Owning a beach house does not have to be so expensive

Condo beach house at iamjmkayne.com

Owning a beach house does not have to be so expensive

Who does not dream of owning their own beach house? A lot of people would like that but not everyone is able to afford to have their own vacation property. One of the reasons for this is because people have a lot of demands about how their beach house should be.

Most people would like to have their own land. Sometimes, they do not want just any land. They want to have a beachfront property that will allow them to see the waves of the sea or the ocean the moment that they look out their window. This is always going to be people’s dream however, people should also be realistic. You can check out venice beach homes for sale. The realtor will introduce you to different amazing properties.

These are some tips that will allow you to purchase the right beach house without having to spend too much:

  • Consider the location and choose carefully. Do not just consider how much the property is worth now. You can also consider how much the property will be worth in the future. You can contact brentwood realtor if you want to get an overview of how the property may be a few years from now.
  • Try renting out a nearby property before you buy. You do not want to have any regrets when you buy a big ticket item like a beach house. Rent nearby places and decide if you like the atmosphere, the view, and the community where the beach house is located.
  • Always buy under your budget. There are small things that can increase the overall value of the property. You know how much you can spend but do your best to go below that. This can be helpful especially if you are purchasing a pre-owned property that needs to be renovated.
  • Be realistic about how often you think you will be able to use the property. If you know that you would not be there often, why not get condos for sale instead? A condo is going to be less expensive for sure.


Once you have already considered all the various factors and things that you need, that is the time when you can get your own beach house.

Who knows? It may be everything that you have wished for.





Reasons Why Car Covers are a Necessity

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Reasons Why Car Covers are a Necessity

What do you mean by the term car covers? Car covers are the type of covers that will protect your car from getting damaged or scratched. Car covers give the internal and external of car proper protection. Car covers should be used by people for making their property safe and secured.

What do you mean by the term dash covers? Dash covers are the covers that are used by people for protecting their dashboard of cars from UV rays and direct sunlight from the sun. There are so many different types of dash covers with different features that will protect your car dash properly.

Why should we use car covers and dash covers?

There are so many reasons that say people should use car covers and dash covers. Some of the reasons are mentioned below:

  1. To protect the car dash from extreme UV rays and sunlight people should use best dash covers. Dash covers will protect the dashboard from getting damaged.
  2. On the other side, dashboard cover will help you to increase the internal beauty of your car. These are the reasons that say people should use dash covers for their car’s dashboard.
  3. Car covers should be used by people to prevent their cars from getting damaged and scratched.
  4. There are so many different types of car covers that will protect the car from UV rays, dust as well as from water.
  5. Car covers protect the car other factors also. These are the reasons that say people should use car covers to make their car more secure and safe.

Some of the car covers and dash covers that people should use are mentioned below:

1. Superweave All Weather Outdoor Custom Car Cover: This is an all weather truck covers and car covers that people use for making their car protected. Some of the features of this car cover are:
  1. This car cover is custom-fitted and will protect your car from all types of weather.
  2. This car cover is very much durable with 4 years of warranty and is available in so many color options.
  3. People should use this car cover because of its all weather protection.
2. Dash Designs Custom Fit Carpet Dashboard Cover: This is the best dash cover with five out of five stars because of its features:
  1. This dash covers help out people to make the internal of their cars look beautiful and elegant.
  2. This dash cover protects the dashboard from UV rays. Therefore, it blocks 99.9% of UV rays from entering inside the dashboard. People should buy this dash cover because of its ultimate features.
3. Satin Fleece Stretch Fit Indoor Custom Car Cover with Fleece Lining: This is a classic car cover that will protect your car from following factors:
  1. This car cover will protect your car from getting scratched and damaged.
  2. This car cover protects the car from dust and water.

These above-mentioned are the best car and dash covers for different types of car.




The story behind The Great Pursuit

The Great Pursuit - iamjmkayne.com

Lately I have been into serious difficulties in sleeping on time. To those people who know me well, I have a sleeping alarm at 9:45 PM but for almost a year now this has been a struggle. I often sleep past midnight and for quiet sometime I had moments when I literally sleeps at 10-11 AM in the morning!!!

I have to say though that during these mornights (morning+night) or dawn if we use the correct term, I’m in constant battle of thoughts and ideas that sprouts out of no where and the story behind the F4 and victorious activity we had last Friday in CFFL Dubai was a fruit from those sleepless nights.

Even before area planning I already have this idea of a semi-Extreme Adventure (SFL Abu Dhabi days) to apply it for our brethren in Dubai and my creative genius to whom I call Lala (This is another creative blog to share later on…) has been throwing this and that ideas into me. So in the middle of tossing left & right while Kokobear is asleep (and snors! haha don’t tell him I shared this! 😀 – lol as if he doesn’t read my blog! ) I stood up opened my computer and started plotting the stations and ideas. Usually the year opens up with Evangelization Rally for our brothers and sisters to be reminded of the Great Commission. So I used both talks and incorporated it in some stations. Also, as early as November/December 2018, our Servant General Tito Frank Padilla has released this year’s theme:


As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.- Joshua 24:15

And so Stations 1-10 have been completed in one mornight!

Although it wasn’t completely polished then, but the whole set-up and overview has been conceptualized. Then come November 2018 for Area Planning when the body agreed to create a fun and different version of a new year opening/ first GA. I opened that I have this idea and it seemed pretty acceptable to them. But I didn’t get the chance to actually see them the plan because it’s on my laptop. I was not sure if it will be a go…

Fast forward January, I have presented the whole plan and explained step-by-step the process to the team. Thankfully everyone were game and willing to help. I am blessed with supportive household mates! Thank God! 😀

I love all stations and took a lot of photos + videos. Here’s the Cheer Me Up part for Station 1.

And more clips that I combines during the whole event. Something like an SDE – although I didn’t edit it on the same day.. haha lol

Of course I had moments of doubts and I wonder if this will go right, if people will actually join the activities. If they will be game and willing to look crazy and do all the hassles of moving one place to the other and more nega things… But! But for the past months that I have shared inputs and ideas and doubts creep in, I pushed harder and have a thicker skin in presenting the idea and end up hearing positive feedbacks. So I reminded myself – this too shall pass! Personally I enjoyed the activities and I do hope that my brothers and sisters also had their own share of that FUN-FAITHFUL-FELLOWSHIP-FRIDAY! #F4.


The Great Pursuit is engaging ourselves to pursue our CALL to EVANGELIZE, our personal CALL to know HIM more and our call specifically for this year for our HOUSEHOLD/FAMILY (by blood and by faith) to SERVE the LORD.


It is amazing to see your vision to come full circle and become a reality and I praise God for that chance to share these ideas to others. May He be praised at all times.

Are you one of those who attended this GA? What’s your favorite station and what have you learned or discovered about yourself or our brothers and sisters during this activity?

I’d love to hear from you and please feel free to share this too others too! 🙂 I would truly appreciate that.




In everything that we do, may we do it for Love. 1 Cor. 16:14.

Stay blessed and be God’s blessings!













This Year’s Theme: Keep Creating 2019

2019: New Year’s Battlecry

For a while now, I’ve been trying to come up with ideas and concepts for my 2019 theme.

⚡I’ve recently completed Shonda Rhimes’ book – Year of Yes and inspired that I could also have it for 2019, making it as my year of YESes… but a part of me wasn’t that convinced.

Braver2019 also came up as I’m follower of Arriane Serafico of The Purposeful Creative. But the word braver doesn’t really echo in my heart…

⚡Then comes Clarity, Consistency and Authenticity. The triad of values a creative must have! 💫 ✨. Although I want all these 3 words, I am still in search for something simple yet a real flagship of what’s #inmyheart and mind.

I’ve come across this amazing video and has been inspired, it’s for all creatives and artists too:

Then all along, I have been so much into this word that even a shorter term/ syllable/s of it brings joy and happy thoughts. Fireworks of ideas, colors and concepts entertains my mind and I feel like I’m in love with it! 💞 hahaha

Marie Forleo, one of my inspirations, model and thought leader continuously say that we are what we think of ourselves. Our thoughts manifest who we become. Therefore it’s best that we keep our mind with positivity and reframe our mind with the things that we want to invite into our lives.

Finally after a long while, I went back reading a few pages of one of my favorite creativity book – THE BIG MAGIC, I found the answer and my official battle cry/theme for 2019! Inspired from these lines which actually brings me to tears! Nope, I’m not over writing here – it really happened. I struggle a bit in coining what I want to look forward to this year and even pushed this blog post after a week and 2 (days to be exact! 🙂 ) and Big Magic is simply the one who can clear it out! I feel like my soul is the one saying them. So much of my truths are literally brought to life in this book and I can’t just stop appreciating it. Here’s an excerpt:

… I also want to live the most vividly temporary life that I can be.

I don’t just mean physically but mentally, spiritually and intellectually.

I don’t want to be afraid of the bright colors, or new sounds, or

big love, or risky decisions, or strange experiences, or weird

endeavors, or sudden changes or even failure. . .

I am going to spend as much as time as I can creating delightful

things out of my existence, because that’s what brings me awake

and that’s what brings me alive.

– Liz Gilbert, Big Magicquotation-marks

So, without any further ado, my theme for 2019 is:


This year, I’d like to manifest more creativity into my life. The Creative Passport is close to its completion and although it’s not officially released yet my commitment to it remains. Aside from this project, I’m also incorporating more splashes of creative lifestyle, more projects and hopefully I’ll be able to bring forth these things within the year to come. Inspired from FLIQ Media’s hashtag on creativity #DivineSpark, I would like to bring God honor with my creative side and keep touching with that spark in me.

✨Our GIFT, and sharing it to the world is our responsibility. Not sharing it would be a big sin. A touch of creativity, a touch of His Divine Spark! ✨

Lastly, this time aside from all the GOAL setting list of to dos, I’d like to create another version of the theme or battle cry of the year by adding an answer to this specific question:


💚💚💚 I want to feel that I am CREATIVE, I’m HEALTHY and ABUNDANTLY BLESSED financially and in all aspects in life. 💚💚💚#KeepCreating

🥂 Cheers to a fun, creative and abundant 2019! 🥂

Stay blessed and let’s all be God’s blessing to others.

JM Kayne

Amazing Outdoor Activities in Iceland

Iceland – the newest addition to my bucket-list of countries to visit! 

Iceland is known as the Land of Ice and Fire, and it’s an apt description for a country that has volcanoes and pretty cold winters. While Iceland’s cities and towns are fun to explore, many people choose to visit for its outdoor attractions. There’s so much to do outdoors in Iceland, especially if you’re looking for a real adventure. Whether you choose to visit in the summer, the winter or any other time of year, you’ll find something that will satisfy your thirst for adventure. Here are some of the top activities for you to enjoy when you arrive.


Look for the Northern Lights

You can’t visit Iceland in the winter without trying to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights or Aurora borealis. It’s best to get away from any light pollution if you want a good chance of seeing them, which is why it’s a good idea to go on a Northern Lights tour. You’ll be taken out in a 4×4 to go and look for them once it gets dark. Many companies will promise that if you don’t get to see them the first night, they will take you again. You want a clear night with no clouds. You can also take a boat tour or even drive yourself.

(ctto) Pixilbay

Go Hiking

Hiking is another outdoor pursuit in Iceland, which you can do all year. You might want to take a hike to go and look for some hot springs, and spend some time bathing when you find them. Or you could choose to go on an ice hike in the winter, venturing out with all the right equipment to take on a glacier. There are mountains and volcanoes, or you might prefer to explore some meadows instead. To make it easier, find a company to offer you a guided hike so that you can stay safe and have fun.

Tour Ice Caves

For another fantastic tour, you can take a look at some of Iceland’s fascinating ice caves. Explore an ice cave under a volcano that features incredible blue ice. You can take a tour that begins with pick-up in Reykjavik at the town hall, and also includes exploring the beautiful green mountains. You can also choose to leave from Vik, which is closer to the cave, making the tour a half-day instead of full-day one. You get to see the incredible black beach too.

Take a Pony Ride

Icelandic horses are sturdy, hardy and small – as well as a little smaller than other horses. A horseback ride is a great way to explore the Icelandic landscape without having to use your own legs. But don’t be fooled into thinking it will be a breeze, because riding a horse is a good workout too. Horseback riding in the lava fields gives you a chance to explore the Icelandic countryside from a different perspective. You could also spend some time at a local horse farm and get to know the horses.

Explore the great outdoors in Iceland with one of these amazing activities, and you’ll have an unforgettable experience.


Iceland has an amazing array of nature that no one can absolutely resist and one day, I WILL EXPLORE IT! 🙂 





2018 Favorites

JM Kayne 2018 Favorites


Hello 2019! 🙂

One week after 2019, allow me to share a mini-review of the things (and other stuffs) that made it to the list of my faves last year. Therefore, before turning more the pages of this new year, allow me to share 16 of my #2018Favorites.


  1. Book – Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
  2. Scent – BBW Lovely Dreamer
  3. Movies – Exes Baggage, Venom, Greatest Showman
  4. Song – Unfinished by Mandisa
  5. Herbs – Mint
  6. Podcast – Big Lessons by Liz Gilbert, Happier by Gretchen Ruben
  7. Website: Marie Forleo 
  8. App/s : Carousell, Snapseed
  9. Event Last Year (PH) – Moments with Grey
  10. Event Last Year (DXB) – Arrival to Dubai and seeing Kokobear again <3 (w/ Ina & Maye)
  11. Color : Still GREEN, but a specific shade (#9ed9c5, #8acbbb, #8bd5cb, #76b39d)
  13. YouTube Channel – Alex Gonzaga for feel good vids and Lavendaire for lifestyle inspiration
  14. Food to Cook in #KusinaNiKayne –Bibimbap, Soft bones soup and Breakfast: slice-bread w/ strawberry jam and a sunny -side up egg, coffee/shake
  15. Lipstick – Avon’s True Color 24k Pink 24L001
  16. MS Office App – MS Power Point. 😀 haha

#1– Been so happy to receive the book Big Magic from Kokobear – one of his gifts for me in 2018. #2 – It has been inspiring and power and I can’t stress it enough that I so so love this book.  #3 – Then aside from my favorite scents, I discovered this clear bottle from BBW Lovely Dreamer and found it really good. #4 – With the breakthrough and challenges I have this year, I feel that Unfinished is for me and for all who believed that God has a great plan for all of us. #5 – I love mint ever since and I always check it our in the herbs section whenever we’re in the supermarket. Love to use it for tea and a couple of leaves for salads. #6 – Happier is a staple since 2017, then Big Lessons too. While Marie Forleo is a favorite this year because I have been thinking of being a business woman in my own creative space at The Creative Passport. #7 – Marie Forleo is my favorite website at the moment because of her very good content on business, productivity, creativity and more. So I’m literally a “tambay” (stay-in) lol. #8 – Been enjoying Carousell where I created #ShopJMKayne to sell my pre-loved books and other stuffs also I’m currently enjoying and learning snapseed – a picture editor. 🙂 #9 – Having Grey my first ever nephew is a fave moment. It’s amazing how a baby can lighten up and make a home really homey that you’d love to go home even if his not my baby but it feels great to love such an angel. <3 #10 – Going back to Dubai is an amazing moment of course. I missed Kokobear and the place. #11 – Green forever! Green shades and green all the way! hahaha #12 – In love and eyes twinkling with the word #CREATE and creativity! #13 – Alex Gonzaga gives a good laugh. Aileen Xu of Lavendaire is just inspiring 🙂 . #14 – Soft bones my fave and Kokobear’s fave too. Also a Sunday family meal. My standard breakfast is the one listed above. To have an easy move, bibimbap always a fun option. #15 – I love this lipstick, got it from Philippines and brought here in the Dubai. Find it natural looking and shining shimmering splendid at times.. heheh #16 – I always love creating presentations in powerpoint and sometime edit some photos from there. Tired spreadsheets too but still find PPT easy to navigate and do the things I want to work and tweak on. 

So that’s it. I will try to make another list for 2019 Maybe monthly? Well, I’ll look on it. 

What are your 2018 favorites? Share them on the comment below.


God bless,

JM SIGNATURE-black - iamjmkayne.com





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Side note: My fave number is 16 that’s why it’s 16 favorites! 😀 

A Teacher, a Doctor and a Counselor too!

telehealth teacher doctor counselor at iamjmkayne.com

Have I shared that I used to consider taking Psychology in college?

I’ve always been curious about the mighty brain and the way it affects people. Back in university days, I used to wish to become a Guidance Counselor thus pushing me to take BS Psychology as a major. But due to lack of funds and information thereof, I have set aside that little corner of my interest. Little did I know that my major Social Sciences covers seven (7) branches and that includes Psych! 😀

Up to date, those classes, sessions and workshops are the most unforgettable memories I had back in CNU.

Also, a part of me never wanted to be in the medical field but I have always been fascinated with the thought of wearing the white lab gown worn by doctors. Ha Ha Ha.. I’m currently addicted to the series The Good Doctor, my interest of becoming one resurrected . . .

So, I’m a teacher who wanted to be come a counselor and now a doctor wanna-be! 🙂

Being a teacher (well, as I used to be – – – ) is a privilege to hold many roles. To teach and mold their mind is the major one but when a student is hurt, I become a first aider/doctor. When he/she is in trouble I give advise and becomes a counselor.

Wait? Why am I talking about these?

Well, I’m sharing about psychology and my interest of being a counselor for a little while because in an earlier blog post I have shared to you a topic related to mental health. We discussed about Mental Health, Self-Love, Self-Care and seeking help from the people close to us. Alternatively seeking help from others who will not judge us because they don’t personally know us and yet they are experts in the field. I was talking about the online-therapy that BetterHelp.com could offer. With technology’s advancement comes the term telehealth.

TELEHEALTH. A digital information and communication tech such as our mobile phones, and computers that allows us to access health services and care remotely, where ever we are most especially at the comfort of our home.

Used by patients, doctors and counselors to improve and support health care services. It is a technique for the purpose of providing telemedicine, medical & health education over a distance and crossing location boundaries and geographic barriers.

A videoconference that transmits health reports, data and other information is one of the many ways that telehealth is being used. It aids patients who are in the remote areas to have access to healthcare services.

I personally experienced such service back in the Philippines when one hospital has this telehealth option. I haven’t really understood the whole process but now I am enlightened.

BetterHelp is a telehealth provider too. They have counselors that will allow you to communicate in your most convenient way. You can use the phone to talk, chat and through video calls. It is a private, professional counseling online-therapy hub.

You sign up, and BetterHelp will match you to an available and suitable counselor for you who fits your preferences. They will consider your objectives, types of issues and the approach that you’d like to take on. Thus more importantly, BetterHelp has different counselors with various areas of expertise and focus in order to achieve the best results for you and your needs. In the event that you don’t feel comfortable and matched with your current counseling session, you can always ask for another one.

In this age of social media, technology and all other advancement, it is only right and just that the medical field will also level up though telehealth and telemedicine. 

Making life easier and convenient.

To learn more about online counseling visit www.betterhelp.com/online-counseling.


Stay healthy and God bless,


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