Mamo & Dado @ 31

My 100th Blogpost will be a special post for my very own parents. Let me share you some of my fond memories with them as a tribute to this 2 awesome people of my life.

They got married on this day, 31st Jan – 31 years ago, that was 1985. They met in one of the department store where they used to work. As years goes by they had me on their first year and followed by my brother – Glendann (Dan-Dan or Don Pasio) in 1987. I believe it was their choice to only have the 2 of us. Two, I guess is a good number to raise children and of course for education and other matters.
Often times I hear neighbors or even family members saying that both of them are strict. In fact I do have curfew, my class schedule is monitored and posted on our wall. We also need to be home at night not later than 6:30 pm. There is a strict rule to ask permission in case we would want to go outside for some fiesta events nearby.
Along those years, I have once entertained that idea that they were strict, I start to look at other kids and see their freedom. I pity myself. But that day was covered with the other events that happened as the years gone by. This bible passage was written (in a chalk by Dado) at the back of our door; that captured my heart and mind at that young age. I may not fully understand that by then but up to date I have appreciated that much!
Proverbs 22:6
Train up a child in the way he should go;
even when he is old he will not depart from it.
My brother and I have completed college with their efforts and with the very great help of our sari-sari store (J&G Store) and some family members who assisted us.
Of course we had our ups and downs as a family, me as a daughter and my bro as a son. Nonetheless by God’s grace we managed to overcome all these.
As we celebrate their 31 years of love and unity – I am so proud to tell the world that I am the daughter of Mr. Glenn Dacalos Bacus and Mrs. Julita Hortelano Bacus, also known as Mamo & Dado!
To close this blog, here is my greeting to the two of them, posted earlier today on my IG/Facebook account.
31 blessed years!!! Cheers to 🍾🍻🍸🎉 to the people behind our (Dan-Dan & me ) growth & success! I THANK The Almighty God for such wonderful gift He bestowed upon us,,, for giving both of you to be our parents. People often think you two are strict but now they know why the need to be one during our younger years…. The fruit of your labour has paid off and here we are today. I would like you to know that if you are proud of me and Dan-Dan, we are more proud of you as our parents. Stand and keep your heads up 👍🏼! I love you soooo much! I miss you too!!! HAPPY 31st ANNIVERSARY!!! Enjoy ur day! Mwahhh 😘😘 xoxo #MamoAndDado #TheBelts #Happy31Years
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Dubai Miracle Garden

To be surrounded with beautiful, sight-satisfying, colorful flowers in Dubai’s Miracle Garden is a gratifying feeling. Many of those who visit this place are amazed by the wonderful landscape it has! And I am no different from them J

What you see:

This 72,000 square meters botanical garden will show case unlimited flowers, flowers, flowers!!! But not just simply flowers; flowers of different styles, of different colors of different shapes and of different forms. It includes landscapes of the world’s popular & iconic buildings such as the Eiffel Tower and more. Also an over whelming houses designed by the various flora.

What you can do:

For your 30 AED entrance, you can a whole lot of pictures!!! Unlimited pictures! Also relax, take your spot and just feel the ambiance. Of course food stalls are open too!

How we get there:

Because we have some friends in Dubai, Kokobear and I (plus my cousin Ina) took the ride with The Piras (Benjie-Pinky-Cookie& Franco) with their car! And honestly, I have not thought about the road to DMG J

But for those who are commuting either by bus or metro, below is their official website to be guided of the transportation method.

I am leaving this post short and sweet so you could go and see this beautiful place yourself… as of writing – weekend is starting to knock so go on and explore DMG!

For more photos during this visit, here is the link to #ByaheNgKokobearsDMG page!


Their official website is this – #DubaiMiracleGarden
More infor about this beautiful landscape from wikipedia – Wiki-DMG
 God bless!

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Listening, Reading & Writing (IELTS)


IELTS Listening, Reading & Writing Test

This was scheduled the next day, Saturday.


ü  12 Sept 2015 (Saturday)
ü  8:00 am – 12:00 noon
ü  JM – @ Hilton Hotel Corniche Abu Dhabi (Koko – @ Abu Dhabi University)


I arrived half an hour before 8:00 am, Koko and I took a quick coffee at around 6:50 am till 7:20 am. As I arrived at the hotel, the staff instructed that the test will be on the 1st floor.
I see numerous numbers of people standing, chatting, some reviewing notes. The hall is rapidly filling up. At around 7:45 the crew divided the space for male. We waited almost an hour before being cued for the room assignments. We started at 15 minutes past 9.

Listening came first, followed by Reading and Writing.

Listening requires serious concentration, you may miss the important part. So I tried my best to be focused.

Reading was a long read! Too many information plus a call of nature comes (oopppsss excuse me 😉 …) 

Writing finally helped me feel a bit at ease… this is something I get used to do. So  I made up my story . Part 1 a letter to my teacher telling him/her that I am cutting short my class because of moving back to my home country and part 2 was somewhat a  proposal. For me, I guess if you listened during your letter writing classes during Elementary, you will nail it!


God bless!


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Panghuling Dalawa

Panghuling Dalawa

“Naka basa na gyud ko ani before pa ta nag-activity…” I smiled after reading it all…  To my surprise, lahi ra gyud ang feeling ba kung ikaw na mismo ang mu himo sa activity… pwerteng tagak sa akong mga luha 🙁 Here is the FB link of that activity/story I have read ahead before the BOS/BOB session 2: Activity-Who are you going to Choose… 
(BOB/BOS Activity Reflection)


 Sa buhay halos araw-araw may mga desisyon tayong ginagawa. Mula sa pagmulat ng ating mata hanggang sa pagtulog. Ngunit sa araw na ito hindi batid ng aking puso ang magaganap.
Naiwan akong luhaan, habang nasa gitna ng sitwasyong kailangang pumili.
Hawak-hawak ko ang maliliit na mga papel kung saan naka sulat roon ang mga tao, lugar, bagay, sitwasyon atbp. na kailangang bitawan. Ngayon nasa panghuling lebel na – kailangan bitawan lahat maliban lamang sa dalawang papel. Napuno ng inggay ang hall ng St. Paul, naririnig ko ang mga kapatid na ang ibay nahihirapang mag desisyon. Ang iba namay naka-ngiti na at silay nakapili na.
Katabi ko si Tita Weng, sya man ay nahihirapan din. Ako namay patuloy sa hirap na nararamdaman, sunod sunod na tumatagaktak ang luha mula sa aking mga mata na hindi ko ma kontrol. Sa isip koy “Bakit ganun? Alam ko naman ang aktibidad na ito, nabasa ko yung ganitong aktibidad sa facebook…” Pero iba pala kapag ikaw na mismo ang nakaharap sa sitwasyon. Nangangapa ang puso’t isip, di malaman ang gagawain. Kailan, saan, kanino ako tatakbo.
“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight” (Proverbs 3:5-6).
Kailangang mag-desisyon!
Mahirap man ngunit kailangan. Pinikit ko ang aking mga mata (kasabay nga maikling dasal) at iniwan ang dalawang papel kung saan akoy naka-pangako ng walang hanggang pagmamahal at debosyon.  Ito ang aking asawa  at ang pananampalataya at pagmamahal sa Panginoon na nauna sa buhay ko simulat sapol.
Biglang gumaan aking puso, ang dala-dalang bigat kanina habang nagdedesisyon ay nawala at napalitan ito nga gaan sa loob. Pagmamahal at katiyakan na kalian man hindi ako iiwan ng Diyos.
* * *
Isa lang ito sa naganap ng araw na iyon. Ito ang ika-2 taon ng BOS/BOB (Bond of Sisters & Bond of Brothers sa UAE). Masayang pagtitipon ng mga kababaihan at kalalakihan ng CFFL. Mayroong make-up sessions, sharings, teachings at praise fest na naganap. Hanggang sa susunod na BOB at BOS! – JMBC

This blog has been published in the authors community magazine – The Vineyard – Vol 2 Issue 9.

God bless!
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CEBU : Osmeña Peak Adventure

Osmeña Peak -
Date: 8 Dec 2015 – Tuesday
Location:Mantalungon Dalaguete Cebu (Also known as Cebu’s Vegetable kingdom)
Altitude:approximately 1000 meters above sea level.
It is known to be the highest peak in Cebu.  Seeing many friends visit it, made me curious of what’s up with this O.Peak!?! I see mountains and a beautiful scene in each photos, therefore #ByaheNgKokobears signed it off to be our Cebu adventure for this vacation together with the current hit Canyoneering.
How did we get there?
Of course it requires research, question and answer from family & friends who have gone there and blogs that provides information about this site.
We learned that you could actually go there directly even without an adventure agency to guide you. All you have to do is ride a 3-hour bus to Dalaguete. Ride habal-habal (motorcycle) for an hour up to Mantalungon market and from there, locals – actually children,  could be your guide on the way up. (Of course you just have to give them tip).
But in our case we have contacted Highland Adventures and got an Osmeña Peak + Canyoneering package at 2200 Php each. We had our guide Kuya Randy who accompanied us all the way up to the peak and helped us set-up our tent.
The Experience
It took us an hour from Mantalungon market to the foot of the mountain. Climbing up will require you another 20-25 minutes. Be sure to have a good pair of comfortable of rubber shoes.
Before reaching the top, you will start to feel the thin air so if you need to take a break then feel free to do so! And while resting you can start enjoying the view of the town.
When we reached the site (around 4:30 pm), our guide showed us 2 areas where we could build our tent and pointed out the peak itself. We rushed to the summit and see the majestic view across the town.
·        Northwest from the summit, you can see Badian shorelines and island.
·        Southeast from the summit, you can see the remaining vegetable farms of Mantalungon.
Indeed a very good time to see the sun set from up above, but due to the cloudy and windy December season, sunset was not very visible although we can still get a little peek of it.
Then we build our tent.

This could be one of the longest nights we (Kokobear and I) ever have. Tent is set as early as 5:30. A very early dinner at 6:00 pm. We bought lechon manok, chicharon and puso from Mantalungon market for supper.The night falls fast, a blooming night; wind howling, cold almost freezing, and hearing the sound of night — from nocturnal animals; crickets I guess. As the wind hits harder, we feel that we need to add some more rocks inside and outside our tent to keep it from being swept away. The night was young but we’ve been in and out of our tent ensuring that we keep it strong enough. Good thing we’re equipped with flashlights!!!
We lied down and started to rest until we heared a complete silence, (tick-tock-tick tock – the sound from our watch) . . . and in a few seconds we could hear a stronger wind howling, seems like going around our big tent (we borrowed from my Aunt – that could actually accommodate 6-8 persons!!!) and blows right into it! This has been the cycle all night long… Couldn’t help but feared of what is next! So silently I prayed all the prayers, including The Creed, all ready and keep asking the Lord to please let us survive and let the wind stop. But it never stopped. Koko did his share of prayers too! I’m not writing this to frighten you but I am sharing because this could possibly what you will experience if you plan to do an overnight.
Nevertheless, I didn’t regret having sleepless night because the reward comes in the morning! Aside from the stunning Mantalungon range that are grouped together overlooking and stretching up to Badian shores, the breath-taking sunrise made us in awe of God’s greatness! “Maka-tindig balahibong” amazement ang feeling when the sun smiles right in front of us at the summit. Almost reaching it! All I say was… “wow”, you are amazing Lord!!!
Osmeña Peak – from afar, they look similarly to Bohol’s Chocolate hills; only this multiple hills are not fine, they are jagged hills with thinner and sharper-pointed peaks. The highest jagged peak of these mountains was named after in honor to one of the popular political clan of Cebu – The Osmeñas!
Early morning at 5:00 am (9 Dec) we heared a couple with their guide being on the summit already. Also amazed with the view, you can never stop taking memoirs!
To some, this might not be a mountain climbing, maybe just a hike. However to those who will choose to spend overnight, you are definitely on for some adventure! 🙂
We stayed until 8:00 am onsite, capturing all photos possible of the mountain ranges, of the sun, jump shots, 360s and all. And will surely give another “we will come back” remarks!
Finally, we went off to the main town for the next adventure!  See #ByaheNgKokobears – Cebu Canyoneering
* * *
Provider: Highland Adventures PH

Badian Cebu, Philippines
+63 917 950 8750

This post is not sponsored by Highland Adventure PH. All opinions are 100% mine. If you have a service/product you’d like me to feature/review on my blog, email me at

Handwritten Epistles

Handwritten Epistles


I had an opportunity to review and re-read the handwritten letters I used to receive during High School, College, UC & GEOS days… (When technology was not at its peak yet). No! They aren’t love letters; they were letters from people close to my heart. ❤ 🙂


One by one I look at the envelopes and identify right away who were these bunches of friends who somehow spent some of their precious time writing epistles for me! I was eager to jump from one letter to the other as my mind rushes to the moments when I received them and associate the stories to the shared encounter I had with these fellas.


I will be sharing in this post some of the fond memories captured from those letters. I won’t be mentioning names but if you think you are one of the sender feel free to drop a comment of any kind. 🙂


Letter no. 1.

So I had this red letter during college – in our major class wherein every classmate is entitled to comment about your personality both positive and negative; a comment about my hair back then – – – made me crack! :), also humbling remarks about my hosting skills and friendship bond were the highlights!


Letter no. 2.

Few precious friends who said that we are apart now but we will never be separated from the heart.


Letter no. 3.

A hosting partner who said sorry for missing one event and told me that he’s disappointed because I seem to make revenge (during another show)… Hehehe when you read this for sure you will know it’s you! (Pero wa ko kahinumdom nga ni bawos ko ug “no show”)… It was a fun memory!


Letter no. 4.

A close friend (group-mate) whom I really looked up to  told me to harness my skills because it is meant for me. And the same person who drifted apart from me or from the group but has kept all her letters: saying that she never changed even if she’s not with us.


Letter no. 5.

A High school friend who didn’t become my classmate in our last 2 years… She wrote, “I hope friends lang gihapon ta bisan dili na ta classmate… Hehehe this letter is corny…” (Oiii ni smile J cya)


Letter no. 6. 

A friend who shares with me my JCS/G-mik craze!!!


Letter no. 7.

Finally, to the 2 persons who writes me letters every now and then (1 from HS & 1 from college)… You made my box full! I miss you both! Mwahhh


There are more, but can’t share them all of course!

* * * * * * * *

Disclaimer: I don’t intend to bring up the past (esp. those that didn’t went so well…) I’m writing this post just simply to recall the good old days. 🙂


That indeed handwritten epistles are invaluable! I’m sure you have yours too!

Hello 2016!

I am so back at work and all I say is Hello 2016!

I left my whole being in the Philippines. A month long vacation with loads of adventures still lingers on my head. It has only been 3 days and today is my first day at work. My Facebook wall has been flooding with New Year’s greetings and resolutions and I couldn’t compose a well-versed and meaningful status to share with family, friends, acquaintances on Facebook because I just can’t. My mind is still somewhere else, even upon writing this!


But let me keep this short, attached to this short note are my 30-31 December 2015 photos (with Kokobear of course) before leaving Philippines back to Abu Dhabi. A bittersweet experience or shall I say one of the hardest moment an OFW feels every time “it’s over” (vacation is up).


This year I am for a healthier life. Losing weight is on my personal list of resolutions and hopefully be able to maintain it, also aiming for a closer relationship with the Creator. Finally I also look forward to God’s big YES for the desires of my heart!


Let go of the Old.
Get hold of the new.
And believe that this year will be the best year yet!


Hello there 2016!
Expect December 2015 vacation blogs very soon.
* * * * * * * * * *

Here are 30-31 December 2015 photos.

I woke up early morning on the 30th and make sure to capture this veranda that I will miss for another year again.
Koko and I in Mactan Cebu airport, sending a pic to Mamo and Dado + Pipers chatroom 🙂
Kokobear and our coffee while waiting for our Manila-Dubai flight.


Our photo entry for Smile Magazine’s Next stop


Quezon Memorial circle from above.
Few minutes after manila view is this sea of clouds… and eventually arrive back to our second home.