NOL Card Recharge thru ADCB App

I rarely use a bus, but in some circumstances I do. So recently I found out that instead of making a queue to re-charge your NOL Card, here is actually an app that provides a faster way to re-charge!

But you have to be an ADCB user… (I’m not sure if other banks do have their own app) – as of me ADCB App (from the App Store). Here is the step by step guide to that.
Of course you have to download the ADB App first, which looks like this:


Photo from :

1. Log-In to your app

2. On the main page are the options:



3. Then click the option NOL TOP UP (second choice on the right)

4. Add a PAYEE


Press PAY NOW and follow further required details

5. Add your NOL TAG ID – This is the 10-digit number at the back of your NOL Card.

Swipe the button to choose ADD LIST OF REGISTERED SERVICES so that you don’t need to repeat this process again in your next transactions.

6.  Give this Service a name. In my case I call it NOLjm.

7. Enter Amount. They have a minimum of 20 AED.


Enter your desired cash and hit next.
8. Verify Payment


Click submit

9. Enter OTP (One-Time-Password) which they will send to your mobile and click continue!


And it will show you this!

Hope this one helps!

God bless!

25 June 2016 | Sunday
Today, I launched my new blog site address.
Yes! I have decided to take my blog into the next level and get myself a personalized domain.  Cheers!
From https://i-amjmkayne.blogspot welcome to my new site address as www.IAMJMKAYNE.comA new address but with the same content of the stories #InMyHeart – blog posts about Faith, Family, Travel, Foods and more about life!




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Underground River – Palawan

Underground River – Palawan

Palawan has been a familiar name to me ever since I was in high school. A cousin of mine married someone from the place so they settled in this place known as the cleanest city in the Philippines, Puerto Princesa Palawan. See the #ByaheNgKokobears Palawan Adventure overview here.


I have been curious about the world renowned Underground River and just last year (2015) December I had my personal experience of this enchanting place!
Let me start by saying at first I thought we were unlucky to be in Palawan during these final days of the year wherein the last sets of typhoons are also scheduled to hit the places we are ought to visit (Bohol & Palawan). We stayed at Astoria Palawan for 4 days & 3 nights. We had our itinerary full packed but have to be adjusted depending on the weather condition.

Also know as Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, is first on our list and was supposed to be a day 1 experience but has to postpone it on the day 2 because of heavy rains and that no one is allowed by the coastguard to travel that way of the sea. But to our surprise, our tour provider advised us that there is an alternative way to get there! 

How we get there:
Because our accommodation was far from the city – we have to travel back to the starting point of the underground river for about 30 minutes. We had an exclusive van all for only the 2 of us! 🙂

The adventure started!
Our tour guide & driver accompanied us to the registration area where they have assigned a local kid () to be the internal tour guide as we hike up to the mountain and go to the other side of the underground. He was only 15 years old – a bit shy at first but as we sweat off and go further for the next 30 minutes of walking through the wet forest he started to be talkative. The forest was all green, several of plants surround it and different sizes of trees filled it.
Excuse the blurry pic! Our tour guide moved right after clicking the button of our GoPro 😀 Imagine how big this tree is!!! 

The soil was a bit brownish/orange-gy and wet, a rain was about to come. We have to hold some plants us we ascend to the next level. There were 4 stops. Where we could take a rest, drink water or take some photos. And in each stops there are rescue team as well whenever there is a need.

One of the stops… 

We have to go up and down with various man-made stairs (made of wood) which will definitely test your breath!!!

Way to go!!! Climb pa more!
This one is on the way back to our hotel… where we stop by in some of the mountains that shaped like an Elephant and a photo of this yellow tag wherein 2 Amazing Race were done!
The underground
We met with other tourist who also took the challenge to walk for 1 and half – 2 hours just to see one of the world’s wonder! We hurry to fill the little boat, put on our head gear and sail. Of course some briefing was made.
Inside is all black! It is the darkest at its finest. It is natural and should be maintained to keep the bats stay underground. 
Inside or underground are beautiful natural creations of stalactite and stalagmite! Formations of people, food, church and all! A plus factor is that our guide seems to know when and where to stop amidst the dark place and a sense of humor while introducing the spots.
Off we go! 🙂
A fellow tourist exiting as we enter…

Above are some of the captured photos while we were inside… there actually videos but I chose not to put them in to keep you curious and find your way to this beautiful place!

All the walk and pain and tiredness have gone once you get a glimpse of this amazing underground river. I realize it as we went home and see the mountains that under those mountains is the river enchanting as it is even while imagining it.

The Beach

There is a special beach or shall I say photos only beach – white sands shore that makes an impression of a faraway island, secluded yet majestic! 🙂 … Had our time to do the snaps and take a minute or two to feel the beauty amids the stormy & wavy sea during our time.

Credit to the owner.

We have our own photos but somehow misplaced it. Will update this once I see it!

Why I Write?

Why I Write? -


June 2016

In the current status of the world, during this Information age – many of us will say that we are a writer in our own right. I guess it’s safe to say that more than ever, there are more writers today than that of history. The amount of creative writing programs in the schools or on the internet have blown up with the use of Social media and as far as I know there are over 100 million blogs circulating the world wide web, and mine is only a speck of it :).

I purchased a WD (Writer’s Digest) magazine in December 2015 and found that there are numerous number of writing communities in US alone. Even in the Philippines newspapers, magazines & blogs of different themes/types are all over, that’s why NBS (National Bookstore), Booksale and other book stores are my favorite visits once I’m on vacation.

On this blog, I would like to share to you “WHY I WRITE”. I have learned that writing is freeing our soul. It is shutting down the noise on our head and thus letting it flow by writing.


All time companion… a diary… 🙂
 I write because of :

 1. Freedom

It makes me feel free! It gives me the sense of freedom to which I am able to express my thoughts. Early on I have been writing diaries, back home in Cebu I have pile of notebooks filled with the stories of my High school & college life. (Secret crushes included ^^). Through writing in my diary I feel like I’m able to talk to someone who won’t judge me of whatever feelings I will express. Freeeeedooommmm indeed! 🙂


2. Practice the Skills

I took Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Social Sciences but taught English (ESL) after graduation. Writing allows me to practice the skills and polish it. I write, I read, I read again and correct myself and practice. Nowadays I have been really trying my best to do better; being outside of the ESL (English as Second Language) world for almost a decade now, somehow weakened some of my English skills, therefore a better effort is required! Thanks to this blog and to CFFL – The Vineyard Magazine for the drills! (wink-wink! 😉


3.    Share

I write / blog to share my life. To share the experiences, the food I tasted, the places I travelled, the encounter, the faith and all! I wanna share details and impart my ideas about certain things that of my interest. I gratefully share to anyone who wants to know about our recent trip, or a restaurant we visited and/or the activity we did. “Sharing is caring!” 😜


4.    Inspire

Cliché it may sound but I am one of those self-acclaimed writer/blogger (“kuno”) who would like to share my little / personal ideas and stories that I hope & I wish that it would somehow touched my readers and learn something from it. Get ideas and also inspire them to write. Hey you! Go ahead, pursue that creative writer inside that silent poet/novelist/writer/author heart in you. In love free icon


5.    Earn

I have learned that blogging allows you to earn money as well. (Reading & learning more about it at the moment…) therefore it gives me more enthusiasm to do better. Not really the kind of salary giving side hustle, but still a great motivation right!?!  I have been claiming that I am indeed a struggling writer/blogger and as I learn more about earning from doing one of the things that I love, it has also become a motivation to polish more of my skills. Someday I wish to write in magazines, newspapers, and world renowned websites with God’s grace!



I have a confession to make, (are you ready?) . . . for some of you who knows that I have become the Editor-In-Chief of CFFL – The Vineyard Magazine – maybe you would think that it is as easy as a pea to produce write ups quarterly but the fact is, it requires constant reading, re-writing, thoughtful days and nights on what is proper and what should be shared. Not only in editing but also in the articles that I share. My confession? I still get that feeling of not being good enough! But! My faith becomes my strength and God’s continuous affirmation allows me to go on.



How about you? Why do you write?

A good read about why people write is also in this site : WHY WRITE?



God bless,

Puerto Princesa Palawan – PH

This is the 4th leg of our 2015 Vacation Itinerary. This is another #ByaheNgKokobears Special! This post will be short, just an overview of the 3-days we spent in this beautiful place. Separate blogs with details will be shared as well soon.

Day 1- Island hopping (2 Islands only due to the rainy season)

An exclusive boat for 4! The Kokobears, our tour guide and the boat man! 🙂

Luli Island

Caption this blogger pose moment 🙂
Just happy! Sharing this moment with Kokobear!

Cowrie Island

This is the cue for the lunch…
Although not allowed to swim, but this line of trees with autumn coloured leaves give you a great feel about the island! ^^

Day 2 – UNDERGROUND RIVER – Puerto Princesa Highlights

We spent the whole day with the below places/activities

Of course, the highlight is the Underground River.

Secured our front seats on this lil boat heading to the underground 🙂
Exiting the underground river…

Day 3 – City Tour

Provincial Capitol

Iwahig Prison & Penal Farm


Crocodile Farm




Baker’s Hill


Butterfly Garden & Palawan tribal Village




Binuatan Weaving Creations 



K-Drama Resurrected 2016!

Haha! I found this blog’s title a bit crazy! But indeed I have been michin (미친)   = “crazy” lately! Haahaha

It’s been a while since I last watched a Korean drama – almost 8 years ago I have been really really hooked but it faded when I left the ESL World. Then this plan of going to Seoul probably switched that button on for me to once again watch these series. Below I enumerated the K-Dramas I have watched with a little background about it and the reason why I watched them.
I started with My Love from Another star and found myself playing one drama after the other. I finished the below 5 series in just 2 months… as of today, (30May16) I am on my 6th series… with Ha Ji Won in The Time We Were Not In Love.

My Love from Another Star (2013)

Started it because since I was on vacation on 2013 – I have been seeing some scenes of it in a Korean coffee shop back in Cebu. I was curious but didn’t have the time. Until one day I started to hibernate and here I go – got hooked.
Do Min Joon is an alien who came to earth during the Joseon era and leaves amongst the human being up to the present day. He met an actress, Chun Song Yi who seemed to be a familiar personality that he met in the past hundred years. How their story unfolds along the way will surely makes you fall inlove and get more curious about Min Joon’s home.

Descendants of the Sun (2016)

It has been trending all over the K-World and on social media… Week after week I can see Song Joong-ki’s photos all over the net and this beautiful photo just don’t stop roaming around the net. So Right after I finish My Love From Another Star, I automatically check this series and indeed it left me wanting one episode after the other. It finished quickly, that I didn’t realize that was it.


This is a love story between a Military Captain who belongs to a UN peacekeeping troops – Captain Yoo Shi-Jin (Sonh Joong-ki) , and Doctor , Dr. Kang Mo-Yeon (Song Hye Kyo). Who met because of some incident while Captain Yoo & his best buddy Major Seo Dae-young (Jin Goo) (who has also another interested love story) were on a leave and was enjoying some free time in the city that ends up in Dr. Kang’s hospital.

UN has requested them to be stationed overseas and their difficult love story unfolds…


A special mention to the Drama’s OST –it leaves you falling in love! See it here.


Oh My Venus (2015)

A friend suggested (Tin-Tin) to watch it! Without further questions, I jumped right into it simply because of So Ji Sub! He has been one of my fave K-Actor after all those performances in Bali & I’m Sorry I Love You! And indeed, this one is another favorite! 🙂 


A man who has been struggling with his health since a child because of an incident has grown with a great health & has become a personal trainer to some of Hollywood’s actors/actresses. While she was Daegu’s Venus way back in High School! So Ji Sub plays Young-Ho/Coachnim/John Kim while Shin Min Ah plays Daegu Venus / Kang Joo-Eun. She struggled to support her family and has been overweight! They’re ways crossed after what happened on the play going back to Korea.

The story then continued as they both battled for health and eventually fell in love.
The whole OST has been playing on my head every now and then. And rights before checking out its meaning, I have been hooked already!

The Master’s Sun (2014)

Because of So Ji Sub, I continue to check his other dramas & films. I landed in this romantic-comedy-horror feel series! His partner – Kong Hyo-Jin played the roles really well!


Several years ago Gong-Sil (Kong Hyo-Jin) was involved in an accident. Since she is able to see and hear ghosts. Beacuse of this she couldn’t live a normal life. Until one day he had an encounter with this mean, rude, greedy CEO of a shopping mall called Kingdom – Joong-Won (So Ji-Sub) . Jong Won has a past that he never shared not until Gong Sil become a part of his life.

One Sunny Day (2015)

Again, because of So Ji Sub, I have continued to watch all the list of his film and drama. I recently finished Always and became curious about this very short drama of only 10 episode. 
I have watched the full drama in one almost 3 hours :). Check it out on this link – Drama Nice – OSD.

Jejudo (Jeju Island) played a big role in this web drama starring So Ji Sub and Kim Ji Won. Ji Ho (So Ji Sub) has separated with his girlfriend (Im Joo Eun), headed to take a break + work short vacation in Jeju Island. 

During his stay, he met a beautiful girl (Kim Ji Won) by chance when he lost his wallet and she lost her phone. This unfortunate or fortunate encounter has made the turn of events to be One Sunny Day in their hearts.




Related links are either from Wikipedia and/or Dramanice