TGIT – 7 Counted Blessings Vol. 2

We are licensed to praise God at all times and I do that in my own private time. But this blog series is an intention to literally count my blessings! Want to know the history? See its 1stvolume here.


1. TVM Editors

I feel so blessed to have them. I don’t want to mention names, but they know who they are. Without them, the magazine will be having some uncorrected terms, grammar errors,  spelling etc. They are a gem! 5 bagsak para sa inyo!!!


2. When Prayers become a Hit! _Week 6


“Ako ba ang nagbago o siya?” This is a  100$ question. But after all these time, I believe it is me who learned to back down. I am not saying I am accepting him totally now – but I am on process and I know I could not do it without God.

3. Mercy Abounds UAE 2016

Been coordinating, preparing props for the stage and hosted it with Kokobear, blessed with service. Thank you Lord.


4. Misericordia –SFL Congress UAE

The whole event was overwhelming, I captured photos and videos and at the same time had the privilege to be one of those who pray over some delegates for the Prayer Tower activity. To the 6 ladies – I shall continue praying for you.

5. My Brother’s Birthday

This was on March 25 – but he posted my gift a bit late, expressing his gratitude… I feel blessed to have this guy! I know I have been a little mean when we were young, but I love him so much! Don Pasio, I am proud of whom you become today! I praise God for sending us great parents who molded us both this way!


5. K-Drama : My Love From Another Star


Koko and I usually watch TV series together, movies most of the time… But it’s been a while since we both shared a time for a Korean drama… For almost 2 years of marriage, this is our first K-Drama J – All I can say is #MasarapMaInLove <3


6. HHLove and other SFLs


It makes me happy that even this HH has gone their separate ways, they are still able to manage to get together and consider each other’s as sisters all the way. It humbles me to hear or see other SFLs recognizing me. I thank them for that especially with the respect they are giving me and Darrelle.


6. Kusina Ni Kayne

I know I’m not a good cook ever since, Mamo can attest to that. But being married puts you in a situation where you start to do “pacham” cooking. It’s been a while since I started my versions of different recipes at #KusinaNiKayne


Thanks for reading! God Bless!


JM Kayne |


Lastly, comment below your own link of counting your blessings 🙂 Let us all share God’s Love.
No intentions of bragging, its about knowing you are blessed. ^^ May God be praised in this series…


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Blog post by : JM Kayne

5 Basic Things to prepare when you go Canyoneering

This latest fad in Southern Cebu has been on the bucketlist for many. So I am sharing you what are the 5 basic things to preparing when you go Canyoneering.

1.    Your mind and the adventurer in you.
As I have given you a spoiler a while ago… you have to be prepared and have the mind-set of an adventurer (especially those who are not). The trek will require you most of the time to jump a variation of heights (falls). There will also be a lot of rock scrambling/climbing. Sharing it here for you to be mentally ready. 
2.    Light breakfast

It is needed for the energy to use during the 4-6 hours action packed adventure. The length/duration of the trek will depend on what day you plan to do your Canyoneering activity. A light breakfast will be good enough, don’t be too full wither because you may vomit along the way. Although a light snacks and water is part of the package and at the end usually it also includes a lunch.

Note: Canyoneering activity usually costs at 800/- Php – 1500/- Php depending on how many you are in a group.

We didnt have breakfast, but we ate a little bread, left over from last night’s Osmena Peak food.

3.    A good shoes / strapped sandals

Koko and I decided to buy a pair of Sandals that actually holds well with a wet surface. Shoes will also be good. 

Koko got his Sandugo sandals sometime back and it has been with him for the past 10 years.
While I bought mine (another brand) at least a day before the adventure in Ayala.

4.    Helmet & Life vest + (Dry bag)
Included on your fee are the safety equipment such as Helmet and Lifevest. Most of the guides also have one dry bag to store all valuables. In our case, we brought with us our own. 
Got this dry bag at Habagat store in SM.
5.    Underwater camera/ Go Pro with floater
Because this is a water adventure and you would like to capture the moment; of course it is a must to bring your underwater camera / GoPro. Just make sure you bring a floater because many tourist have risked not bringing one & end up losing it as it fall into the water.

We don’t have an  underwater camera, but this GoPro has been our buddy for a while!

Hope the above info helps!
We’ve done this adventure last year 2015. Find our story here.

Tour Provider: Highland Adventures PH
Badian Cebu, Philippines
+63 917 950 8750

Life Backstage

Posted this photo on Facebook last Saturday (16.04.2016):

“Didn’t have time to take a pic with Kokobear during #UAESC2016 (esp. w/ the backdrop #Misericordia) … Yesterday we experienced the hectic life backstage.
It was fun, challenging and tiring. But at the end of the day, we praise God for the strength & experience that He gave us!
This made me realize that in each event the people behind the scene are those who actually made the program successful! Kudos to all #ServiceTeam and most especially to all our missionaries  #TitoBenjie_Angel_RJ_Jepoy
Kaya kahit di man ako nka pagpicture… Puno naman ang puso at isip ko sa Mercy, Grace at Love ni God!!!
We return back all the glory to the Lord! This is an experience that truly touched our hearts and soul! “
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Yes, I haven’t collected much photos but I am sharing some of what I took through my phone. I will also be sharing my personal reflection of the events this April. Planning to add it on CFFL – The Vineyard Magaazine (TVM) issue 11. But for readers and followers like you, 🙂 You will get that refelction first before it get published!

Watch out for it soon.

God Bless you!

CEBU: Canyoneering Adventure

Many have tried and conquered this new adventure craze in Cebu! Of course, Kokobear and I tried and have rated it a 5 star expereince! 8th & 9th December 2015 were scheduled for an Overnight stay at Osmenan Peak and the day after is for Canyoneering!!!

How to get here:

From Cebu South Bus terminal – ride a bus going to Bato via Barili and ask the conductor to drop you at Barangay Malabago, Badian. It will take approximately 3 hours to get there. In our case, our providers’ representatives (Mike & Randy) were waiting for us in the highway near the school/barangay office.  Our adventure provider is Highland Adventures. We started the trek at 10:30 am, from Highland’s office/house we travel by habal-habal (motorcycle) around 20-25 minutes to the first falls. Our guide was excellent, he started with a briefing – safety matters and we prayed(such a good virtue of our guide).
Spoiler: To my surprise, the very first act  is already to jump a 10-12 feet falls! Woooaaahhh! My heart was racing! But after a minute I found myself soaking under the cold water and felt that the nerves inside me were excited!!! Kokobear and our guide were both encouraging! We started at Kanlaoob Falls and ended it at Kawasan falls. 

Check this next blog I created of the 5 basic things to prepare when you go Canyoneering.

To cut the story short, we completed the adventure and wrap up at Kawasan Level 2 for a late lunch. (that’s part of our package). Spent sometime swimming and picture taking then went down to Kawasan 1. At around 3:00 pm we were ready to go back to the city. 
Usually due to traffic (of people on queue/line for this activity) it will take some time. In our case it was a weekday. Because there are only 2 of us (3 with the guide) – our way went pretty quick.  We took around 3 and half hours jumping, swimming, relaxing and appreciating God’s astonishing creations. While lying on my back and floating, I couldn’t help but glorify God for all this! He is making me feel that he is present. That these beautiful and stunning view of the rivers, falls, rocks, trees and more are His love, His creation!
I’m leaving more details unshared… so you could try and expereince it yourself.

I would highly recommend to read this detailed article from about swimming which includes practical tips on how to swim better. For you to get ready for this kind of adventure

All I can say it was all worth it!
Just always be on the safe side. If you think the height is too high already, don’t risk jumping your guide will assist you to just take the easy way.

Sorry for the blurry photos… 
Sharing more of our photos on #NothingButMemoriesBlog .
Have you done this too?! Share your story on the comments below 🙂

Wikipedia:Canyoning (‘canyoneering in the U.S. / kloofing in South-Africa / torrentismo’ in Italian) is travelling in canyons using a variety of techniques that may include other outdoor activities such as walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling (rappelling), and swimming.

PH Vacation 2015

For an OFW like me it is a reward to be on vacation at least 30 days (1 month) once a year. Last year Kokobear and I took our trip into a bit of a higher level by making our time table fully booked! We Visited 5 places in one month! We kicked off in Tagaytay, Makati, Cebu, Bohol and Palawan. Full packed indeed!


1.      Tagaytay – This is the first time for me to go out of Luzon (NAIA Airport) and enjoy “Manila” or out of Manila area. We packed for a 4-day trip with fellow Singles for Family & Life Abu Dhabi household group and enjoyed the over-looking view and the cold ambiance of this beautiful city.  Fun and adventure are shared on a separate blog.


2.      Makati – Yes! Because I am a firs timer in Manila, Koko took me to Makati area and visited his old workplace’s street. We also watched a movie in Greenbelt and roam around the mall. We had this short stay as a layover before going to Cebu and we stayed in one hotel nearby. 


3.      Cebu – The Hometown will never be a miss! But this time we had 2 major adventure. Osmeña Peak  overnight and the now very popular Canyoneering.  


4.     Bohol – My second time, Koko’s first. We stayed at Astoria Bohol and stayed for 3 days. Chocolate Hills will never be a miss, then more city tour follows. Our story can be found here. 


5.      Palawan – There are a lot of islands to visit, but for this year we chose Puerto Princesa! Simply because we would like to experience the widespread hit location – The Underground River. Our adventure to this fascinating river was a blast! I haven’t wrote the full blog about it for now…


There are so many stories to share in each place. I wish I made you see how beautiful our country is in my own simple way here in my blog!


Thanks for reading! God Bless!


JM Kayne 

Bohol – December 2015

Bohol is one of the closest places of my own hometown, Cebu! It has a special space in my travel box heart because this is the first place I step foot into outside Cebu! My first time was during the wedding of Ms. Lisa’s brother; let’s say around 2008 I guess. I was with GEOS Teachers!

This time is another special chance to visit this place, this time, I am with my one and only Kokobear ♥.
Preparation took place as earlier as January of 2015 – as we planned the whole December vacation. Bohol is scheduled on – – 2015.

Our stay at Astoria Plaza Bohol was a blast! Away from the noise in the city, is this beautiful exclusive hotel – which we are a member! So this accommodation is free! The same with Palawan and Boracay! Wanna know about it? Stay tuned.

Astoria Bohol’s reception stares…

The short yet memorable 3-night – 2 days stay was spent this way:
 Day 0 – Arrival
We purchased a boat ticket at Colonnade mall (cinema side – booked it at least 1 week before our departure) based on our planned timing and off to Cebu Port as scheduled. We paid around 1800/- Php per person two-way. Upon arrival at Tagbilaran Port, we simply took a tricycle and asked the driver to drop us to Astoria.
Arrived at around 2:00 pm, the travel from Cebu to Bohol took around 2 hours…

Since it was a special trip – 30-minute ride – we paid one way for 100/- pesos. With the hungry tummy, we tried Kris A’s pizza and indeed it tasted good! We enjoyed the beach front and it’s sunset then contacted our tour provider for the next day.

Day 1 – City Tour
Chocolate Hills, Tarsier, Loboc River, Hanging Bridge, Man-made Forest, Baclayon church and the Python/birds and butterfly sanctuary.

A fully booked day and it rained! Such a blessing. Paid around 1500 Php for this trip inclusive of the Loboc river cruise lunch and the entrance tickets and pasalubong!

Day 2 – Was planned to go to Danao Adventure Park or Panglao Tour.
But instead of traveling – we chose to enjoy Astoria Bohol’s peaceful ambiance.
We enjoyed the infinity pool right in front of the 8 rooms’ villa. We also spent sumptuous breakfast, lunch and dinner at their restaurant that serves almost all thumbs up food in their menu!  (Prices were bit high, though, but we got 10-15% discount as member… 😉 ) Appreciated the time together and enjoyed the sunset that covered the sky with yellow, orange pink colors splashing although the skyline of the mountains nearby. Koko also tried to take some photos of the moon and stars. I can hear nothing but the sea waves, and the sound of crickets! Such a lovely night to spend with someone precious!

Day 3 – Back to Cebu

Check out at 12 noon, but we tried a nearby pizza/breakfast house just outside the compound of our hotel. Unfortunately, the food was not good! Not a happy tummy at all! So we go back to Astoria’s restaurant and had a great lunch before leaving Bohol!
I enjoyed this trip! Simple yet memorable. If you wanna know the details of this journey, feel free to comment below J I will be very happy to assist you!
God Bless!
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 See more photos on Nothing But Memories Blog – Bohol.
Blog post by : JM Kayne

Election 2016 – UAE

Dear Filipino People of the UAE,

Please be guided of the below links and details for the upcoming Presidential Election – May 2016.

Thousands of Filipinos are registered voters … 
72,000 -AUH / 123,000 Dubai –  “be the change you want to be for our country”.

It’s time to exercise our right to suffrage. THE RIGHT TO VOTE.
Please make sure that you bring any of the below valid IDs such as:
·      Passport copy,
·      Emirates ID,

·      SSS or any government issued identification card.

 Here is the letter from the embassy. (Visit: )

If this letter is too small, please click here.
Double check if your name is on the list of voters …
Click this link: LIST OF VOTERS
VOTING SCHEDULE: From 9 April – 9 May 2016.
For updates, you may visit the official Facebook account of
Abu Dhabi Phil-Embassy in this link:

The 1st Senior Core Group Assembly

As a new year unfolds, a new session has been created for all seniors (Servants from Unit head and above) to gather in the so called Senior Core group. 22nd January is our first session.


“For many are called but few are chosen” – Matthew 22:14


Aside from that verse, the day’s gospel is a timely call as God named his 12 apostles. We are not 12 but we are all called by name. Around 40-50 Servants gathered at St. Joseph’s church room 110 with one purpose, to ignite once again the heart of a Servant! Praise Fest was led by Tito Teting Codog, Abu Dhabi’s Family Ministry led the music ministry. Hosted by Sis Mavic Arnoza, she opened the session with a short grouping game to energize the participants and introduced our very own Country Servant, Tito Arsie Sembrano for the first talk.
Tito Arsie started with a tough warning – that this gathering of servant is not for the faint hearted. Teachings for these sessions will be solid and thus everyone is expected to receive hard teachings as we all level up with our service for the Lord. As an opening, he tackled this year’s theme from Ephesians 2:4 – But God, who is rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us. –RICH IN MERCY.
The past years have given us a preparation for this year (see above notes of our themes from 2013 up to date). This means, we have been called to be an Authentic Christian: called to holiness, called to self-denial, self-emptying, called to go out and engage to a spiritual warfare.
A greater call for MERCY this year is at its pinnacle.
Teaching, lunch break and a team building activities were done.


Here is a quick look of the things we’ve learned on this day.


ITEM 1 – MERCY defined and difference with GRACE
ITEM 2 – How to respond God’s Mercy
ITEM 3 – We learned the meaning of B-U-H-O-S
by Sis Mavic
Mercy is a calling for repentance. Mercy is God not punishing us as our sins deserve. Mercy is deliverance from judgment.
·         Mercy – God not giving us what we deserve because of our actions.
·         Grace – God giving us the good that we don’t deserve, extending kindness to the unworthy.
1.       Be Humble
2.       Be Confident of His Love & Mercy
3.       Obey His Commandments
4.       Place our Lives in His hands – let Him be our driver
5.       Go to Confession and admit our sins
·         B-Believe
·         U-Understand
·         H-Humility
·         O-Obedient
·         S- Sacrifice


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Yearly Themes
2012 – Alive in Christ
2013 – Faith Works Wonders – Be.Li.Ev.E
2014 – Empowered to Witness
2015 – Look at Jesus, Look to the Poor
2016 – Rich in Mercy

Published for The Vineyard Magazine Issue 10 (Jan-March 2016)