, let’s talk about my personal experience in applying the above process. I did it way back in 2018 right before we moved to Dubai. Before we started packing our stuffs in Abu Dhabi, I have done the day or 3 days of sorting our clothes, books and komono. I haven’t worked on papers and mementos. 

* * *


The truth of being an OFW in UAE is that we are NPA (No Permanent Address) therefore moving from one flat to another; one room to another room is a reality every single OFW experiences. To realize that we’re having this much stuffs (while staying in a very small space) isn’t surprising. What’s amazing on the other hand is that there are actually many clothes, books and other materials that have been laying down in the closet, cabinets or somewhere else that hasn’t been used for more than a year. Being able to sort them one by one and considering the question if this thing sparks joy has been helpful and exhilarating. 

 It has allowed me to see what I have, what I liked, what fits, what’s useful and whats not.

✓  I’ve learned new ways to store things, to fold clothes and the idea of putting them in a box looks nice and more neat.

This book reaffirm my personal stand about outer order inner calm mantra which I first learned from Gretchen Ruben’s Happier Podcast. I find it true to actually feel at ease if my surrounding is clean, not chaotic, organized and calm. Thus it foster more creativity and productivity from my side.



The process really take time especially if you have a lot of stuffs.

Since I haven’t completed all the categories, I feel the the need to re-do all the categories since I might have started accumulating new clothes, books etc.

I find it difficult to get rid of things, so sent it home. This isn’t the best action because, this would mean that if the things I used won’t be useful to others, then it will remain useless and unwanted. Thus, it still won’t spark joy to others.

Some of the advises on the book is applicable for Asian setting, maybe more specific to Japanese people as well. I guess a few Western people might have some difficulties into applying them too. 

Personal Conclusion

I would say that the first part of the book went pretty well. It inspires you to clean up, organize and have planted the seed of being mindful of the things we buy and store. This is a great start to minimalism. Although Mari herself that this tidying method isn’t minimalism, it’s a way of life. It doesn’t mean you only need less. As long as every single thing in your house sparks joy – thats what matter most.

As of writing, I am in the quest to re-do the whole process. I’d like to have more space at home and indeed feel joy in each item I see. I’d like to consider minimalism as well, although I have to say there is still a long way to go.

Let’s do this! I hope it sparks more joy! Aja! 🙂


God bless,









JANUARY 2019 | Blog post RECAP

JANUARY 2019 | Blog post RECAP

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Patient Brave Courageous

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3 Mindsets All Creatives Must Have

You have it.

Yes! You have it! You are destined for greatness and you have the gift that only you have. It’s been one of my favorite quote that “Everyone can be Creative”. You just have to unleash it and be willing to explore different creative pursuits. Eventually you’ll know that you have what it takes and you have a gift from above. Not sharing your gift to the world would also mean that you don’t honor God for your talents. So don’t hide it – be you, be creative!

A student of life mindset

I’m a Lavendaire fan and Marie Forleo follower and both ladies are a big fan of the fact that each and every creative must have this mindset of being a lifelong learner.

Don’t be afraid to Collaborate

All this time, I really thought that I could do everything on my own. When all the creatives seemed to claim of being an introvert, I’d say I am one too. But introvert in the most opposite way. I’m the only social scientist who doesn’t like to socialize. Yet I have learned the hard way that in order to thrive and learn, I have to collaborate. Ask help, ask guidance, ask permission and more. I have this fear that people will say “NO” to me, or people will not accommodate my request and true enough I have had moments like that. Shifting my mind into the reality that may sound clichè yet truly authentic is that no one is an island. Being creative requires you to explore uncomfortable zones that you have to surpass and learn to live it. So be open to new challenges, be open to working with others. You’ll never know you’ll meet your first client, follower or important critique all along. Do collaborate.


These mindset have helped me in this creative journey for the past year. We all are creatives in our own rights and having the right mindsets will help us polish our craft, be more productive and create more.


Never stop learning!

Be blessed and be God’s blessings.











Relationship Goals: Expectation VS Reality

Relationship Goals: Expectation VS Reality

relationship goals at for regain

How time flies, I vividly remember celebrating Christmas and New year of 2018 and now we are off to the second month of 2019. Hello hello February!

Wow, how time flies! February is known for Valentine’s Day – a day or even a month-long celebration that are visible all over the malls worldwide. Hearts and other decorations all the way. Setting the tone for a Love month all merchandise and corners of a shop or mall may have their décor now.

Then, you see a lot of your friends and family and not so close friend/acquaintance (+ favorite celebrities on their IG) doing all their hashtags on #RelationshipGoals. An array of photos from couples having their dates in five-star hotels, a husband bringing flowers and chocolate, a boyfriend-girlfriend enjoying coffee and movie time, a couple traveling to their favorite destination. Paris if you may go far and really makes your social media friends goes WOOOWWW!  Others may do a little low-key by simply doing home cooked meals, baking for the loved-one, going to church for a mass as a celebration of the hearts day/month. Some pairs do a couple of matching shirts, couple massage, couple this and couple that! The social media will now again be full of highly curated photos and captions all the way. And I have to say I’m not exempted to this reality…

Oh by the way singles also have their own way of celebrating this with friends and maybe doing some self-care too. J Sorry for the bitter ones. You’ll find him or her someday!

All these are our ideal couple and relationship goals and of course led the people in our circle thinking that everything is doing great in our life. An expectation that will break a lot of people’s heart when one day you’ll come out and you and your loved one are no longer together.

Reality shown in most of our social media timelines will mostly be sugar-coated and behind these stories are deeper meaningful interaction that not many of us would like to share to anyone. Others may have best friends or family members to talk and confide to. Others may consider meeting a therapist. Chances are we fall into the trap of showing to the world through our Facebook and Instagram posts and stories that we are living the life. Afraid of what people will say and how they’d react when they see our life falling apart.  We hide between those screens and somehow create a persona separate from our real one. Of course I’m not saying it happens to all, I honor those who are honest and still keeping the grip of being able to see everything in a different manner.

But for those who are seriously struggling in this aspect of life – On relationship/love issues; a couples therapy or counseling may apply.

Head over to to learn more about their services as they guide you into the step-by-step process of helping relationships, couples most especially to build and maintain  an open channel for them to interact and hopefully with God’s grace be blessed with patching things up and be able to live a better life as girlfriend-boyfriend or as a married couple.





Marriage Counseling: Not a Popular Approach but Why Consider it?

Marriage Counseling: Not a Popular Approach but why should you consider it?

Marriage Counseling -

It’s been almost five years now since the day we exchange vows and life has always been under adjustments based on the new challenges, learnings and discoveries between me and my husband. Recalling the years when I was single, I never thought that God would allow me to meet him away from my own homeland.

Oppsss, don’t get me wrong I’m not sharing about our love story, I’m just having that as an intro to another interesting topic of marriage and family life.

It is sad that the world nowadays has been totally accepting realities of divorce. “Making them easy as if changing clothes”. That’s a harsh sentence right there but it’s becoming true day by day. I know and I’m aware that there’s numerous reasons on why these divorces happen but there should be a better way to approach this than just simply divorcing after a week or even days as per the news I’ve read.

I often hear our grand grandparents and elders this Filipino adage :

“Ang pag-aasawa ay hindi katulad ng mainit na kanin na kapag isinubo mo at napaso ka ay puwede mong iluwa.” Marriage isn’t like a hot rice that when you get burnt you can just spit it out.

True, marriage isn’t made a trial and error. Marriage is created for a bigger purpose. I remember a retreat I attended that the priest shared regarding his interview for a couple who is about to get married and asked them the dreaded question, Why do you want to marry him/her? Most of the time the couples would answer because of love and all other details that still sum up to attraction. And yet the greater mission or goal of becoming a family, raising children and fulfilling God’s promise isn’t a picture.

No Love Story is Perfect

No love story is perfect, because no one between the wife and the husband are perfect. The world nowadays have given a standard in different forms and up to date, love is still the most intriguing, interesting, favorite topic of all times. Being a part of a religious community has given me tickets to a few marriage retreats and one of them has introduced me to a book that I guess a lot of us have read. This was a book that talks about the different languages of love which are applicable not only to couples but to all other types of relationships. And true enough all those things matter. Then again, it doesn’t give us the permit to have a perfect relationship.

Not a Popular Approach

What I’m sharing today might not be the most popular approach to some of you (my readers) and especially to my fellow Filipinos but in the other part of the world especially in the Western countries, this has been an approach widely accepted by the society. I’ve been following a celebrity couple that shared their own experiences related to this and they strongly suggest to find people and/or couple mentors to help you work on your relationships and marriage. As a member of CFFL I have this privilege, but how about those who are not?

There’s quite a long list of concerns that must be shared to our very own brothers and sisters or family members. While some of us might consider counseling. Sometimes sharing our stories to someone, a stranger yet a professional in his/her field may help us go through the hurdles we face in our relationship. True, not so much of a popular approach because couples tend to keep everything in secret until it breaks out and ending into cutting the ties. 

Been hearing a lot of my married friends go through difficulties that might not only be superficial as to basic misunderstandings but a level that requires intervention. A lot of questions and issues that are sensitive topics between a couple that may need a professional input. As a Christian I would always first suggest to open this up to your priest or spiritual adviser and if the load gets heavier I think there is nothing wrong with getting the help we all deserve and that is through a therapy/counseling. Truth be told, some of our confidante might not serve us completely, as they may also are busy dealing with their problems. So it’s helpful to get a help from people who are experts in the field.

Similar to an earlier collaboration I have shared earlier this month (with Betterhelp) is a Family/Couples focused counseling site called A website that helps couples with their concerns and issues on marriage and family life. It’s an online relationship counseling platform that has numerous licensed therapist who vows to secrecy and are experienced with it comes to relationship and marital issues.

To know more about them check out their site:






Bikes: How Can You Choose?

Bikes: How Can You Choose?

Bikes from sixthreezero at

Are you in the market for a new bike? You are not alone. There are a lot of people who are searching for the right bikes but not all of them are able to find the bike that is right for them. How can you choose the one that is best for you?


There are some things that you have to decide on:

  • Consider the different types of bikes that are available. The various types can be used for different types of terrains and purposes.
  • Take a look at the features and the components that are being offered by the bikes that caught your eye. Even the gears of the bike can help you choose one bike over the other.
  • The fit of the bike will always make a lot of difference. What is the use of having a bike if it does not fit you? If you are having trouble finding the right bike, you can consider getting custom bicycles.


Where Will You Be Riding?

You may be searching for the best bicycle for women. You have narrowed down your search a bit but there are still so many models that you are considering. Ask yourself, “Where will I be riding the bicycle?” The answer to this question will help you eliminate the bicycles that will not fit your needs.


Some bikes are versatile enough to be ridden in different types of roads. Whether you are going to use the bike on the beach or you are going to be riding on pavement all the time, the various bike types will matter a lot.


The Different Features Will Matter

You might think that the features of the bike will not matter that much but there are some that will be easier to ride as compared to the others. There are some features that will make the bike easier to use when climbing mountains. Some of your hobbies may be achieved better with the right features.


Do Not Underestimate the Bike’s Fit

If the size of the bike is too big or too small for you, do not push through with it. There are other bikes available that will fit you better.

Once you have settled on the bike that you want, you are probably going to ride the bike for a long time.






How A Good Motorcycle Jacket Can Help You

How A Good Motorcycle Jacket Can Help You

Motorcycle jacket and helmet at

There are some people who say that you are expected to spend a lot of money on your motorcycle gear. Some even end up spending more on their gear as compared to their chosen motorcycle. There are two accessories that you need in order to ride your motorcycle well. The first one is a motorcycle helmet and the second one is the motorcycle jacket.

Why Do You Need a Helmet?

You obviously need a helmet because without this, you will not be able to ride in certain areas. If you are caught riding without a helmet, you will be given a ticket and this is not something that you want at present time.

Motorcycle helmets for women can be purchased from online stores and they can also be purchased from actual stores. It will depend on you and the amount of time that you have to decide where you are going to buy the right helmet for your needs. There are different types of helmets available not only in terms of design but also in the sizes that are available.

Why Do You Need a Jacket?

There are some people who feel that they can ride their motorcycles without having to wear a jacket. This is true. You can always ride a motorcycle wearing whatever you want. The right jacket will just make a lot of difference. Look for an all weather motorcycle jacket that you can wear no matter what the season is.


A lot of riders say that the jacket does more than protect you from harm. This will also be in charge of showing off your personality while you are riding. The jacket will become a part of you. Choosing the right jacket will depend on different factors. The price of the jacket is always one of the best factors. Choose discount alpinestars jacket to be sure that you are getting quality jackets for an affordable price.

Another thing that you have to consider is the style of your jacket. The jacket will represent you and your personality. Make sure that you will choose depending on your preferences and all the other factors that you find important.





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Patient Brave Courageous

Thursday night was a little emotional night for me. Every thing was doing well, a nice dinner with Kokobear and a few discussions and then something (I can’t totally recall what) led me to be a little off. So I went to bed earlier than the usual. Of course I didn’t sleep right away, still battling that sleepless/insomnia every single night. 

So I took myself into prayer mode while lying down and suddenly I caught my tears drenching on my face. I wasn’t sad about what happened right before I lie down. I was emotional because somehow for a while I haven’t actually dig deeper into what has been happening around me. Of course there has been days when I start questioning and wondering why this and why that… but my mantra of staying positive has kept that hope afloat until Thursday night. Yes, this is a night when I ask Him those questions, a moment where I doubted myself and feeling a little dismayed on both sides of the coins. . . . (I won’t share the verbatim lines but if you know me, you’d probably know what is my current baggage and eventually I cried myself to sleep.

Everyday, I wake up having refusal/rejections letters and emails from the hundreds of job vacancies I have applied for as breakfast. Thus, you can’t blame me if I start wondering what’s in-store for me? Asking – is that it? Was that my whole working-life already? A staggering moments of doubts and creeping self-esteem dragging me during my down days is never fun. With faith I have stayed in my ground and of course human as I am, I am never an exemption of breaking down. Which what exactly just happened. 

Come Friday, where I attended the first Senior Core Group (SCG) of our community – CFFL together with the rest of the servants of CFFL Dubai. A long ride and a bit of adjustment period to get back into the mode of being in a teaching. The holiday season has made us all feel chill. There’s been a lot of reminders in each scriptures and lessons learned based on the theme for this year coming from Joshua 25:14 – As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord. But these 6 principles are like rocks thrown into my heart and mind and once again I hear Him crystal clear!

  1. It is the Lord that goes before you.

  2. God will be with you.

  3. God will not fail you or forsake you

  4. Do not fear and be dismayed.

  5. Be strong and be steadfast

  6. We should bring the people into the Lord.

There’s no need to elaborate all of them, all of its explanation goes right straight into my heart, mind and soul!

On my head I could hear Him saying “how dare” you question me! Made me feel sorry and ashamed too. I am claiming to be His warrior, a missionary, chosen and a daughter of the King yet I fall into the trap. 

Well, you’d probably wonder, why I’m sharing this?

Maybe I found the answer?

Maybe I have a new job?

To be honest, for one & half years now I have never been into an interview and yet right after hearing all those 6 reminders, I am enlightened with the fact that as I continue to gather all the rejections day-by-day I am drawing closer to what he has perfected for me. 
I am waiting patiently Lord for your YES.
I’ll stay patient, brave and courageous. Amen.

Psalm 27-14

Staying FOCUSED!