Tagaytay Trip with SFL

It has been a while since my last groupie outing in the Philippines. I guess the last one was with my GEOS Angels. So this trip with my SFL Brethren excites me!


We had a car that picks us up from the airport, courtesy of Ate Lou. During this trip Bro. Christian suggested a “Bank sharing” a type of expense sharing he did with his bros & cousin when he went to Jordan. This is where we all give a certain amount of money considered as a bank where we take all our daily expenses. Once the bank is empty, we then deposit once again up until the last day. The four days were filled with unlimited fellowship and fun.

 Here are some of the photos captured during this trip.


[Day 1]

Jollibee stopover at Sta. Mesa

Chill on our beautiful first accommodation… Keni Po


Grocery for dinner and a surprise cake for Bro. Christian


Dinner and fellowship (catching up stories) at the balcony

Coffee overlooking Tagaytay with a full moon

Lights Off!
But here comes the Birthday surprise… (can’t find the video… will post it once I find it)


[Day 2]

Morning call.
Short trip tp Sonya’s Garden for “veges” brunch.
Go around the garden and enjoyed its beauty

Visited Tagaytay’s Sky Ranch.

Dinner at Pamana

Lights off and prep for the change of accommodation.



[Day  3]

Wake up; light breakfast with last night’s left-over from Pamana.

Visited the church and see the overlooking Taal.

Off to Taal Volcano we go!

 Chill moments, pictures and feeling the moment of this breath-taking view
Dinner at a fine-dining resto (forgot the name of it )… Walked home, stop over to the grocery for the socket requirement J but found none.
So we had a quick stop for coffee, juice and tea at Bag of Beans
Home and planned out how to go home…
Lights Off!

[Day 4]

My favorite breakfast so far! I just loved Bag of Beans’ All Filipino buffet breakfast!!!

Waited for Ate Ash’s friend to pick us up heading to Manila.

Separated ways, Ate Lou went off first. While we (Koko, Ate Ash & Christian) stopped over at Resorts World Manila…
Christian went off for his 4:00 pm flight back to Cebu. The 3 of us? Stayed on the car and I was welcome by Manila’s popular traffic jam! We were stuck for 3 hours ++
Ate Ash dropped us in our hotel.
Visited  Makati. Watched a movie – Heart of the Sea!
And finally gone home the next day.
Wanna see more of our Adventures? See it here:
And more photos on #ByaheNgKokobears-Tagaytay

TGIT – 10 Counted Blessings

Inspired by the song Blessings by Laura Story… Every day we go through different challenges that are maybe not good – but could they be God’s way of tapping us and reminding us, hey! I remember you that’s why you are in “this” right now… Almost every talk in the community I attend, we are prompted of the blessings that we have at hand. So I thought, why not make a series of blog about it!?!

Thought of the title and came up with TGIT- # Counted Blessings!

Since Thursday is the start of weekend here in Abu Dhabi, I thought it is a good time to wrap up the week’s events by counting the blessings. There is # (number sign) because I would like to add whatever number of Blessings I get. I’m sure more than these numbers God has bestowed our whole life with grace, mercy and blessings so to sum them up are rarely impossible. It is then not limited or restricted to 10, I can note as many as I could.  
So I’m taking this lead to note them and inspire you my beloved readers to do the same whether by blogging or with your personal diary.
I am starting the series of Thank God It’s Thursday – #Counted Blessings!!!
Disclaimer: I will give my very best to make this a new habit… But I’m not promising it to be on weekly basis. I will try though J

1.    Life

Because it’s the first series, I want to take this opportunity to thank our creator for this life. It is not perfect, nor easy or hard but God has always been a lifetime buddy! All Praises to Him.

2.    Not My Task

This week a colleague thrown her tasks to me and it made me mad inside. I feel like I’m doing almost everyone’s job in the unit. It took me some minutes to recover that negative emotion. But last night’s talk of Bro. Bo – lingers on my head. “See things as blessings, not a problem”… So I condition my mind… and finally after completing the task, I realize I gained something in doing it. Because I learned something new with SAP J 

3.    Week 2 of When Prayers Become a Hit

It’s the second week of this line of mine that I use for the prayers I asked with the CLS Participants. … The office captain has been fairly mellow. ^^ 

4.    Free Foodie – Tues-flat/Weds-office

Last night our cooker didn’t work – but with the generous heart of our flat mates, I got pasta shared by them! Today, Wednesday – when all my food/biscuits are out – here comes extra snacks from our training center! Thank you Lord, #happytummy 

5.    CFFL TVM comOnline Blog

I know not all CFFL Brethren get their The Vineyard Magazine copy – so I thought of a project of making an online TVM Blog. This is not yet approved, but I shall update you soon. I think it is a good way keep the articles and write up circulating the net and indeed inspire not only CFFL members but everyone around the world wide net. Crossing Fingers for its launching. Thank you Lord for blessing our writers with this talent. 

6.    Down on Memory Lane – RC, Phil, Pipers and Curly Tops

To talk to old good friends is always a blessing. I went around the market and saw this childhood chocolate – Curly Tops, made me smile and chatted  with Phil and RC. Also the active Pipers chatroom is making me really smile. It’s good to know that even with our distance, we all still connect. Thank you Lord for Technology! 

7.    Bo Sanchez Talk on YouTube – 22/03

While Editing TVM10 – I had Bro. Bo my buddy on YouTube and listened his talk about being a Problem Magnet, or a Blessing magnet? The rest is history, that talk inspired this blog too! 

8.    Miracles in Heaven

To watch it last week is a blessing and over the days – the scenes and lessons have been playing all over on my head. I hope everyone get a chance to watch it. 

9.    Upcoming CFFL Echo Conference

Excited for a full-packed April! That means more teachings and blessings are coming their way. Thank you Lord for the gist of Community. 

10.  Blog Views

Last year I gave a shout out to 10,000 views of this blog: #InMyHeart – a mile stone for my almost 6 years of blogging. Last night I check out my latest blog views and showed me 14,000+ and counting!!! Isn’t it amazing!? that means I’m almost half of the 10,000 views created in the past 6 years just 3 months this year! Thank you for the interest everyone. I will try my best to make things better and interesting. J

—————- . ♥ . —————-
Lastly, comment below your own link of counting your blessings 🙂 Let us all share God’s Love.

No intentions of bragging, its about knowing you are blessed. ^^ May God be praised in this series…

When Prayers become a hit!

18 March 2016 

Here comes my own testimonial of how powerful PRAYERS are! I am saying “PRAYERS” because I am referring to the collective prayers of the people who have heard my plea.  


I delivered a talk on Loving thy neighbor in one of the CLS a couple of weeks back and on that event, I closed my talk by asking the participants and the service team to pray for me for the struggle that I have been seriously dealing with, related to this commandment.  


When Prayers become a hit! Indeed, (after the talk) – a week had passed without a sign of that struggle I shared to them. True enough, God heard the collective prayers offered by these people who shared a little time of their busy schedule to pray for me. Their prayers became a hit! … This thought left me with a smile, remembering that in the community we all believed that the more people praying for your intention, the more God hears them, that’s why we pray in our households as “Lord, hear “our” prayers”.  
* * *
Flashback: It was just last week when I delivered a talk for SFL C2’s CLS Talk 5 – Loving Your Neighbor. In my 7+ years of being in CFFL I have to face one of the most difficult teachings of all time.  Whenever you are anointed to become a speaker of a certain topic, most common misconception of it is that because you have a related experience, others include because you have been a speaker for a while so it doesn’t matter what topic will be thrown at you, or perhaps they think you are good at it.


If I were invited to do this talk sometimes back or in any other time, I would say I couldn’t deliver the goods – because I don’t have a dramatic and compelling story to share about loving an enemy. But! This talk came just as perfect as it should be! It came in a week where I am in a very serious struggle of applying and putting this teaching into life. It came when I have been tested to extend love even when it already hurts (Will share this story in a separate blog/article once I overcome it completely)…


When Bro. EJ called I had hesitations; not only because it was 4 days to go (conflict with the original speaker’s schedule) but because I though am I worthy? I don’t think I’d be effective – as I am in struggle with this love.


I prayed and shared it with Kokobear (my husband)… and asked God:


“Lord, pinili mu ba ako dahil gusto mong balikan ko ang teaching na ito at i-check ang kondisyon ng puso ko?”


“Kaya ko po ba? “


“Mabibigyan ko ba ng justice ang usaping ito?”


Those are some of my questions I had with Him… For a while, I was convinced that I have been handpicked… Two days later, like any other speakers, we all go through harassments and I am no different. When I thought I am ready, Satan said No! You are not worthy, because you hate him, because you despise him, because you are actually committing a sin! – Because I don’t love him!


Wednesday afternoon, my morale went down, my strength weakens. I am no longer fit to do it – my mind is clouded with thoughts that are not of God. I am about to ring Bro. EJ and give up. I was using my strength. 


Bombarded myself with praise songs… I went back to my senses and ask God his leading, nonetheless whenever you surround yourself with positive thoughts that are those of God, He will never forsake you!  


The session completed successfully!  


I realized that to be effective, you have to have something to give to your audience; Tito Arsie said in his talk during the second SCG, “You can’t give what you don’t have…”


On my part, I have given a take home that will allow them to reflect their own life’s struggle of this commandment. I also understood that there is no need to have a perfect/closed story to be able to stand in front of the people and share your current encounter and be a witness. 

To everyone who prayed for me, I THANK YOU! May you continue to storm heaven with your kind prayers for me & to those people who need it. May your love be felt by praying for those who needs it the most.

This is PRAYERS becoming a hit!

May God be praised! 

God bless,

JM Kayne

Note: This article has been set to be published in CFFL – The Vineyard Magazine issue 10.

Movie Review : Miracles From Heaven (2016)

CAST: Jennifer Garner, Martin Henderson, Brighton Sharbino, John Carroll Lynch, Queen Latifah, Hannah Alligood, Eugenio Derbez, Kylie Rogers, Gregory Alan Williams, Rhoda Griffis, Kevin Sizemore, Kelly Collins Lintz, Wayne Pére, Judd Lormand, Carla Shinall

Yes I am a fan! 

For a while I have been looking forward to watch this movie. I have been following Jen taping this film since last year.
The plot has been clearly defined in the trailer. A loving family who has 3 daughters and one of them (Annabel) has an incurable disease that up to date science don’t have an answer.


“Are you there!?! Can you hear me!?! Cause I can’t hear you”! – Christie Beam (Jen’s character) asked by looking up to heaven. We all go through this moment, when we tend to ask God why, where are you? Why of all people; I or this person has to go through it? These are questions that only faith could answer.  


The film’s setting was way back in 2011 – when the 10-year old Anna Beam suffered a rare stomach disorder, making her unable to eat and continuously suffer pain to the point that she already wants to die and go to heaven where there is no pain. (This scene quenches my heart). After that near death fall, things and her condition changed – they came back to the hospital where she was admitted and Dr. Nurko (you will love his character here!) said there is no evidence of a chronic illness. So how did it happen? 


The film seemed perceptible or “could be known what’s next” but the whole movie especially the scenes will surely leave a mark on your heart and mind.  


Being a Christian, it will make us reflect of who are we among those many characters in this movie. (Share your thoughts in the comment below)…


Tickets and status! – Excited to see it, here are our tickets and status check in at Vox Cinema – Nation Towers. As of writing only Nation Towers – Vox Cinemas has this filmed shown. Maybe after a week it will be around the UAE – but no guarantee.

In this scene, when there is nowhere/no one else to run to, we know exactly where to go. I believe she prayed in tongues in this scene, it gave me goose bumps!

Over-all, a very good faith movie that is worth to be watched by the whole family! Don’t ask me to rate, I’ll be biased! hehehe


All I could say is catch it while it is still showing! J and you’ll never regret it! Showing date – 16th March 2016.

For more details you could visit Wikipedia and the official website here. 


ColorRun Abu Dhabi 2016

A beautiful day in Abu Dhabi . . .


How we get there:


As soon as ColorRun Abu Dhabi opened the registration and highlighted that the run will fall on a Saturday 12.03.2015, Koko and I never hesitated to register. So we got an early bird registration for on 140/-AED per person. And all we have to do is to wait for the event. Of course a bit of preparation was also casted, Koko runs while I also do – –  rarely till the day. 🙂
On Friday – 11th March, we took our package – including the t-shirt and other stuff at Yas Marina where the event will also take place the next day. Taxi was 53 AED one way! 🙂  That was like… if two-way – almost another registration!!! But no  worries, we are up for the fun and we have waited for this for a while…

On the day

Another round of taxi fare making it like paying the regular price… (oppps not complaining… hehehe) went a bit late at around 7:00 am where the venue is almost full! We headed directly to the warm up area where Reebok was assigned for the stretching, dance moves and all other exercises. Koko and I had our own share of “Come… baby I’m worth it… toot toot toot…. lol”…
After half an hour, we are all set for the run!
We belonged to the 3rd wave (group).

The Experience

Fun! Although I was a bit disappointed because I thought all the way to the 5000 km runs the color fest as well! Nevertheless, there were actually Color Stations (we’re first timer actually!) Yellow-Blue-Orange-Pink & rainbow!
Posting our video here soon —  –
It is great to see a lot of people just having fun. If I heard it right, there were 8000 beautiful, fun-loving people who signed up! And though rain seemed to threaten the start, it never pursued.

Will I recommend it?

· Yes because it is a great time to have fun!
· Yes because it’s a time for family to gathering and bond
· Yes because it’s good for the health! (telling this on my face!)
While not many actually run, (including me and Koko) but walking does a long way. Mixing fun and exercise does give benefit! J
Lastly, this type of event is a good way to push people to do walking/running even without much pressure on them. Personally I prefer this type of unconscious exercise. ^^ Although I am quite aware that health is wealth, therefore constant exercise is required! And YES, it is on my “to do” list!

Color Run Abu Dhabi, checked! a

Here is our video 🙂

—————- . ♥ . —————-

See the full photos in #NothingButMemories!


You Blog You – Vol. 3

From LOUISE: If you’re wondering what this is, #YouBlogYou is a blog series dedicated for bloggers wherein they will answer 11 questions related to blogging every week. This is a great opportunity for us to know them more as bloggers while others can learn something from them too.

Finally found the time to complete the #YouBlogYou series volume 3! Above link is Louise’s original post.


This #YouBlogYou volume is about blog design and statistics. I am a bit raw when it comes to this, so maybe my answers are not detailed yet.


  1. How do you classify your blog? In what category does it fall in?

I classify my blog as a Personal-Lifestyle blog because I post anything about my journey. From my Faith/Community life, to the places I travel, books & movie reviews and any other topics that I thought worth sharing.

  1. What is the title of your blog? Share with us too what’s the story behind it.

The title of my blog is In My Heart. As what I have shared in the first #YouBlogYou questions, the contents of this blog are about my life, these are the stories “#InMyHeart” ♥ 


  1. How did you come up with the design of your blog? Tell us if it’s a free/purchased template or someone you know made it for you.

BLOGGER: This is a free template from blogger itself. I have tried other templates before and so far this set up makes me comfy. For now I am satisfied because once a reader opens the link here, they are automatically directed to my blogs which is definetely what I am showcasing. Of course I have the Home, Gallery etc buttons as well on the top. (This answer was early last year ~Feb 2016 before I moved to WordPress.)


[Update] NOW/2017WORDPRESS – I am currently using NIKKON. It has all the ready widgets and set ups that I love, so it was an easy choice.


  1. If you own a domain, where did you purchase it? If you don’t have one yet, what’s preventing you from getting one?

Feb 2016 – I have not bough a domain yet. Since I am a newbie, I am still starting to learn and understand for now the pros & cons of purchasing one. Maybe someday I will level up and will take my own domain.

[Update] – I have finally decided to purchase my own doman – that’s June of 2016.


  1. Where do you host your blog? Which platform? (Blogspot, WordPress, Tumblr, etc) Are you planning to move to another platform/host? Why or why not?

I host my blog with Blogspot becasue it is free. It is user-friendly, easy to understand and navigate (which is very helpful for newbies).

There was a time I wanted to switch to Tumblr and WordPress but I feel like I will re-do all the blogs I made and will loose the pageviews and comments.

[Update] – I have decided!!!! 

June 2016 – I have purschased my own domain now and I got it from GoDaddy! My hosting on the other hand is from CoffeeMags.com where you could host your blog at 1$ per month! 🙂 


  1. How often do you check your blog statistics?

I check it every now and then, I don’t have a very specific schedule.


  1. Do you think having a good and fast-loading template affects the traffic of your site?

I think I have. So far my posts loads fairly fast, thanks CoffeeMags!


  1. Do you use other sites, software or apps to schedule and post your blog posts? If yes, care to share it with us? If none, simply tell us how you share your posts.

Blogger has a scheduling post app that automatically connect to Google+ then manually share it to my social media accounts.


[Update] since I moved to WordPress. I have installed Social Media sharing widgets that made my sharing faster and easier.


  1. How do you think you earn blog post comments or blog shares?

Comments rarely come. Maybe because as of now, I don’t have much followers yet. But I do have readers who don’t have blogs – who randomly visit my page. These days I try to join some threads and join other blogs’ discussion. Hopeful to have more someday.

[Update] – After purchasing my dmain and hosted my blog, joining a few Facebook blogging pages, I have now started gaining readers and followers. Won’t share for now how many but hopefully on my next update.


  1. Aside from the activities mentioned above (blog post sharing & comments), what other efforts can help increase a blog’s statistics?

I promote them via my personal facebook page and now I have dedicated a page for this blog too. Google+ actually helps a lot. Working on some more ways and learning ideas from other bloggers.


  1. Check your blog statistics and tell us either what you think helped you attain that number of views or what do you think you could have done to increase it?


Above photo was still in Blogger – Just few months ago, i celebrated 10,000+ views for the entire duration of my blog. To others it’s too small, but for me it is already a milestone 🙂 Looking at my blog statistics, I know I am way too far from the goal I would like to reach this year. But I am positive. I will work it out with God’s grace.


. . . Will share my WordPress stats soon.

You Blog You Vol. 2

Blog Series: #YouBlogYou Vol. 2

The series continues, here is my Vol. 2 

  1.      In your opinion, how important is it to produce good photographs for blogs?
Very important, people or readers nowadays prefer visuals than just texts, I personally visit  blog or a site again and again if I find his/her photos interesting!
2.      What gadgets do you use to take photos? You can name more than one.

     Iphone, also a DSLR owned by my husband, Ipad. But I am no professional with taking photos, I just simply take them. That’s why it is on my resolution this year. 

3.      For how long do you own those gadgets?
A while.
   – Been an Iphone/Ipad user since 2012.
   – DSLR came just last year, 2015.
   – Koko has Hero3 and
   – an Instax polaroid.
4.      Will you recommend those gadgets to your fellow bloggers? Why or why not?
Well, I guess I’m in no position to say a recommendation regarding these gadgets for now. 🙂
5.      Do you use any other application to edit or add filters in your photos? If yes, could you share it with us?
I do, I use IOS app like, Font Candy or PhotoGrid. Rarely Adobe Photoshop.
6.      Who usually takes your photos aside from yourself especially on OOTD shots? Show gratitude by mentioning them here.
Myself and Kokobear! Thank you to my ever supportive husband! ^^

7.      Aside from the camera, what accessories (or props) do you use to take photos? Ex: tripod, flowers, makeup, etc.

     Whatever is available, that I think could make the photo look better.
8.     How do you come up with your photos? Do you research first how you should  pose, how the products should be presented or it just goes naturally?
     It goes naturally!
9.  Do you have gadget you wish to receive this Christmas?  What and why?
     Nothing. I’m happy with what I have. But maybe a polaroid printer.
10.  Do you have an Instagram feed or blogger you look up who produces great photos? Share them with us!
     Yes! Aside from my favorite Kim Jones, I look up to these Instagram profiles:
*Hello Kris                        *5ftinf


*Marie Lozano                               *NadineLustre

10.  Share three (3) photography tips to newbie bloggers.
🙂 Not now. hehehe


—————- . ♥ . —————-