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Many have asked me few questions related to our suppliers during our Big day… so, if you’re curious and probably soon plans to tie the knot, its time to get to know the so called “Suppliers”
Ha ha! It is not the business thing of serious procurement stuff in our offices,,, in this issue I am talking about WEDDING SUPPLIERS! 🙂
Weddings have transformed from a simple family celebrations to big, grandiose  event in our life. It is a CELEBRATION of the loving union of a couple especially in front of the Almighty!




The Wedding industry will surely offer you tons of providers/suppliers that will make you choose from the different prices, arts and quality!


In my case I have done all the planning and of course got so many inputs from different friends, I must mention Ate (Sis) Kat Ibasco was a great help especially in her tip to “break in” my wedding shoes! (indeed I bought a 3 inches red shoe that was way too tight and because of her tip, it made me walk confidently!… Honestly we started planning  2 and half years ago (on & off) – its a stressful yet a very much enjoyable experience. Up to date I miss doing so! ^^


I am very thankful to all our suppliers as well as all the recommendations I got from friends and families.
This is actually another THANK YOU post to all our Suppliers, we were satisfied and because of that we will surely recommend you!


Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral
Mabini Street, Cebu City, Cebu 6000, Philippines
+63 32 253 6422


Reception Venue: 
Fort San Pedro 
A. Pigafetta Street, Cebu City, 6000, Philippines
+63 32 256 2284
*Special thanks to my cousin Vibang who suggested this beautiful, beautiful place!
Over-all Package:
ADE’s Fashion
Bulacao, Talisay City (in front of East Visayan Academy)
(032) 2738905; 09192716119: 09232823986
  • Wedding gown, barong and all of our entourage’s outfits! are on them!
  • Bridal Car & Transportation for the entourage
  • Sound system
  • Cake ( I forgot her name but Ade’s got another provider)


The rest of the package also includes:
  • Flowers – From Maam Fe
  • Make Up Artists – Allan & his assistant 
  • Wedding Cake – 
  • Catering – Sir Richard Laceda Cabradilla and your team of Derder’s Catering 
  • Coordination – Love Magnet –
Special Moments Digital Photography (SMDP)
Host: My good friends : RC, Dion & Phil 

Violinist: My student turned friend, Michelle Ybañez

Singer – Our SFL Sister (Ate) Mary Lou Ugad

Guitarist – Our SFL Brother Roniel Mendoza
Church Choir: c/ o Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral


Winks (Written in Ink)
+63 2 894 1500
Photos & Videos:
1080p Digital Studios
0932 630 7770; 032 505 5952

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Last year (2014) the social media world starts to hype a lot of viral videos, events and photos.


Make up Transformation is one of them; our Pinoy personality Paolo Ballesteros even had his share of fame as he captured the world with his own versions of these makeovers.


On this entry – I collected some friends’ version of #MakeUpTransformations, I posted it on facebook and some friends were kind enough to share their lookalikes!! Hehehe


Note: I asked permission from the owners to repost their pics… If I didn’t~ Ahmmmm can I post it? hehehe (late permit) ^^ #PeacePo
This isn’t a make-up transformation, but just “the pineapple” lol

This was taken way back 2006 – in one of GEOS Phil’s classroom – long years earlier before the #MakeUpTransformation becomes a fad! Not really a #MakeUpTransformation but a simple pineapple smile… hahaha
It’s Me as my fave action femme character – Jen Garner!



SFL Bro. Al is — JL! Ahmmmm…


Former SFL Sis Bariz is — Anne! Kahit di chubby, pwede!


SFL Bro. Mike is — Empoy! – Copy!


SFL Sis MaJo is — Sheena Halili!!! 🙂 Oo nga! hehehe


SFL Bro. Rusty is — Chito! Or Chito is — Rusty? You choose!


Fellow UC-ESL Piper Riva is her all time fave actress — Angel Locsin! 


Sis Chingky is — Bea Alonzo! 


Now this is my MakeUpTransformation… what do you think?


Wanna share yours? Email me at 🙂








Let me share to you some of the crafty & festive photos I have captured from my mobile… These are photos during the Yuletide season for 2014.


Artsy mode with gift-wrapping.
A Christmas wreath found early this November at Daiso store!
It all started with this National Day decor
– photo taken in Al Ain…


Our little Christmas tree in our simple abode.
Wrapping crafts for HHMATH
Kokobear’s gift, a flowery plant!
Christmas tree in Al Ain Palace during one of our dinner date in Kuya Juan 🙂
Artsy mode with gift-wrapping.
1303’s Christmas Party poster on the park.
The Kokobears’ wishy wish!


Christmas Flower
Our Father…
Selfie selfie with my Santa hat 🙂
Birds eye view of our 2014 Yuletide season
decor at our simple abode.
                Wishy, wishy wish wish wish!!! 
     Our favorite! Pork bbq.



Dinner at Ate Amie’s place with Tito Joe & Tita Tess…
Welcoming 2015
The gifts parade during our
HHLOVE Jingle & Mingles
with HHMATH!


Kokobear as MY Paddington 🙂
Samsung mobile’s Christmas Eve greetings… hehehe
Fruits from the office that made up our 2015 Fruit basket…


My Christmas party get up during 1303’s Get together


Kokobear’s 2015 Fruit Basket


That so called “SNOW” dream! hehehe Found one in The Galleria!

Hope your Christmas was filled with love and faithfulness. We all look forward for God’s more blessings this 2015!

Cheers to a bountiful