Reflecting on 2017 – A Year-end Review



Over the past 12 months, yours truly has been into a whirlwind journey of employment & unemployment. I’ve been a bystander of change, immobility and of hopes and dreams.

In this year-end review allow me to divide it into 4 major life aspects; Personal, Relationship, Work Life & Community Life. In each aspect – I will share both the pros & cons.

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PERSONAL – What is #InMyHeart STATUS :

Cons: Where am I? What’s happening?

In between a few episodes of self pity and self awareness. I tend to ask these questions. It is more of the work-related issue than just the personal part… will explain it later.

Pro: Happy, Loved, on a sabbatical leave?!? 😜 I am happy. Yes I really am! This is a year that made me realize that no matter how low I (maybe be) in the other aspects of life, I’m 💯% sure that God hasn’t forsaken me. Happy because I’m in good health.


Cons: “Steady, no major changes.”

Yes, I belong to a community and yes I met a few but it didn’t really progress more than being in an acquaintance level, probably bcoz we’re in the Area Household. While work related connections is not really a thing for me this year.

Pro: Met 2 new fellas although only for a short while. Maintained and kept the regulars

Childhood friends, BES, High school, CNU, UC-ESL and GEOS groups remained minimal yet always connected. Meanwhile my whirlwind Abu Dhabi school stints created 2 new friends on the list; Juna a fellow UC-ESL Teacher in UCLM campus and Gina from Manila. These two happens to be my buddies during our teaching applications, demo, a week seminar and the 3 days school class preparation. Ended short yet sweets as we are still friends in FB.

My active status in a few Facebook blogging groups/communities have created FB Friends add and a few exchange of convos, share and commenting on each other’s blogs.

WORK LIFE – What is #InMyHeart STATUS :

Cons: Unemployed for 326 days. A month leave & 8 days at TPGS

You are reading it correctly. Almost a whole year of stand by, I was and still am.

Pros : Great BlogLife

Away from office life is a busy net life for me and for this #PassionProject of mine – this blog, #InMyHeartJMKaynesBlog. Over the past 12 months I have curated a total of 34 blog posts and what makes me so proud of it, is the facts that my “target” sponsored blogposts/ collaborations have been met and even surpassed. I’ve shared a mini review of those brands on this blogpost: 5 Gift Ideas and a Collaboration Review for 2017.

The truth is, my salary with my last employer will never be covered with these 8 sponsored blog posts, nevertheless these works of mine have brought me joy and confidence in the blogging world. There is fulfillment thereof.

COMMUNITY LIFE – What is #InMyHeart Status:

Cons: Limited, tested and challenged.

Limited because as I mentioned earlier we’re in the AreaHH (a CFFL/CFC-FFL member can relate or understand why). Tested – because of only 1 HH Spiritual growth has started to come dry. Challenged – because Kokobear has to step overboard to awaken situations and drive pathway in a different road.

Pros: Opened, Active and Challeged for 2018

Opened – because Kokobear spilled the beans, somehow a reconstruction has been made. I have to say though that a few people remain the same no matter what correction or openness you have been. It’s just “them”. … Active – for the whole year we both are active Area PFO and have delivered some talks to different ministries yet SFL has the quota. I guess it is because we’re coming from that group and the familiarity of field is easy for us. Personally I’d say it’s been a challenges. Often times when you deliver a talk it must or maybe somehow represents who you are… the downside for me is that – being jobless – at times makes me wonder how do I convey His greatness if I for one is not blessed with a job?!? Yet it has been so clear to me, I AM BLESSED! No matter what circumstances I am for this season, I am being carried by the King 👑 and that He will never forsaken me. So therefore I am giving all back to Him all the success and “touched by the holy spirit” 🕊 moment I and other CLS participants had during my talks. I am nothing but an instrument used by the Almighty. You rock Jesus!! 👆🏻

These are the four major aspects. Allow me then to do some shorties:

  • Health – Praise God I’ve been doing well. My insurance has expired since last year and glory to God for never making me sick all these time.
  • Exercise & Diet – Still gaining. 😔 It’s a shortcoming I have since last year… Don’t wanna make some promises that I may fail again. Crossing fingers I could break this!
  • Beauty – Hmmmmp not really sure if I did anything, but face has been attacked with all these pimples, I guess it’s also related to health. I learned that hormonal imbalances is one of the causes of this outbreak. Also, because I don’t have a day job, I tend to sleep very late. In fact, I sleep very early between 2 – 4 am.
  • Family – Lil bro is not little anymore! He’s tying the knot and will soon become a dad! Mamo and Dado are doing well too.
  • Byahe Ng Kokobears – because if what happened this year, we missed our yearly travel. Hope to cover it next year!
  • Kusina Ni Kayne – made new blog posts and a couple of videos too! Recently have my own kitchen (sharing no more) so hopefully I will get to do more cooking 🥘 and baking! 🥖 🎂

Reflecting on 2017 with the above sharing accumulated the facts that Jeremiah 29:11 (one of my fave life verses) is been passed. It says:

  “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

My prayer of having a new job for 2017 was not answered, yet I fret no more. God has answered me “wait, I have a plan” Indeed He has! This year is not for me, but for my husband. This year His mighty hands led us north. We bid goodbye to Abu Dhabi this December and will embark a new journey as couples and as servants of God as we move to Dubai. In fact, our home 🏡 is now ready. 😄 What will Dubai and/or 2018 bring? Only He can tell. What’s #InMyHeart? Is peace and assurance that we are in the palm of His hands.

May God always bless all of us especially to you reading this and of those – a handful of friends/followers who read my blogs.

This has been JM Kayne signing off for this year, Adios 2017!




God bless,






Etihad Airways – Airline Review

The Basics

*Flight No.: EY 428

*Destination: Abu Dhabi to Manila

*Date : 29 December 2017 @ 10:05 am

*Class: Economy, window aisle27H 

*Duration: 7 hours, 30 minutes

*Abu Dhabi Terminal No.: 1A Gate 22

*Baggage Allowance: 2 check-in bags at 23 kgs max & 1 hand carry bag at 7 kgs.


* * *


It’s been 9 years since I became an OFW. Been in and out of the Philippines for quiet sometimes but then it is my first time to fly with UAE 🇦🇪 ‘s National carrier- Etihad Airways. So in this quick review allow me to share my experiences and opinions on how this flight went. Basically I just landed in Manila and currently waiting for my next flight to Cebu… a layover of 7 hours there is. Now let me start.

Frequency of the Flight

Etihad Airways flies to Manila thrice in a week.

Morning Flights are good for me. It’s relaxing compared to late night or dawn schedules.

Seats & Entertainment

Seat set-up is 3-4-3 for the Economy class. Comfortable enough. Personally I chose an aisle seat near the toilet so it would be easier for me to move as it is only behind me. Seats has individual entertainment set called E-box where a variety of movies, TV series, music, games and more are available.

The Service

The crew and the rest of the team are supper friendly, they we’re able to manage easy to difficult type of passengers and on our aisle, if I haven’t mistaken, I guess she’s an Aussie.

The Food

Snacks was served right after take off. I had a pack of peanuts and a choice of drinks. This time I chose a red wine 🍷.

After a couple of hours lunch was served. A vegetarian option and a chicken cooked in coconut milk (somekinda Thai in taste) were the options, plus again your choice of drink. I took the chicken option and an apple juice. This set is fine, actually it tastes good but, personally I didn’t dig that much – not so much of a fan and somehow a part of me was a little in dismay. So I looked at the positive side and hopeful of a better meal no. 2.

In between the next 3 hours, the stewardess goes around asking anyone if we need water, coffee or tea. Took a little nap and soon after an aroma of food woke me up. Oh-oh! I thought my meal no. 2 is going to be better but it was a choice between sandwich and a cup noodles. I took the sandwich, which again still good but not literally a favorite of my taste buds. 😔


My Rating:

Star Star Star Star Half black and half white star shape

Over-all I would say that I am satisfied and happy with the experience. Maybe the only half star missing is for the food 🙂 But other than that, I would definitely love to fly again with Etihad Airways!

How about you? Have you tried this airline?

Let us know your thoughts on the comment below.



God bless!




What’s in my heart ♥ . . . on Christmas 2017

Popping in this very day of Christmas and decided to write a short blog post of what is in my heart ♥, this Christmas season!

So, it’s exactly 1 year since I wrote this blog post and yes it’s been one year since I’ve been a stay-at-home wife. When I look back, it feels like only yesterday that I bid goodbye to NDC, visited home for surprise vacation, back to Abu Dhabi again and tried my luck for a new job.

There was scarcity, I couldn’t believe that in 4-5 months I only received a couple of calls that didn’t materialized. Then I delivered a talk for the HFL (Handmaids for Family & Life) CLS wherein one of the participants was a teacher of a Philippine school. I mentioned during the talk that I was looking for a job and truth be told, they have such vacancy for that specific major that I am in to. To make the long story short, I was hired but it will only commence on September of this year.

Come September, I started for a whole week of Teacher’s training. Week 2 kicked off too, but in the twist of events, I was forced to give up the job. October came and Kokobear was scheduled for 3 interviews!!! Made me think, it’s not my year – – –  this is for him. He bagged one of them that has made me conclude that EVERYTHING REALLY HAPPENS for a REASON! God closes a door and opens new one! Sharing this story in my furture blog very soon.


So what’s in my heart? ♥ this Christmas 2017?

#InMyHeart ♥ is nothing but being GRATEFUL!!! 

I may be jobless, nevertheless I am so full of love, hope and still grateful.

  • I am healthy.
  • My family is complete, safe and healthy.
  • I am loved by my husband (and taken care well too!) 😀 – happy wife happy life! hehehe
  • My brother is getting married and will soon be a father – that makes me an official aunt too 😀
  • I have family & friends that never lost the touch eventhough I am miles away.
  • #IamJMKayne passion project is progressive and started collab works.
  • God has used us for the upcoming community event for IBC 2018.
  • God has used us as a PFO for 4 years as a preparation for a bigger task next year.
  • This list goes on and on…  but #InMyHeart is just blessed!

That is why all I can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH LORD! Thank you for blessing me, my family and all those people around me. May your name be praised at all times!!! #HEisTheREASONfortheSEASON

Let me close this post with this prayer.




God bless!







5 gift ideas + 2017 Collaboration post review

Photo from
Hello there everyone!


JM Kayne signing in for this Christmas season… well, basically this blog post is a mini-review of the collaboration that I have this year and at the same time a quick gift guide for you out there who might not be sure yet of what to wrap for your family and friends in this season of giving!

With those in mind, let me share 5 gift ideas for this season!

1. Personalized Journal

A journal/ diary is very ideal and Purpletrail has a solution to that, check out my story about this on PURPLETRAIL JOURNALS, Record memories with style!

2. Wallet & Bags 

Of course, Eva Leather has it covered! I’ve received my very first Christmas gift this year as they’ve sent me a wallet and I am so happy with it. Read my wallet review on EVA LEATHER – ROSAIRE WALLET.

3. Books  

Thank you to those people who ticked off these wish-list! You know who you are!!! God bless you! Mwahh xoxo

Awwww! I get giddy whenever I say this.. hahaha so at around last week of November I posted on facebook a few of my wishlist books and indeed some of my friends have  responded by sending me these! What better gift can you give, is the gift of knowledge. Read, read read and widen your horizon and vocabulary. This time, I wanna explore creativity and that amazing world of the Thrones.

4. Bags  

Bagail came in as my second collab post this year and they have variety of bags to choose from, mine was clear-tote bag, where I shared 3 REASONS TO LOVE BAGAIL.


5. Not Sure? Go Online & Get a Cashback! – 

Online shopping has been a trend for a while but Shopback has a little twist to it! You shop online through their website, they will redirect you to your prefered online site and you get a cashback in every completed purchase! How cool is that!? Read more about this in my blog post SHOP AND GET A CASH BACK!

* * *

This year, my very first collab was with a Singaporean company that has created a base in the Philippines, it is called Shopback PH. Second, followed by a variety of bag from Bagail. Third, Quality Education campaign from Rocketship Schools. Followed by Basic Invite for your party invitation needs. Then my very first Christmas gift this year is a leather wallet from Eva Leather and finally personalized journals from PurpleTrail! This year has been really fruitful and amazing. . . To be honest, my target was only for 3 collabs but when it rains, it pours! Thanks God!

I look forward to what 2018 may bring. As early as now, I’d like to set my target for next year. 2017 was for 3 collabs, this new year I’d like to hit times 2 at 6 collaboration blog post and hopefully surpass it just like this year. Wish me luck! 🙂


Thank you to all brands/companies I have worked with this year, it has been a pleasure. Hope this won’t be the last one!


* * *



God bless,





This post is not sponsored, this is just a simply review of my past sponsored blog post this year!

Abu Dhabi : Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Grand Mosque -

Abu Dhabi is the capital city of United Arab Emirates (UAE) and it offers many great attractions to visit!

In my first Abu Dhabi 10 blog post, I have shared Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque as one of the free places/site to visit here in Abu Dhabi and this year, we have visited it once again. The last time was I guess 5 or 6 years ago and somehow the place is now highly maintained and probably 99% complete now. (I think a few parking areas are still under construction)

How to get there:

Basically if you have a car, you could go directly to the place. There is a dedicated parking for the tourist is available right in front of the entrance. In case you don’t have the wheels, you could ride a taxi. From Abu Dhabi city, it would cost your around 35-40 AED one way. Prefer to save? Then bus rides are also available, below are the route numbers.

      • Route No. 117 (Industrial City of Abu Dhabi – Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque)
      • Route No. 102 (Mussafah station – Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque)
      • Route No. 400 (Baniyas west bus station – Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque)
      • Route No. 500 (Al Mafraq Workers’ City – Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque)

Going back home? Not a problem! There are many taxis on queue on the exit!

Getting Inside

Male & Female Entrance are separate, a scanner in both doors are available to check your bags. Ladies are then directed to a room of abaya where they could change (it is for free) and once you go out, another room is also available for you to return them.


Going around

Specific rules are being noted as you walk around, a few of them includes:

  1. Keeping a certain space to enter, make sure you notice those codons.
  2. Keeping off the grass area
  3. Manner of taking photos, keep them simple, no peace signs, heart signs or even raising hands and other unconventional poses.
  4. If you have a tattoo, make sure it is covered.
  5. Ladies hair must be under the attached sheila (of the ready-made abaya provided by the mosque), avoid showing it off.
  6. Taking a pose with your partner? Husband-wife, bf-gf? – avoid touching each other. Keep a distance.
  7. Avoid too much noise while touring around
  8. Finally, be guided that as you enter inside the main mosque, there are shoe stations where you leave them and go around in barefoot. (with socks is acceptable)


These rules are being implemented by some security guards around and yes, we’ve been reprimanded quiet a lot in this trip 😀

Now, let me share a few of the photos we have – won’t spoil you with much pictures because I’m confident that you’ll appreciate it  better in person! And by the way, there is also a Coffee and Souvenir Shop inside.

A Quick Info about the GRAND MOSQUE

Tagged as the world’s second largest mosque, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi could cater 14,000 people praying. The Syrian architect Yousef Abdelky designed it and was constructed between 1996 and 2007. It covers an area of around 12 hectares (30 acres) at 290 m (960 ft) by 420 m (1,380 ft). The 99 names of Allah is also featured in the centre of the mosque.

This structure has been launched by the late president of the UAE Sheikh Zayed bin Al Nahyan who wanted to diversify the Islamic world by mixing both historic and modern architecture. His final resting place is located on the grounds adjacent to the complex.


Watch this short video from my IG stories…


Kayne Series (Vol. 3) – 10 Random Things

It’s been a while since the last volume of #KayneSeries, where I share something about myself. It’s my version of a Getting to Know the Blogger Behind this Blog series!


Here’s the 3rd installation. This time, I’d like to share;

10 Random Things Not Many People Know About Me.

♥ ♥ 


Read Kayne Series Vol. 1   Read Kayne Series Vol. 2

kayne series vol 3 - iamjmkayne

♥ ♥ ♥

#10 – Can’t write without a ballpen cap 

Whenever I write something and the pen doesn’t have a cap, it makes me feel so light that it brings me to feel uncomfortable! You see, when I have this moment, I tend to stop and ask for the cap, of course when its not there I tend to actually “force” myself to continue writing. It’s actually one of my a pet peeves!


#9 – I’m weak in writing

Yes, I know… you’d think that I excel in writing especially that I am a self-proclaimed “writer/blogger” and Editor-in-chief of CFFL – The Vineyard Magazine! But, I’m not an expert nor even an advanced writer compared to others. In fact, 2 of my IELTS results will back me up. Among the 4 English skills (Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening); my writing test has the lowest score… what’s my band? Oopppsss keeping it secret though~ lol Nevertheless, since I know that I am weak on that area, that’s  where I work on, the very reason why I study and polish more of this skill. Working in progress up to date!


#8 – I am a licensed Highschool Teacher, major in Social Sciences

Yes, Social Science. When people hear that I’m a teacher they usually assume I’m an English Teacher. Well, to be honest English was my first choice (as my major) but somehow I was drawn to the fact and interesting twist and turns of the Philippine society and of the fascinating transistion of civilization of the world. There goes SocSci! Unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to practice it since I graduated. My teaching experience was in ESL/English as Second Language because of its trend way back 2005. When I moved to Abu Dhabi, I was not in the academe, instead I was into telemarketing & training.


#7 – I can’t go out of the house without a bag

I’m not that person who is obsessed with branded and glamourous bags, but I am a “bag girl” simply because I feel incomplete (again) whenever I go out without it. Just like the ballpen cap, I feel light and I feel something is missing. I bet in Psychology there is that  theory/syndrome of being attached to some thing. Will update this post once I remember that.

#6 – I used to dream of being a lawyer

I was in highschool when the thought of being a lawyer came into my head, I was so interested with radio news because my father is a listener and I am fascinated with the thought of being a newscaster + a lawyer for me to be a credible commentary host. But I guess I went back to my childhood dream of being an educator. These days, I still have those moments when I tend to snap my thoughts and feels like defending myself (when it comes to some issues) or defend a friend where arguements arise.

#5 – I’m a die-hard basketball fan 

Long before being a Golden State Warrior Fan (for Steph Curry & Kevin Durant – bcoz of my husband), I have always been a basketball fan. I play the sports myself back in my childhood days and even during college. A die-hard Purefoods fan since Alvin Patrimonio started! My favorite number to this day is #16 because I was and still a fan! Eventhough he doesn’t play anymore, as he manages the team – I am still rooting for the same team. Right now I enjoy NBA games with Kokobear and spend much time watching GSW and this year I’m eyeing Kyrie Irving as well as he joins the Celtics!


#4 – I’m a lousy (practiced) joker 

Whenever I deliver a speech or share a story during a convo, I always opt to add a joke in between. I practice it and thought that its funny. When I deliver it – I just can’t hit the comic timing! Rehearsed jokes somewhat makes me lousy in that forte. Nevertheless, when I deliver speeches/talks and just hit a “joke” – an approach that I don’t rehearse and just simply throw it, my audience laughs and somehow find them amusing. The truth is, I’m not even a funny person. I’m more of the person who will just laugh in a group of friends.


#3 – I used to be a trying hard singer

People from Cebu Philippines are mostly tagged as good singers. We tend to render beautiful songs with our power belter voices that usually ends up the champion and/or the first runner up in major national singing contests on TV. Thus, we are tagged as good singers + Cebu is also known for its guitars. I AM an EXCEPTION on the other hand. I bet I was sleeping when God showered the gift of music! lol – – – I say I’m a trying hard singer because I used to fantasize being on a stage; dancing and singing the hits of the Spice Girls! hahah YES I am a fan too! 🙂 - mtv vj hunt#2 – I auditioned for MTV VJ Hunt


I’ve always wanted to be a newscaster/dj or VJ! And yes I tried my luck and auditioned for MTV VJ Hunt (Philippines). Did it twice and in the second year, I managed to reach the Top 50! 🙂 I went solo and didn’t tell anyone, headed to SM City Cebu all by myself! This happened during my third and fourth year in college days! Shared this to a few chosen people though after the experience. This is one of the highlights of my university years.



Note: I lost my contestant ID for 2004 and found this 2005 only 😀


#1 – Before GREEN, Blue was my favorite color!

Blue was my favorite color since elementary days, well~ I still love it even up to these days. But I started liking green when I saw one of our Korean student (way back 2005) wearing a bench/ t-shirt. Because she was white and her outfit was in green + white pants! Starting that day, I started to like all shades of green!



Which among these items surprised you the most!?!


I’d love to hear it from you!



God bless,