A friend of mine started this #Positivity campaign (on Facebook) the other day & as I am a “pro” POSITIVITY, I grabbed the chance to do it and tweek it a little… I chose to share flowers, because they give this beauty that eases our moods and emotions (ladies, you know what I mean right? 🙂 ) As of today – there are 27 people who liked the post (and counting) So, I search various types of flowers that looks familiar to me but not the names . . . 
On this blog I would like to share my top 10 – favorite flowers I’ve seen and now finally learned its names. Some I usually see but didn’t know its name – while some are totally new and others are famous!


I always loved seeing these flowers, didn’t know its name. It has blue, pink, darker purple, red, white and more!




This flower is a very prominent flower way back in my elementary days. My school had this garden and these flowers seemed to blossom effortlessly! Now I know its name!



All the while I thought its only a name. Every time I think of this name, I imagine blue – and indeed it is blue 🙂



The Star of Bethlehem is a symbol of purity, atonement & reconciliation.



We used to have this in our place… Now that name makes sense! This reminds me of my grandma. Lola Tanciang… May God bless her soul ^^. Some people call it False Bird of Paradise.


6. DRUMSTICK (Flower) 

It is the flower we ofter see on movies — blown and its petals simply fly 🙂 Variation of different colours do exist.





This flower reminds me of a notebook I lost during my first day in Highschool. hehehe

























Known as Night Blooming Cereus – a flower that blooms only once and during at night. It is believed that each flower has a partner flower somewhere & they bloom together. Once the partner flower dies – it dies as well. My mom has this one in our terrace 🙂




Those small white flowers often used as an accessory to the wedding flowers! Design all alone, it could create something as beautiful as this!



Because I love green, I found this flower for no. 9 🙂



Probably the most common flower loved by everyone. 


May these beautiful flowers somehow spreads positivity 🙂 Wish the internet has the scent button to smell them too!


Cheers to positivity! 


God loves us!




Not mentioning an almost lowbat phone… Here is my status – right the moment, God rescued me!

Note: This entry is supposed to be published on 7 Oct. 2014
Today is my first day of work after the long Eid break + one full week of training (Away from the stress at work for 11 days – including the weekends)… And when I say stress it means working all by yourself alone. Truth be told, yes, I was almost alone in our unit – others extended their Eid break and therefore the loads are on my shoulders again. Well~ I’m not complaining… I just want to give a background of how tight this day before God answered my prayer.
So I woke up at 6:00 AM and started working from 7:00 AM with 2 cups of coffee and a cup of tea plus a handful of eggnog cookies (that was left on my drawer) – for the next 10 hours (up to 4PM) – need to OT for an hour because of the pending tasks. 
My boss jokingly asks me one (1) dirham for his car parking & when I checked my bag – my wallet was not there! 🙁 though sad & disappointed (of myself) I managed to joke about it, good hearted as he is – he offered me cash to take the taxi once I go home. With pride, I said “no worries, I can handle – I can walk — (because I always do) it is near and the weather now better”… not thinking of what will happen next. . .

* * * 

So I logged out and started walking, hungry as I am, I started planning what to eat or shall I buy something under the building’s little food shop. I was a bit uneasy, headache started because of hunger and I can feel a bit of nausea… I feel like anytime soon I may faint… 10 hours without solid food isn’t that easy – though I get used to it before… I called Kokobear and informed him that I am going home, multi-tasking- while searching for my key. 
I left it as well. 🙁 
  • I don’t have my wallet, – 
  • I don’t have a key – 
  • And I don’t have any money left on my bag! 
  • Plus! My back up key is on my wallet too 🙁  Huh! What a day! 


The back-up KEY!
I was more dizzy~~~ ! I continued walking and jokingly talk to God (praying actually)… I said;

“Lord~ it is impossible that you leave me with nothing…” 

… and on my head with a child like faith – I tried to go over my trousers’ pockets!!! to my surprise – I touched a folded paper on my back pocket and in split seconds I prayed – “Lord is it the one”? I took it (with a pounding heart) and found 45/- dirhams! Hehehe it pays good to sometimes repeat jeans… ^^ – First issue solved! I’ve got an answered prayer in an instant! 


God sent me this 45/- AED! Thank you Lord! 🙂

I rushed to the nearest restaurant and feed the hungry tummy! Praise God!!! 


Naka chicken inasal tawon ang gutom… (The hungry got a grilled chicken meal!) hehehe


Plus na refresh ang utok with this sago at gulaman. (Plus, a refreshed mind with this drink!)
Now the next problem is the key – Kokobear is still at work and though I tried to delay eating, I was finished earlier and most of the time, no one is still in the flat during that time. I was hesitant to make a doorbell because of this fact, but I kept the childlike faith & say a little prayer before doing it. To my wildest surprise, it took me only once and in few seconds, one of the Kuya opened the door! 
Whoooooohooo!!! I can’t contain my amazement! The only thing I did was smile & and say THANK YOU!

* * *

It is during these moment that God shows – he never blinks. He may delay some requests but He is never late in answering those prayers that needs an urgent answer.
Sabi nga ni Father Arlo, a person that THINKS, THANKS! Praising God yesterday, today & tomorrow.
Today, and even on daily basis – I  would always see to it, to recognize every little blessing He bestows in my life.
What’s yours?
 God bless!

AMAZED – [uh-meyzd] / adjective  – greatly surprised; astounded; suddenly filled with wonder. (From dictionary.com)