SCG3 – Serve with Perseverance

CFFL 3rd Senior Core Group (SCG)

(To be published on #TVM12)
You’re so “maingay!” (You’re so noisy!) – I shouted these words to the fellow attendees during a “crucial” start of a team game that we played for the 3rd SCG at St. Paul’s Church room FFO2. Then I heard the crowd laughing!
I was focused; I was on a game face and turned on my leadership skills. Our target is to beat 2 minutes and 47 seconds to accomplish the task at hand.
The crowd starts to speculate what the game was all about.
Group 1 – did it in 7 minutes
Group 2 in 3 minutes
Group 3 in 2.47 minutes
Me in action with my team mates…
Everything went smoothly until it’s time to put down the ball on the top of the bottle. Spectators were curious, all eyes are on the ball and when it hit the tip of the bottle . . .  my team mates tend to hear the outside noise that somehow the web moved a bit that the ball was off! (Oh no!!! worry strikes, I can hear a bell – like that of the end sound of a boxing match! – A losing feeling inside me. . ) . . .
The ball went outside its ring for around 2 inches. How do we go? My mind screaming, ashamed, afraid of judgment, afraid of losing… Out of shame (without my team mates knowing it, I “innocently” asked Sis Mavic, can I move it back? (…to its ring) – And I can loudly hear her say “NO” it sounded like a rejection! Then she said, “Kaya pa yan” – just continue.
The crowd speculating,
The crowd was getting noisier than ever.
I look around, my teammates – clueless.
I see familiar faces, I see strangers, and I see fellow servants…
I look around, I see my teammate – having no idea what’s happening. I pursue! I hear the people around, go do it! I see myself battling like a life and death situation…
The next thing I know, the ball is back into the ring! Yeah!!! I can hear the crowd cheering like that of a basketball game when a player shoots 3 points. I hear victory even if the ball wasn’t on the tip of the bottle yet. I pursued the journey together with my mates and ends up with the ball on the tip of the bottle in a split of a second and then another victory sound is what I hear! My team mates hurriedly took off their blindfolds and the fell off! 
What did I learn?
This game is a representation game.
·         The ball is God.
·         The tip of the bottle is heaven.
·         I was the servant.
·         My teammates were my members.
All of us aim to be in Heaven with God; inside each individual is the desire to walk with Him. In that game, my mates are the people with the desire to be with God (ball) yet somehow, they walk in the dark (blindfolded) like a sheep that needs a shepherd. I was the privileged to be the shepherd (servant) anointed to help them, guide them to the goal.
As we walk, the noise of the world distracts us (observers & other group members). As we go closer to heaven (bottle tip) which usually happens to all of us – we are being harassed! A challenge came up (ball being out of its ring). In our spiritual journey as servants, often we see the pictures of our members are having a hard time – the fact is:  Servants as well go through it.
As I lead the team and faced the test, I found myself weak – when Sis Mavic’s “NO” sounded like a rejection (the things we thought we can do, but the world limits us) the more I found myself fragile. Nevertheless amidst the boisterous world (crowd) I hear positive people, people who somehow said that I can still go on (this could be fellow servants, friends, encouraging scriptures, posts, talks, praise songs etc.) that says “Don’t Give up!”
Once again I look around, I see my team mates, having no idea, smiling yet felt & heard the pressure of the crowd and I feel the need, the responsibility, and so I responded to the call to bring them up! I took the leap and continued the battle!
As Vivian Greene’s quote says:
Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”
Finally, the most important lesson of the day :
 Let us all choose to Remove the Give up button 

Photo credits to : Bro Royelle & Sis Ruby!


DIY – Travel Diary (Maldives)

Last 2015 September, Kokobear and has the privilege to do our first International Travel together as a couple to Maldives. The summary and further story can be found on – ByaheNgKokobears-Maldives 2015
On this entry, I would like to share to you the DIY (Do It Yourself) art that I did for this travel! I call it Travel Log. A DIY Travel Diary – Maldives 🙂

So here the materials:

  1. Old certificate folders
  2. Binder Rings
  3. cut-out photos of any thing about travel /journey around the world and most especially Maldives photos
  4. Paste/Glue
  5. Scissors
  6. All memoir of the travel
  7. Maldives Photos, tickets, money etc.

So, let’s start!

Materials: hard paper – in my case I used a certifcate folder, pen, pentel pens, highlights, scissor, glue, binder ring.
Front – Top & Back View of our DIY – Travel Log/Diary – Maldives
1 – Standing Front View
2. Tickets & an official note that this is our 1st Official International Travel together
3. A quote about marriage and snapshots from my polaroid cam
4. Money/coins & a daily log about what we see, hear, smell, etc…
5. Day 1 and more pics and notes
6. Daily budget envelops, tickets going back and a receipt of our final meal before leaving Maldives.
A closer look of Day 1 Page, the first island trip  to Bandos Island and the fees
we paid for this trip 🙂 courtesy of
Holiday Factory!

TGIT – 3 Counted Blessings – Vol 3

Welcome to TGIT- # Counted Blessings – Vol. 3 

It’s Thursday once again! Thanks God It’s Thursday! And yes, I am making another TGIT #Counted Blessings series once more. 

Apologies, that it took me some time to continue this series… not that I’m not having a blessings in fact, every new day is a new blessings from God. I just got caught up with community activities and TVM issues plus personal stuffs. But I’m back! ^^ so back! So let’s start!
1. TVM Issue 11 – We’ve released it on 15th July 2016 during Abu Dhabi’s GA. It’s such a blessing that we have added 4 more pages of stories and inspiration! From 24 to 28 pages. Thankful that  CFC-FFL/CFFL brethren are so keen to share their encounter with God! More to go and looking forward to TVM 12.
From my IG –
2. Profile Lodged! – Yes! After more than a year of preparations, back and forth emails, document processing, stress and more – yesterday, 20th July 2016 – finally our profile has been lodged/launched online for our immigration dream/plan. Sharing more of this once this plan becomes actual 🙂 Crossing fingers and needs more prayer on this!
Image source :
3. God’s Blessing to my Bro! – This is not necessarily within this week, but it has been a blessing to my brother starting this month. . . to be picked and promoted in his field. Although this doesn’t involve such big salary increase, yet what makes it special is that he got it because of his performance! His efforts and performance was the basis for this level up! So way to go Brobro! #ImAProudSister #DonPassio 🙂
There are so much more blessings this week and even in the past few weeks that I haven’t recorded, but these 3 are the major ones!


I know I am blessed and I praise God for always being there for me, for Kokobear and for my family back home! #ThankYouLord


—————- . ♥ . —————-
Lastly, comment below your own link of counting your blessings 🙂 Let us all share God’s Love.

Disclaimer : No intentions of bragging, its about knowing you are blessed. ^^ May God be praised in this series…

Kayne Series (Vol. 1) – Basic Getting To Know ME

I have decided to start this Blog Series about myself.

It’s like getting to know “The Blogger” series, I call it KAYNE Series.


As I visit random blogs, interact and share my posts and comments with them, I stumble upon Da Dominguez’s page saw her Blog series  entitled How To Really Know Someone – she got it on a tumblr post, questions came from this link.

But before jumping into those questions, I would like to share first, the basics.

Volume 1 is GETTING TO KNOW KAYNE– a slum book version.


What’s my full name?

I am Julie Mae Bacus-Chavez

Why Kayne?

I started thinking about a username for yahoo messenger & email during high school ( YM was the highest fad at that moment) so I thought, I should make a 5 letter name (to add to my nickname – JM )that’s unique and should start with K, because I thought K is not so common. I draw inspiration from some names posted in jeepneys and saw “Kane” and so added “Y” – so now I am JM KAYNE! 😀
I wrote it in all my notebooks and other stuffs until the time when even my family – my dad, specially – calls me Kayne too! (Happy me!)



From Where?

I’m from Cebu Philippines but currently living in Abu Dhabi, UAE



What do I do?

Professionally I am a High School Teacher, but as on OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) – I work as a Training Admin in one of the Oil & Gas Company here in UAE.

Why do I blog?

At first it was just like an online diary. Then later on it became a hobby and just this year (about 5-6 months ago) I took it to another level… See my post here.

Who is Kokobear?

It’s an endearment that me and my husband call each other … J Some of my posts involves our activities so you’ll get to read Kokobear from time to time.
—————- . ♥ . —————-
See Volume 2 here.
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Come, Follow Me

And he said to them, “Come, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”
– Matthew 4:19

Three weeks ago the above verse is the highlight of one of the daily gospel which happens to be a topic we discussed in our household. Of course I have read it ahead of time since it has become a habit for me to read and post the good news daily on Facebook. Come, household night; we prayed, worship and eventually started sharing. While everyone shared their piece a thought has hit me. “Come Follow Me”. 


My sharing was about me being asked by God to Follow Him in a different way. It is a way that is still being a fisher of men but doing it behind the mainstream.  


What I mean by mainstream?


I would define in this blog – mainstream as a mainstream service in the community. Mainstream means being a servant – that handles households and has members that need to nourish (with God’s help) to follow up, remind, help, listen, talk etc. 


A background:


Since I left SFL ministry and joined the Area Household with my husband I have this longing of being a servant still. I feel that I want to be a mainstream servant but unfortunately or maybe fortunately – I can’t do it anymore. A new task has been given to us (me & hubby) as Area PFO (Pastoral Formation Officer).  


I have been through its up and down – I have been hurt in my past HH encounters but right before I left SFL, God gave a beautiful set of HH members (#HHLOVE) that I have felt so much joy! There is love, respect, affection and more. After the pain, comes joy! And sadly, I still have a hang of it. 


Tonight, (I mean that AHH night) as we share our Come, Follow Me stories, I am prompted to share this. I think God is calling me to be behind mainstream. It is a way that I am not needed to share my thoughts to my members no more. Where I am not needed to tap shoulders, make follow up and more. I believe that God assigned me to be behind the scene now because I guess I have given my share in the past 7 years. He said, Come follow me – be still and silent. 


My heart resists this thought. It’s heavy – it’s not what my mind wants. But what is in God’s mind is not up to me. I guess this is one pruning I need to encounter.


I need more time. I need more self-convincing. I need  the Holy Spirit to come upon me and enlighten me. In this I pray. Amen.
How about you?
Spend some time reflecting on this scripture – God, might be calling you to Come, Follow Him.

My 4th of July

 [ My instagram post today 04/07/2016 ]


Yes, it has been 11 years! The Pipers11 now The Pipers & Co is celebrating our 11 years of friendship that started in UC-ESL. I remember clearly that first day of work. I came early – probably the first among the new teachers and met that white chinita girl (I thought a Korean) but actually Pinay! 11 of us started it and now this friendship has grown bigger that Phil called it The Pipers & Company (co.) Will not name them here but they know who they are! Salamat sa friendship, salamat sa time and memories together. Even-though we rarely meet nowadays, it feels good that whenever we see each other we pick up to to where we left and still feel the bond we always have.


In the same way, NDC was a God’s answered prayer. NDC life and work is tough, I often see myself being challenged emotionally but with God’s presence I persevere. His strength became mine and as I count additonal days, weeks, months or year I will keep on leaning on Him. Lord, be with me as I continue this journey.


This blog post is a thank you post for God’s outpouring blessings in my life especially to my family. I am no one without Him. I wouldn’t be here without His grace, mercy & love! getting a bit emotional now,,, He has given me blessings even though I don’t deserve them. His love never fails. Lord, salamat sa tanan. I love you! To God be all the Glory!


 [ The Pipers’ first studio photo. ]


[ Answered prayer – during CFFL Christmas Party 2011 ]


[ The Pipers & Co get together for our 10 years – Dec 2015 ]


[ NDC Diary 2015 ]