Letters to God – A KFL Special (The Parents are out & the children are IN!)


Event: Mini KIDS Assembly
Date: 10-11 February 2011
Venue : Tito Bonnie/Tita Weng’s House
The Parents are out & the children are IN!
This weekend (11 March, Thursday Night) is scheduled for their Parents’ Marriage Encounter Retreat. So this time the kids are IN for a short Retreat too, we call it KIDS’ Assembly.
It’s an overnight event, 5 kids or shall I say almost youth + 2 toddlers with 5 of their Ates & Kuya from  the Singles for Family & Life ministry.
Brother Darrelle, Sisters Amie, Ash, Lou & yours truly were assigned to be their service team.
We had a long list of events that was not totally covered for some reasons but then it was somehow a great sleep over.
Jon, Maynard, Bench, Dave, and Daniel- the all boys group plus Benz & Bea! These kiddos have rocked our world more than we have rocked them!
Letters to GOD. The main event of the night was a movie for them to reflect on. We have them engrossed watching it, even the toddlers! At the end of the movie, we found some of them or us with a teary eye. As part of the activity, we had them wrote their own letters to GOD & a separate one for their parents.
All 5 of us were happy to see them all willingly & seriously writing their letters, with matching arts & for sure a heart warming thoughts inside.
They have kept us awake all night after the activity, played their gadgets or even just bumped each other on their bed till dawn of 2 AM. They requested for some Philippines Scary stories. So Ate Lou & Kuya Darrelle gave them some and when the lights off, they were all behaved & have fallen asleep.
It was short, Friday morning was spent for a brief breakfast & the kids have gone to the church for their Catechism class. We hope to have a bigger group next time so we could explore more with the activities & have a stronger bond with these fellows.
Finally have realized one special thing: That they aren’t the normal stereotype personalities of “Laking Abroad” children who are difficult to handle. To our surprise they were very cooperative & interested in doing the activities we have in line.
Hats off to the parents of these kids that in God’s Grace these children are well raised.
God bless,

JM Kayne


TV Series Review: LOST

TV Series Review | LOST

Photo from: Patheos.com

It was 2005 when I last found myself crazy on a TV series called ALIAS… this has been my all time favorite that it took me another 5 years to move on & try another series… My family recommended LOST way back 2009 during my First vacation home… I spent the whole 2009-2010 with only 2-3 minutes glimpse and let it rested.

Until I was back home again, vacation 2, this time I gave my time to it, played season 1 and found myself suddenly awake in the middle of the night thinking what’s on the island! Ha ha ha.. Now I am hooked!

This entry will be my own review about this series, its pros n cons, the things I understood & the questions I have in mind.

Let me start by praising JJ Abrahams for a job well done. This story way then captured me simply because number one, it came from the same Producer/writer of Alias. He never fails to amaze me with the twists & storylines. And wish I could shake his hand for that! ^^


So here we go:


– PROS –

    • All characters had played well with their roles.
    • I love everyone’s combination especially to the variety of their spoken English language. It allows me (an ESL Teacher) to also learn more. Shall I say I was so at home with Sun & Jin. And in my 2 years here in the gulf Sayed’s familiar too!
    • The area of the whole series is much enjoyable, the stations, the sea, the mountains, it was all fun!
  • I am glad that the series took time or chose to end in a spiritual meaning, somehow with all the amazing things, rules of life & this world; after all it ends up to where we really came from.

– CONS –

  • Just want to comment that part when Desmond went to the Philippines and was looking for a man to help him to let Penny give birth, I think that man isn’t Filipino.. Am I right? Anyone knows here?


  • The whole story didn’t seem to clear up the real experiment of the island, on why Dharma Initiative started. Who really started it? Was it Charles Whitmore? I don’t think he is, since he showed up in the island when he was in his youth & yet the Dharma Initiative was I guess already there. (Forgive me if I miss a part that explains it.. I would be grateful to review it! ^^)


  • The first 4 episodes were still realistic until episode 5 up.

It could have been a long review.. but I guess I lost my track… hihih.. Anyway I just want to say I now have 2nd fave & that’s LOST! ^^


Kudos! Jack & the rest of the LOST cast!!!!



God bless,

JM Kayne