Another 8! – My Blogging Journey so far . . .

My Blogging Journey so far . . . 

If not because of LinkedIn, I won’t remember that during this month (November) in 2008 right before I arrived in Abu Dhabi – I have started my little steps to the world of blogging.
 It has been 8 years!
To date, I still enjoy doing so.
Five (5) years ago I dreamt of having my own website during our SFL DISCOVERY WEEKEND – 2011 activity. I wished to use – but it has been taken already. This year I come to realize that it culminates that five (5) year plan we had in one of the activities and found out that I have ticked off this dream. So I’ve used It is only this year that I have created more than 60 blog posts and counting (last year 2015 – I had 55) – and it is also just recently when I officially leveled up my blog (in terms of content, design and other blogging niche thingy . . .) by purchasing my own domain. I am overjoyed! 🙂
Cheers to this opportunity to write what’s on my head. Cheers to the fact that indeed DREAMS come TRUE and I always honor God for these happenings. I know everyone can do this but not everyone has that guts to do so. That’s why whether I ace this field or not, I am already happy by just being able to continue expressing myself through this blog. To everyone who is apart of the 31K ++ views I THANK YOU! Again you make me happy and you bring joy in to my heart!
Yes, I drew this back in 2011: Got married –  þ (no babies yet)
Still in the community CFFL (CFC-FFL) – þ
Personal website / Blog  þ (Book not yet)
Teaching / delivering talks – þ

God Bless!

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SFL Love Forum 2016 – My Take Home



SFL Love Forum 2016 Backdrop and the 111 SFL attendees


It’s my 4th SFL Love Forum in my 7 years of community life.

To many – they might say “ay tapos na ako so di na ako aattend”. But what I realized, attending the sessions/talks over and over again allows you to gain more ideas, teachings, lessons etc.

·         At first, I was a participant,


·         second I was a service team,


·         third I was a guest,


·         And on my 4th time, just this Friday – I became a speaker.


What’s common among all 4 is that I keep myself interested “still” in all the sessions. If some of you were there, you’d notice that I was still on my seat intently listening to each speaker as they deliver their pieces.
Because I know I can still have a take home for every talk.
Indeed even if I have heard them the 4th time – I still learned a lot. Some teachings that used to be a “hard teaching” during my 1st and 2nd have become a little bit lighter on my 3rd and 4th. I was sure the attendees had a great time; I can see it in their smile and the laughter. The fun shared to each brother & sister was indeed memorable.

However, amidst this fun and happiness shared I also noticed the silence when Kuya Pong delivered the final talk which actually has the most “hard teaching” among the 5 talks. I can hear the sound of their hearts (not all of course) – – – screaming :

“No way”
and I can see the smiling heart into a sad face heart. L

Speakers : Talk 1 – Bro Ryan & Sis Amie, Talk 2 – Yours truly, Talk 3 – Bro. Darrelle, Talk 4 – Ate Nancy, Talk 5 – Kuya Pong.


Yes, brothers and sisters – following Christ is never easy. But stay calm and be at peace with God. He has your questions answered in His perfect time. 


The Levels of Relationships
I’d like to emphasize on going through each level of relationships inside the community.
As the song goes: You can’t hurry love . . .
An advice I will testify as effective.
·         Start with the main and borderline of all relationships – be brothers & sisters (at all times) and go back to it IF – a relationship didn’t push through.


·         Be Friends; meet in HH, fellowships and other gatherings 


·         Become co-workers in the SFL mission – be CLS service team, community events, music ministry, choir, KFL/YFL heart champs and more. There will always be a place where you could both serve.  


·         To some, they may also go through Leader-Subordinate relationship – and respect is always important in this level. 


·         Finally, Special relationships will blossom and hopefully you both continue to become ambassadors of Christ’s love to each one of us especially those people who look up to you.
You will go through bumpy roads, wavy oceans and strong winds that might tell you to give up. But Hold on. Hold On.
Let the Lord hold your heart. Have that burning desire to seek Him first and when He sees you’re ready – He will surely allow your paths to cross.
While reviewing the talk, I realized “Oo nga noh, napagdaanan naming lahat ng levels na ito” and there is that joy in my heart that indeed it was an awesome feeling to be actually going through the right path guided by God through the SFL ministry. 

The Kokobears – yes, that’s our endearment! ^^


My last call?
Is that I hope all the attendees didn’t just enjoy the event, but also learned. We (the speakers & the organizers) are hopeful that you will “apply” the learnings you’ve gained. Nevertheless, I know that no matter how much we push and emphasize those guidelines/talk- it will never be effective if you won’t put it into action. Start it from oneself and let the Holy Spirit guide you.
That 111 strong SFL from Abu Dhabi! May God bless the desires of your hearts.
A relationship works best when God is the Heart of it. 

Kumusta ang puso mu Y?  #AfterSFLLoveForum2016

Photos by: Sis Arlene Tubaña & Sis Asfel Timog.



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