Cebu – Sirao Flower Farm (Garden) 2018

Welcome to Sirao Flower Farm(Garden) – aka Cebu’s Little Amsterdam.

This is one of those successful unplanned trip. Been trying to complete my to do’s as I continue to enjoy my longer vacation here in Cebu. Gemma, one of my highschool buddies initiated this and instead of a simple lunch out/roaming around SM or Ayala, we took the high road! hahaa literally high  going up to Busay and beyond! This farm has been on my 2017 bucketlist and missed that chance last year, so it excites me to finally pay a visit!

How to get there:

Which ever part of Cebu you are from, Colon Street will be the best starting point. Head over to the side of UV (University of Visayas) and catch a jeepney #04C and stop at JY Square. Fare is at 7/- pesos.

From JY Square a line of motorcycle (habal-habal) driverswill approach you, offering their service.  One way to Sirao Flower Farm costs 75/- pesos per person. That means 150/- pesos 2 way. Each motorcycle can take 2 persons.

But we took the advantage of being there so we agreed on visiting Temple of Leah as well. Which costs us another 75/- pesos. So this trip basically charged us 300/- pesos each (1 person fare) for motorcycle transportation alone. The driver anyway will be stand by and will wait for you to finist. For this trip our habal-habal driver is named Randy. Sharing Temple of Leah visit in the next blog.

This ride took us around 30-45 minutes. We started at Sirao first then Temple of Leah.

Taxis are also available, but expect the costs to be higher than this! The last time I heard it runs up to 1500 – 2000 pesos (two way)

What can you do on site?

✓ Unlimited Selfies,

✓ Chill out some time and family/friends bonding.

✓ Coffee/snacks on site.

✓ They are also open to Pre-nup sessions which will cost 1500/- pesos.

Entrance Fee is @ 50/- pesos per person (as of Feb 2018)

Timing : 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Location: Brgy. Sirao Cebu City


It took as around 1 and half hour to finish the whole farm. There is so much to enjoy to if only we own our time but that duration was well spent! The flowers are blooming, the landscape is beautiful and view is fantastic!


Here are some of our photos.

That’s Gemma and this is the cafe inside Sirao Flower Farm.

A little background:

Sirao Flower Farm is also coined as Cebu’s Little Amsterdam. It has two windmills that seemed to bring you to that Amsterdam feels. Celosa flowers in red, yellow, fuchsia, and orange, sunflowers, gumamela, roses, french marigold ahito are those beautifully ararnged flowers that will greet you once you enter the site. The hillside landscape takes you to a bed of – – – flowers! Fresh air, colorful sight and the ambiance is just superb. These flowers especially the celosa could last up to 8-10 weeks in full bloom.

Checkout my Youtube video to see the view of this attractive farm!

Sirao Flower Farm, visited! ✓




God bless!








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Kayne Series (Vol. 4) – What’s on my Make Up kit?

Welcome to the 4th installation of Kayne Series

-the Getting to know the Blogger behind the blog version of yours truly.-

* * *

This time, allow me to share what’s on my make up kit. Well, to be honest I’m not really a “make-up must have type of girl”. I go out of house with barely nothing or only with a face cream on. But when special occasions call for it, I have them handy. 🙂


Here’s what you can see inside my purse.

  • Blush on – Can’t recall the brand name but I bought it from Daiso 🙂
  • Blush on brush – from Avon
  • Mascara – Maybelline Hypercurl VolumExpress
  • Eyeliner/brow – Faceshop Lovely Autoliner (black no. 1)
  • CC Cream – Mary Kay very light Tres Claire
  • Eye shadow/brow brushes – from Clinique 
  • Eye Shadow – Nudes by H&M
  • Face Cream – L’occcetaine Reine Blanche
  • Face powder – Nichido Light 
  • Lipstick – MAC Lustre (red)

These are what I wear. Not everyday though, most of the time, I am all good with my basic 4: face cream, blush on, eyeliner and a lipstick. I’m not very particular with brands. In fact I don’t usually buy my make up, friends and families gave them to me. 😀

I don’t really have a specific brand to any of these. Sometimes I use Ponds or Olay for my face cream too. 🙂 I randomly pick one that may suit to my mood or maybe I should try one product? My cousin suggested a BB cream from Etude house too!

Well, I hope I answered those who asked me about this kikay side of me.

Tell me what do you have on your make up kit?



Read previous volumes of Kayne Series | Vol. 1 | Vol. 2 | Vol. 3




God bless,







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Cebu – City of Naga Boardwalk

City of NAGA, Cebu.

Photo Credit: Screenshot from Cebu Province PNP – Tourist Unit Facebook Page video.

My annual vacation corresponds to annual get together. Although I haven’t schedule for all this year, my bonding session with my cousins Clea (IG: @polarisceinture) and ChinChin (IG: @grecienechin2) is a must. This year we decided to visit Naga City Cebu Boardwalk.

Each city or town nowadays, tries to develop beautiful attractions in their locality to attract tourist. This is Naga City’s approach to it. This shoreline boardwalk costs around 62M running 195 meter in length. A beautiful spot to bond with family, friends and special someone. In fact, this visit is also my friend Dion’s Pre-valentine episode on hi YouTube account walakokasabotpasabtako; where we interviewed some people. Sharing that link shortly here > [ ]



A. From our location (Bulacao – opposite Asian College of Technology (ACT), we rode a multicab #44. The fare was at 14 Php per person. The one way ride took us around 35-40 minutes to reach Naga proper.

B. If you are from Cebu City, visit the South bus terminal and take a bus or a van and just inform your driver to drop you in the city proper of Naga or Naga church. Fare ranges from 30-40 Php per person.



  • A simple walk from end to end is a treat to our health!
  • Feel free to take photos of the boardwalk itself. A drone will be the best to capture the whole scenery.
  • The LOVE logo from the beginning is a box office.
  • Feel the breeze of the sea and have some snacks as you chill out in the benches available. A beautiful view of chartered vessels is also in the horizon.
  • I guess a pre-nup session will do (not quiet sure though if it is free) but I guess it is as of now.
  • Unli-selfie from all corners of the boardwalk.
  • In our case, we took coverage for Dion’s walakokasabotpasabtako YouTube channel and did some interviews.
The struggle is real to take this jump shot! haha but I totally enjoyed it. Thanks for taking the pic Mareng Dion 🙂


Aside from the boardwalk, the city of Naga’s park also offers a museum, a football field, children’s park, a lighthouse and for those people seeking an adrenaline rush, they also have their version of a 200 meters zipline. Haven’t had the chance to try it though.

Don’t expect too much though, it’s a simple boardwalk. When the twilight hits, the tree with led lights decoration comes alive and it adds beauty to the boardwalk. It is sometimes used to house a few tables and chairs for a dinner under the moonlight.



Both ends have food courts, restaurants and coffee shop nearby. This time we had dinner at Ostings! Located at the end of the boardwalk. We had a platter of rice, sisig, bam-i, litson kawali and their house specialty – chopseuy! All four of us agreed they have a delicious array of food! Plus our server Angel was so kind and accomodating! Below Ostings’ is a pizza/pasta resto too. There are other stalls and a barbeque stations as well.

This view is taken from Osting’s restaurant view of the boardwalk.



  • Timing: 5AM to 2AM, Mondays to Sundays
  • Entrance fee: None as of the moment
  • Corkage fee: Not applicable. Feel free to bring your own but make sure you bring with you your own garbage.


This was a short visit, yet we had fun and you could give it a try too!


Sharing my friend’s vlog for this trip. Follow his YouTube Channel walakokasabotpasabtako.



God bless!

JM Kayne




The Advantages Of Learning The English Language

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