Fallout | 12.06.2014

Life of expectations…
I know this could be a sin….
But for this very little moment, I would like to be honest & truthful with myself & with the people dear to me. Lord, forgive me for having this feeling.
Today, I learned a lesson the hard way…
I could not say more – but an awkward sound on my head “Ok—k–kaaayyyy” – a dragging sound of k to the deepest part of my hypothalamus. There is that time of our life when we tend to feel so high, high-spirited, happy, confident, and boastful at times, free… etc. There is that time that we expect something’s will go our way; will work as per what our aspiration draws; will stand like we are the architect of our life.
I was in this situation, just a few minutes ago… actually for a while now (let’s say~ 6 months?). But behind that drawing, is also another part of my hypothalamus where I long to be home. There is boredom. There is tiredness. There is a feeling that I just want to sit and don’t think of anything.
So much for that, let’s go what happened today.
Today is a day where a situation is being revealed. After 2 years of waiting, here comes a point, which is actually a “make” – but feels like “make or break”. As the moment unfolds, inside me is a rush. I was running, running as fast as I can and now ready to take off (like an airplane does)… one, two… three seconds… four seconds… five! Boom!! One of my wings got broken.
Yes, you got it right; my expectation was high so I fall from 8th floor!
As I have said, I learned a lesson the hard way. I composed myself and tried to manage calmness within. Today, I learned to lower down my expectations from people, from situation, from chances and from others. I guess it is ok to expect but not “that high”. As I look back, I still found myself blessed. I know this will not happen to me if God didn’t allow it to happen.
Although at the very moment, I still have that clingy feeling to get “emo”  — I know I will be able to work it out.
Lord, today I pray for your love, envelop me with that unconditional love that I may not feel this feeling. Amen.




Fallout (n) [ ‘flˌaut ]

Outcome, effect, result, consequence.

Daghang SALAMAT!!! (J + D)

Daaghang Salamat


J + D

16 May 2014
Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral
Fort San Pedro
It’s been a week later after our “BIG DAY”… so let me extend our (Darrelle & I) gratefulness to everyone who made that day more special! 


To Mamo, Dado, Dan2x, Nonong & Gretchen- who tirelessly do the errands in coordinating with the church, reception, papers & packages in Cebu & Roxas.



To Ade’s Fashion House for the beautiful & gorgeous gowns & barong of our entourage.



To Love Magnet Weddings & Events (Ms. Cynthia, Che & the other 2) who has made the process easier. Thank you for the genuine assistance & concern.


To Maam Patring for making our day full of beauty through your flowers that blooms all the way.
To Written in Ink (WINK) for our very in demand passport & ticket wedding invitation… (Marami ang nag request because of its uniqueness… )


To Maam Fe – for our beautifully crafted travel themed cake & cupcakes. (forgot to request to change NY to AD) heheheh but still so nice!


To our caterer, Sir Richard Laceda Cabradilla and your team of Derder’s Catering Services – Talisay Cebu for the well organized , sumptuous & delicious dinner that you’ve served to us & to our guests. They surely love it! We didn’t expect for an extra decor on our stage, that one was nice! ^^



To Special Moments Digital Photography – we loved our photos! Thank you so much for keeping our guest happily busy while waiting for us! Salamat sa follow up & good marketing  hehehe mwahhh 


To 1080p Digital Studio for capturing the very special moment of our life. For being open to our requests, for making us feel comfortable in our photo-shot sessions, for the sharing of ideas & collaboration – for the commitment! Ayyy basta I sooooo love it! 



To our hosts; Midsummernightdreams Bronzesilvergoldpearldiamond Esor Yrrehc Medallo, Philbert Salve! Daghang Salamat.


To the one I requested to play the violin on my big day : Michelle Ybañez (9 years ago) and full-filled her promise!!! Loads of THANKS! Thank you Ate Lou for singing as well, Ron-ron thank you for playing the guitar & accompanying her with #Duyog at the reception.



To Darrelle’s family & friends who flew all the way to Cebu from Roxas & Iloilo to witness this big day of ours.



To my family from Bulacao, Borbon & Tabogon Cebu – for the time and effort.



To my family (from both Hortelano & Bacus side), friends,kababata, neighbors (esp. those who came all the way from the south and allowed their kids to be a part of our entourage), HS buddies & CNU classmates, colleagues, Angels,Pipers… can’t name you all (you know who you are) – BIG BIG BIG Thank you for the love you’ve shared by attending J+D.


To our Abu Dhabi SFL Family (represented by Marylou Cerrudo Ugad, Russ Ty & Roniel Mendoza).



To everyone who greeted us here on fb – from our CFFL & Abu Dhabi Family… Shukran!


To the rest of our entourage… and everybody else…


Thank you for the gifts as well!


Oppppssss… to those I might fail to mention.. sorry po ~ …




Finally, KUDOS to our parents who both raised us very well to reach into where we are right now. Like what you have shown us in our families – we look up to all 4 of you in making our own family in the future. 
Thank you for the blessings, faith, values you’ve imparted & most especially to your undying love!


Above all, it is with God’s grace that 16.05.2014 was perfectly beautiful and gorgeous because of His love. 


The sky was clear & the night was cool, God answered my prayer of no rain at all. Father, we offer you this union – may you continue to bless us and the rest of our family & friends: happy, healthy, safe & loving you more by praising & glorifying your name. 
To God all be the Glory!


#ThankYouALL #GratefulHeart #TheKokobearsForever #JDWedding#Blessed #Loved