Glenloch Tea Factory. See my short review of this place on Trip Advisor.


Glenloch – Tea Farm/Estate & Factory
Address: Nuwara Eliya Katukithula, Sri Lanka
Phone Number: 094 052 225 9646

As I have mentioned on my SL Day 1 blog, this “in-TEA-resting” visit is worth a separate blog. So here it goes!

Among the five (5) sites we visited for our first day (14 Sept 2016) tour is Glenloch Tea Factory.  I was happy to learn about something about TEA. I love drinking tea and it helps to actually understand and know about how it is being processed and prepared.

It took us around 1 hour plus to reach this site (from Kandy’s Temple of the Tooth) – – – going up to the hills, the way is like that of Baguio/Osmena Peak in Cebu. You will see a sea of tea plants from different factories or they call it tea estate and a line up of pine trees that make the atmosphere really cold. When we arrived our driver – Amila asked someone to tour us around and there we met a young Tamil lady named Susini. Friendly and informative, she toured us around the factory – explained the process, answered our clarifications and allows us to take videos and photos. (uploading a short clip soon.) We noticed that almost all workers are female, so to our curiosity we asked Susini, at first she gestured a showing off her arms that connotes to a “strong woman” and when we laughed, she explains further that it is because of of the soft touch a woman has when it comes to picking/plucking the tea leaves and doing all other processes . . . and so all we said was – –  “ahhhhhh ~~~ okay”.

The process of tea making are : Plucking (picking the right leaves), Withering (drying), Rolling & Crushing (makes it release the enzymes that promotes oxidation), Fermenting (applicable for black teas), Drying/Firing (further drying…), Sorting (separating leaves according to its grades such as BOP, BOPF,Orange Pekoe, Pekoe etc.) and finally Packing – part of the sorting process whether to make it as lose tea or into the tea bags.

* * *

Over-all for me this tour is a must-visit when you happen to be in Ceylon.

A recommended one! At the end of the tour, Susina brought us to their overlooking cafe where they served us a free cup of tea! Indeed as Kokobear +ellejulie0116 quoted on his Facebook “Tea is great at the source!” 




SRI LANKA Day 1 – Kandy & nearby areas

SRI LANKA Day 1 – Kandy & nearby areas

After the “CEYLON” intro blog and the summary of our SRI LANKA Itinerary, here comes day 1.
Day 1 – Kandy and nearby areas
– Left the hotel at 6:30 am
– Elephant Orphanage
– Spice & Herbs Garden
– Temple of the Tooth
– Tea Estate
– Ramboda Waterfalls
–  Head home, dinner on the way @ Dee Tree
– Arrived hotel at 10:30 pm
Elephant Orphanage @ Dept. of National Zoological Garden (Colombo Zoo) – Pinnawalla Rambukkana

   Entrance Fee – 2500 Rupees (67 AED) – with 1 AED = 37 Rupees
The elephants are trained to carry their own food and even some logs.
We witness a big number of elephants inside the orphanage wherein they are being taken cared of the Sri Lankan people working in this place. They feed them, give them milk, tame, clean and train. We also witness milk feeding time for 5-8 months elephants and get a chance to take a picture with them. Tried to sneak a touch too, not allowed though. hehehe 🙂

Spice & Herbs Garden @ Susantha Spice & Herbal Garden
   Entrance Fee – Free
   Herbs/Oils/Creams etc – between 2000- 20,000 Rupees ++ (20 – 500++ AED or more)
A worker from the garden will tour around you and explain the different spices and herbs with its corresponding health benefits. We’ve seen cacao, small pineapples, aloe vera, garlic, ginger, lime, cinnamon and more. At the end of the tour they will guide you to their store and show you some of the products, well it is up to you if you want to take some. 
Temple of the Tooth in Kandy 
   Entrance Fee – 2500 Rupees (67 AED)
   Shoe Keeper – 100 Rupees (2.75 AED) – You need to leave your shoes because you  
have to go  inside barefoot.
This was the photo that should not be taken… (No photos should be taken against the temple – as the notice says) but the security said don’t take pictures “behind” which we mistook as the “back” of this temple…
As you buy the tickets from the booth some tour guides will approach you and will ask / charge 300-500 Rupees (10-20 AED more or less), but in our case we went inside by ourselves. No one toured us so we just try to read. We’ve watched and observed the faithful buddhist, some of them offering lotus flowers, prayed and more. Taking pictures are allowed but it’s not allowed to take a photo with your back against the buddha/statue which made us misunderstood when we were reprimanded and asked to delete the picture we took.
   Entrance Fee – Free (Donation is open) – no tipping as mentioned on site
   Tea Products –  300 – 8000 Rupees (10 – 200/500 AED) – Depending on the type of tea
you want. 
This is sea of tea plants in the area that we passed by along this day 1 itinerary.
It took us around 1 hour to reach this site going up to the hills, the way is like that of Baguio/Osmena Peak in Cebu. You will see a sea of tea plants, and a line up of pine trees that makes the atmosphere really cold. More stories about this Tea Factory visit will be shared in a separate blog.
Ramboda Waterfalls

   Entrance Fee – Free 

There were lots of small waterfalls along the way to the tea farm but as we left the place, our driver/tour guide showed us 3 big once and was able to come closer to one of them. I was in awe with the beauty of being near to Ramboda Falls and the photos will tell…
These 5 sites are our first encounter of Sri Lanka. I am making another blog about my impressions of this country and 10 other stuffs about the people, food, transporation and others… 

Among these five (5) sites, I am happy to learned about TEA. I love drinking tea and it helps to actually understand and know about how it is being processed and prepared. From 6:30 am to 10:30 pm it took us around 3 and half hours travel and another 3 hours back to our hotel. Day one is fun. I wish I could share all the photos but cant… A trivia? – we’ve taken 87 GB all in all for this trip. Will be sharing some from the cameras that we brought… See more photos of it (from my mobile phone) on Nothing but Memories – SL Day 1. (link to be given soon)

Check out our Day 1 Sri Lanka adventure video:
Up Next :
Photo credits to Kokobear! – +ellejulie0116 SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave



Sri Lanka Trip Itinerary Summary

As of writing, the 3 of us (Kokobear, Ate Amie and I) are now in the airport going back to Dubai/Abu Dhabi. It’s 5:27 am – from Colombo airport there is a layover to Mattalla for an hour then Dubai.
While waiting to board FZ 551 I have chosen to start this series of blog with the summary of our itirenary!

Day 0 – Arrival

Checked in the hotel – Paradise Beach Hotel in Lewis Place Negombo.
It is 15-20 minutes ride from the airport.
Talked to HF (Holiday Factory) representative – Mr. Vasantha regarding our plan for the daily tour.

We walked the street in Lewis Place where restaurants & souvenier shops lined up.

Dinner at Kamlo.

Day 1 – Kandy and nearby areas

– Left the hotel at 6:30 am
– Elephant Orphanage
– Spice & Herbs Garden
– Temple of the Tooth
– Ramboda Waterfalls
–  Head home, dinner on the way @ Dee Tree
– Arrived hotel at 10:30 pm

Day 2 – Sigiriya, Elephant Ride & Safari

– Left hotel at 5:30 am
– Hike Sigiriya Mountain
– Elephant ride
– Safari
– Head home, dinner on the way at Mango Mango
– Arrived hotel at 11:30 pm

Day 3 – Galle

– Left hotel at 9 am
– Turtle Farm
– River/Mangrove Tour
– Moonstone/Gem Factory
– Dutch Canal
– Galle Jewelry Street
– Buddha Statue
– Skills Fishing (missed)
– Head home, dinner on the way @ KFC
– Arrived hotel @ 10 am
Day 4 : Mini Colombo side trip
– Hotel breakfast
– Prep for Colombo side trip via train ride
– Visited Odel
– Back to Railway station/ Souvenier shopping
– Train ride back to Negombo @ 4:55 pm
– Arrived hotel @ 6:25 pm
– Pool until 7 pm
– Seafood Dinner at Tusker
– Lights out at 12 am (18 Sept)

Day 5 : Depart Sri Lanka

– 2:30 am call time
– Left hotel at 3:00 am
– Arrive SL Airport and waited for our flight
– Arrived Dubai Airport @ 11:20 am
– Arrived Abu Dhabi @ 2:45 pm
Details and more in the upcoming blogs!
This is #ByaheNgKokobearsWithAteAmie in Sri Lanka.
Intro post here.

Ceylon | 2016

A Detour to Ceylon
To some of you who know our Eid getaway plan this year, perhaps you’ll be surprised that #ByaheNgKokobears is heading to another destination. Don’t wanna mentioned where we’re supposed to be but this time we are heading to CEYLON or now called SRI LANKA and we have a special guest, Ate Amie joins the adventure!
After the twist and turns of events, I started reading about this new destination and found some interesting places and activities. As an intro blog, I will be listing below what I expect to experience and shall update this once we complete or miss those items.
While reading this, we maybe off to Dubai to catch our flight to Colombo 🙂 so enjoy and updates will surely be posted soon.

So, I hope we could:
1.      Ride an elephant! It’s actually on my bucket list
2.      Visit the tea estate
3.      Ride Sri Lankan train (not the modern one like in Dubai)
4.      See more animals in Safari like a leopard…
5.      Enjoy the beach of Sri Lanka
6.      Visit Temples
7.      Hike Adam’s Peak/ Sigiriya
8.      Learn more about this country, the culture, the people and the food.
There could be more on this list and for sure a series of blogs will come up soon. For now, I wish everyone will be enjoying the long holiday. Stay safe and God bless us all!
Update will be posted here…

Update as of 18/09/2016

SL Itinerary Summary

Day 1 – Kandy and Nearby Areas

I see Edward Cullen 🙂

SaveSaveDay 2 – Sigiriya, Elephant Ride and Safari

Day 3 – Galle


10 Must Visit Places when you’re in Cebu (City)

CEBU – My beautiful city has so much to offer. But what if you only have a short time to stay? Here are my “MUST VISIT” places when you visit the Queen City of the South! Above photo is from Kasia of Stylish travel Trips.

 * * *

     1.       Sto. Niño Church – also known as Basilica del Santo Niño

It is in Osmeña Boulevard, D. Jakosalem St, P. Burgos St. and the Plaza Sugbo where the Magellan’s Cross is located. The main entrance is on Osmeña Boulevard. Two blocks north of the basilica is the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cebu.

It holds the major masses during January’s Sinulog Festival where novenas & high masses are done.*Entrance Fee – None. Free, it’s a church.Official Website here.
      This photo is from

2.       Cebu Metropolitan Church

       This church is a memorable one for me and Kokobear. This is where we tie the knot!
Across Sto. Nino church you will find this beautiful haven.*Entrance Fee – None. Free, it’s a church.Read more from Wikipedia.
Photo from /
Trivia : Our Wedding in May 2014 happened here 🙂


3.       Magellan’s Cross

The seat of Christianity lies within. The cross that Magellan brought to Cebu is inside. The original crossed is
encased inside the wooden cross to protect it. Read more here.*Entrance Fee – None. Free, open to public.


Kokobear’s first visit in Cebu. back in 2012.


4.       Fort San Pedro

It is one of the oldest ports in the country. Today’s structure dates from 1738 and is the oldest triangular bastion fort in
the country. Located at Plaza Independencia.
*Entrance Fee – 30 Pesos (price as of June 2016)
Our Wedding reception happend here… May 2014

5.       Colon Street

       Colon Street is the country’s oldest street. I have spent most of my college years in this street as
       I worked at Colonnade Mall. Old movie houses, ukay-ukay shops, posters, baber shops, grocery 
        stores etc are on its line. 

       *Entrance Fee – None. Open, it’s a street.

Another moment while doing the pre-nup … in Colon Street

6.       Cebu Heritage Monument / Parian 

The monument that depicts historical events of Cebu. Made of cement, iron and steel, it shows Baptism
of Raja Humabon, Sto. Nino Procession, Battle of Mactan and more. Read more in Everything Cebu.
*Entrance Fee – None. Open, it’s right after the end of Colon street.


During one of our Pre-nup stops

7.       Taoist Temple

Built in 1972, located in Beverly Hills Lahug for the substantial Chinese community in cebu. It’s  entrance to the

temple is a replica of the Great Wall of China.

     *Entrance Fee – Free
Taoist Temple – never had the chance to visit this place until we did our Pre-nup . . .

8.       TOPS

Maybe one of the most overrated tourist spot in Cebu. At the top of Nivel Hills, you will enjoy overlooking Cebu City. It

doesn’t offer much, just a place to relax and see far with its horizon. 

*Entrance Fee – 100 Pesos (Price as of 2016)
Another Pre-nup picture in TOPS

9.       Cebu’s Provincial Capitol 

We call it Cebu’s White House because pof it’s external similarities of USA’s White House… *Entrance Fee – None. Open, it’s a government building.

Photo credits to the owner… Found it on Facebook/Instagram 

10.   Larsian Barbeque, Fuente

This is Cebu’s most popular Barbeque place! *Entrance Fee – None.
You just have to pick a stall and order the food and pay as your order.
Photo from my Aunt’s Larsian BBQ Station – Kristine & Daling BBQ Fb page. Now called VHEZ BBQ

These are 10 of the must visit places. This list will take you only 1 day!