Getting to know a Saint : ST. AUREA

Another 3rd Week has come – this August All Sistars were assigned to “GET TO KNOW A SAINT”. I was given St. Aurea. As I Goggled – I found various versions of St. Aurea I guess there are around 3-4 of them. 

But I decided to choose St. Aurea of Ostia. 

Ostia is a seaport in Rome, Italy. It is a diocese of Rome whose St. is St. Aurea. The below photo is a façade of its Church.


Present Day Church 

An insufficient information were noted about this Saint. What has been know is that Aurea (or Chrysse) meaning “Golden Girl” was a part of a noble blood family in Rome in 270 AD. Because of her faith she was put into exile from mainland Rome to Ostia.


A Painting of St. Aurea

In her presence there, it is believed that she had done miracles such as:

  • Being able to loosen a Christian prisoner’s chains after their encounter. 
  • With this occurrence – she was able to convert 17 prisoners to the Christian faith that has been beheaded later because of their conversion. 
  • And another story was shared that Aurea was able to bring back to life a son of a shoemaker. 

With these accounts, although during that century, the Church hasn’t set the official requirements in canonization of Saint – these were the considered reasons of her Sainthood.

Finally, like any other saints, Aurea died a martyr – as she was forced to renounce her Christian faith and give praise to the Roman gods, but she declined.

Therefore she was dragged to her death; thrown to the sea with a millstone on her head.


This is a painting by Andrea Sacchi – that can be found in the altar of the church.

St. Aurea’s feast is every 24th August and 20th May. 

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Last July (2014) – All Sistars went for a joint Household & our topic was about The Women from the Bible. 19 sisters gathered & presented one by one the assigned or the chosen WOMAN. 

Here are the list of names & its major characteristic that has been influential to their faith to God.

1. Shunamite girl – compassionate 
2. Rebekah/Rebecca – brave and resourceful young woman 
3. Tabitha – generous 4. Samaritan Woman – willingness 
5. Abigail – generous/faithful 
6. Hannah – Woman of prayer 
7. Rachel – praying & waiting 
8. Huldah – Hope 
9. Sarah – faithful 
10. Ruth – loyal, obedient 
11. Deborah – obedient/strength 
12. Mary – trust/obedience/courage 
13. Esther – courage/selflessness 
14. Priscilla – hospitable/being one with the Lord (w/ Akillah) martyrdom 
15. Elizabeth – faithful 16. Martha – hospitable/faith 
17. Tamar – brave/ claim for the right 
18. Rahab – brave/courage/love 
19. Phoebe – kindness 

Among this list, I have chosen,   HULDAH and on this blog entry I would like to introduce her in my own simple way. With the intention of getting to know a new character from the bible & making her known to my fellow sisters, I see to it that I make a presentation about her. The key factors about her are as follows: 



  • The Woman Who Unveiled the Future of a Nation 
  • Of the seven prophetesses (Sarah, Chana, Dvorah, Miriam, Esther, Avigail and Hulda) 
  • Details about her can be found on : 2 Kings 22:13-20, 2 Chronicles 34:22-28 
  • She was the wife of Shallum,), keeper of the wardrobe. 
  • After Shallum is brought back, he and Hulda are blessed with a son, Chanamel. The name Chanamel implies “favor” (“Chen” in Hebrew) in God’s eyes. 
  • She lived in Jerusalem, in the Second District. 
  • Huldah was a relative of Jeremiah; While Jeremiah admonished and preached repentance to the men, she did the same to the women (Pesiḳ. R. 26 [ed. Friedmann, p. 129]). Huldah was not only a prophet, but taught publicly in the school (Targ. to 2 Kings 22:14), according to some teaching especially the oral doctrine. · as an authoritative person, one who made a claim, recognized by the king, the high priest and the secretary of state as a legitimate claim, to speak for the Lord God of Israel. 
  • Hulda was a woman of great faith, moral character and broad Torah knowledge. 
  • The book that Huldah authenticated – Modern critical scholars [who?] suggest that the book of the law was most likely Deuteronomy 

What is Huldah’s legacy? 

If her legacy was great in the modern church I would not have titled my presentation “Huldah Who? The Forgotten Story of a Female Prophet.” The prophetess Huldah had an important share in the great spiritual revival of the Jewish people under the reign of King Josiah, through her prophecy and influence. 

On this day, I have learned more figures in the bible & has affirmed that although we “empower” the men – women also have their own share in God’s Vineyard! 
I am commending all the women in our Church (nuns/sisters) and my fellow Sisters in CFC-FFL (CFFL) and to the rest of the Christian communities that have done their own share in fulfilling God’s purpose  and mission!

May God be praised!

Here is a photo of me, presenting about HULDAH 🙂

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Wikipedia;;;; and more. General through Google.

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Confessions of a Bride:

6 Things you ought to know about JD Wedding (#TheKokobearsForever)
No wedding is perfect, whatever you do whether you do it yourself or have coordinators on the side, some stuffs are just meant to be a “gap”. For me, mine was perfect (in our own eyes). But allow me to share some facts that make this wedding fun & interesting.

1. Father oh Father!

Our initial priest was SFL’s spiritual adviser Fr. Arlo Yap – but as the months passed by schedule & economic stuff doesn’t seem to go as planned. So we settle to have the priest from the parish itself. One week before our wedding as part of the requirements, Koko & I went for an interview with Msgr. Renato Beltran – at the end of our session we asked Him if he is available on the 16thMay & he said yes, so we requested the office for him. Invitations set & on the 14th we reconfirmed the office about Msgr.’s availability & so it was it. On the day of the wedding, both of us found a new face on the altar. The priest is Msgr. Renato Beltran no more. But then the ceremony goes on, hearing His sermon and adlibs was indeed a great ride, it was full of energy and wisdom and somehow we felt at home with this nameless priest. Finally at the end of the mass as we sign our contract and we got his name! Rev. Father Daniel S. Mata! Father Thank you! And by the way we missed to take a photo with you! Fact: The ceremony was really good; his sermon was full of wisdom. #BlessedBride



Our invitation was a passport & a ticket by Winks– since our theme was travel (obviously). Instead of a normal passport cover, I took advantage to the fact that Kokobear is an architect & asked him to lay-out what I wanted. (Of course it’s a joint effort). We ordered only 30 pcs & so some might not be able to get their own copy, our apologies for that! We were happy to know that a lot of you liked it and even requested their own copy as a souvenir – most of you complimented that it is unique! We are delighted to hear this, thank you so much! Fact: we ordered only 30 pcs. Because we only made a Facebook invitation to save some papers! Hahaha  #ThankfulBride
PS: Interested where we had it printed? Contact me 🙂

3. French Tip.

On the 15th we thought our schedule was clear & that the so called “beauty rest” can be done, instead the opposite happened. We were doing some errands here & there till we end up at around 12:30 AM (16th May already) and realized I have not get my nail polish done yet! LOh oh! Of course, Mamo and my cousins to the rescue – I requested them to bring our own nail polish sets & what more could I asked? I have the best hubby in town – doing home service for me! Hahahaha J. Yes – you read it right, Darrelle did it! Cleaned up my nails (hand & toes) and do the French tip! Fact: Koko has always been my saloon! ^^ LuckyMe!  #HappyBride



4. 3 inches.

I have 2 sets of shoes to wear on the big day (red & white) – both from Nine West but undecided what to wear… I used the white one on our pre-nup and so to give justice to the other one; I decided to take on the big day – the 3 inches red shoes!!! Unused to high heels as I am, I always have back-up shoes and so I got myself a red doll shoes on the side. As the pictorials are ongoing – this comfy red shoe was my buddy. Walks, poses, laughs, jumps with it. Then the ceremony grand entrance comes, to emphasize my gown – I got to break in to that red heels & praise God I made it to the altar all well! Fact: The whole ceremony? I was on foot! (barefoot) Hahaha #CleverBride

5. Click

Our photo & video provider 1080p Digital Studio was booked one year back! Yes, it was 2013 when I went home to start clearing things, searched here & there then eventually saw one of their video because of my maid of honor – Vibang. Without hesitation, consulted Koko & he accepted it. So I signed the contract as early as May/June 2013. Some may find it unsecured as we don’t know what may happen in between the 12 months, but these fellas are real good people sent by God for us! Continued communication, exchange of ideas questions here, answers there – inputs, suggestions etc. Nevertheless we had our ideals delivered because of them. Fact: The package was very good to have both photo & video all in!  #SatisfiedBride
PS: Want to have them on your wedding too? I have tagged them on my photos… or you may contact me 🙂

6. Eye contacts.

After 5 years + in Abu Dhabi I have to wear eyeglasses to see comfortably… but on my big day it’s a big no-no! I wanted to see everyone clearly, smile & see their eyes to show my sincere gratitude of their presence, know who I am smiling at and escape the glasses on my face. So a week before the big day I purchased these sets of contacts to prepare myself, my eyes actually as this is going to be my first time to have it on. I did manage to use it the whole day & somehow felt so free. And so I get confident in using it. Make up session came & I have to put it on – well well well it came as a challenge… I needed 10-15 minutes to put it right! So I got it from 6:30 AM. As the ceremony started I felt something is not ok on my right eye – I was thinking maybe because of heat it starts to dry up. Eventually in the middle of Father Mata’s sermon my right eye contact fell on my right palm! Yes! On my palm and Kokobear saw that! It brings us to a moment of laughter (but tried not to show it)… on my head I want to rescue it & put it back once the ceremony is complete. Fact: I only had 1 contact (left eye) the whole time at the reception. But of course seen it all! #CandidBride
There are a lot more to share that made JD Wedding seemed surreal, but for now these are the once I thought of sharing that may give you a smile. 🙂

Surreal səˈrɪəl/ (adj)


Strange, weird, dreamlike, fantastic.