When Self-Love means taking care of our Mental Health

Self-love is a therapy for mental health.”

A pressing topic of the world nowadays is the concern that most people have a hard time figuring out because of how the society seemed to brand it. Many people think that “Self-Love” is being selfish and it caters the “ME, MYSELF & I attitude”. Even though many of us misunderstood Self-Love that way, allow me to straighten up things in this blog.

Self-love is defined as a regard to our own wellbeing and happiness. Self-love in this situation (and in this blog post specifically) is SELF-CARE.

Remember, self-care is a priority. We need to take care of ourselves first before we can extend our help, care and love to others. It’s not a luxury to give our self the love and care we deserve, only then we can fully share what we have to the people, the community around us and to the world at large.

Now, I am equating Self-Love/Care to our Mental Health because these topics go hand in hand. In order to take care of our mental health, we have to give importance to our self; “love and care of our self”.  Although both are trendy topics, there’s still a great need to focus more on them… Self-love and care are misquoted to focus on treats like spas and beauty regimen, which is a skin-deep concern. A vanity! We have to look at it beyond and see it for the real importance. It’s positive effect to our senses.

Understanding self-love/care requires deeper understanding and a positive shift of mindset. It will require another full blog post for that. But don’t worry I will share more about that later on. For now, let me make it short. SELF-LOVE/CARE is taking care of the major aspects of our life: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and all of the sensory aspects.

Leaving our self-care unattended may lead us to depression and possibly end up to a deeper mental health issue. As a matter of fact, many people with mental health issues are untreated. Thus, a deteriorating a mental state has been affecting our quality of life.

What is MENTAL HEALTH then?

Sometimes we think that it is similar with mental illness, but illness is about disorders that occur in the brain such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Mental Health on the other hand, covers our social, psychological and emotional well-being. It is essential because it can affect every aspect of our life. It damages how we think, feel and act. It changes our mental and emotional state that eventually affects our physical action.

Mental health usually comes from stress. Over the course of our life we experience mental health problems with our thoughts, moods and behavior. Biological factors from our genes, life experiences like trauma, abuse and family history are few of the factors that contribute to mental health problems.

The good news is – we all can get the help we need.

The very first step to handling mental health issue to awareness. True, that most of the time people with depression are in a denial stage, therefore it is very much important that we keep an open communication with the people that we trust. Share what’s bothers you. Share what are the happenings in your life… What stresses you?, what is dragging you?…

Probably some of us might also find it hard to share it to our loved ones, because we don’t want to burden them. Well, an online therapy is an answer to this. BetterHelp is one of the leading mental health advocates who has licensed and experienced counselors that help individuals in this field, making it accessible, affordable and convenient.

A part of self-care (and love) is being honest to our self that we need help. And if we find ourselves lost in the midst of the people to whom we are not sure if they will understand or judge us, seeking an online-therapy could be our viable option.

The significance of self-care in our mental health matters because filling our life with empowering activities and happy thoughts help us to reframe negativity. Because whatever our mind holds, the more influence we have than we realize.

To get started visit www.BetterHelp.com.

Stay healthy and God bless,









2018 Year-end Review : Passion Projects & Breakthroughs

2018 year-end review - ppbreakthroughs 2018 - iamjmkayne.com

It’s that time of the year when I go about the highlights (and lows) of the year as a review of what these 12 months have been.

2018 has been filled with extraordinary challenges, lessons, growth and love. If this year has been tough on you and those you love, I understand. The important thing is, we keep going because God is greater than any of these problems and we come up victorious with Him by our side.

If you’ve been following me, you’d know that each year I have a theme and this year its Passion Projects and Breakthroughs 2018. That’s where the hashtag #PPBreakthroughs2018 comes. Below are a few of the highlights of this year and sure thing, I’d like to share about them too.

Highlights of 2018 #PPBreakthroughs2018

  • Kokobear’s new job
  • Moving to Dubai
  • Dan2x Wedding 
  • Grey’s Birth 
  • 5+ Months vacation in Cebu
  • My Surgery 
  • Podcast Interview 
  • 10 Collaborations / Sponsored posts 
  • Completed Free Course for TCP
  • Started The Creative Passport (TCP) Workbook
  • Pitched The Creative Passport (TCP) Workbook
  • A full year of CFFL Dubai victories and challenges


So, Kokobear (my husband) was hired for a company here in Dubai which led us to moving from Abu Dhabi (after 9 years) to Dubai to culminate a decade of being in the emirates. Yes, it’s been 10 years now since we both first stepped into this beautiful land. And we are still starting to explore Dubai!

With the change of environment and city I opt to take that opportunity as well to go on a vacation for the new year + the upcoming wedding of my younger brother. Dan-Dan wed Yvette on 2nd Jan 2018 and so I prepared and created their wedding invite, a DIY passion project for me. Check it out here G+M DIY Wedding Invitation.

DIY Wedding Invite5

Then comes a God’s Gift to our family!!! Our newest additional “Belt” member. GREY is my first ever nephew! Such a cutie. You’d probably see a few photos of him on my instagram : @jmkayne.

So from late December to till almost end of May, I spend 5+ months at home. Stayed in Cebu and took a few visits here and there. Met a few friends but most importantly did faced a health breakthrough. Yes, I had a surgery. This story will be shared more soon. I have to say through that this breakthrough is pretty much amazing and takes a lot of courage to share. Something happened that made me never the same after that! 🙂

While I was still in Cebu, I did have an opportunity to be interviewed for a podcast! The beautiful couple Chris & Tiara of Our Food Adventures featured and interviewed me for things about visiting CEBU! 🙂 Listen to the episode here: Tropical Paradise, Swimming with Whale Sharks, and Crispy Pig Skin in Cebu, Philippines with Julie-Mae from IAMJMKAYNE.

jm kayne podcast interview on Our-Food-Adventures-Podcast-12

This year, I’m happy to share that I have made 10 collaborations for 2018. A target I made earlier this year. These are both more on marketing/ads blog post versions. Here are the 2018 Collaborations I made. 

This March, I planned to create the Social Studies online class but I was derailed to other stuffs and ended up with another course. Yet, still so happy that I opt to complete this free course right after delivering it to CFFL Dubai. Enroll in this FREE Course at thecreativepassport.teachable.com. It’s about Speaker’s Workshop – Speaking God’s Words.

Also, I have been creating The Creative Passport workbook. This idea came in when I was on the plane back to Dubai and a creative workbook excites me. I actually have a timeline/deadline on this but currently way behind it. Although, I have to say that I was able to pitch it into a publishing company here in the UAE. I hope it catches their attention and that they will give me a chance to complete it.

This year as well is a great opportunity to be of service to God. I think I have shared in the previous blog posts, that He has anointed Darrelle and I to take care of his vineyard in Dubai and become the Area Servants. It started with a tough road to journey on but He simply made all ways straight and provided everything and everyone that we need. I’d probably dedicate another blog for this story, I’m starting to get emotional and catching up my thoughts because there seemed to be a lot to share. 🙂

TheKokobears 7Dec2018 on iamjmkayne

Finally, the year is about to close and up to this day (as I write this post) I still haven’t have any chance of a real interview for a job. It has been almost 2 long years. I feel like it was just yesterday, but I have to admit … I missed working. I missed being in action and being busy. I missed being in a corporate environment… and more so, I missed receiving that text from my fave text-mate! 😀 hehehe

Also, here’s a short IG post – an open letter to Dubai . 🙂
Dear Dubai - iamjmkayne.com
Dear #Dubai,
Thank you for the past 6 months! I’m excited to roll a new year and see what you have in store for me and Kokobear 🐻… Two days before 2019, I reflect on the lessons, failure, emotions and encounters I have in 2018. I praise God for all the blessings and burdens of both situations and people… Indeed they’ve made me stronger and faithful. Dubai, can we get more acquainted next year please? 😉
Your new Dubai-er 😂 


With all of these things, I still believe that God has a greater plan than whatever it is on my mind. And I continue to wait patiently for His perfect plan and timing.


God bless,

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Collaborations 2018

Collaborations 2018 - iamjmkayne.com

Time to wrap up this year’s collaborations! Here’s a run down . . .


  1. Influenster Box : Kat Vond Dagger Tattoo Eyeliner

  2. Why is the Weather Hard to Predict?

  3. Meeting the demands of the 21st Century through dynamic learning w/ REX Bookstore

  4. Little Hut Flowers – Send Flowers as Get Well Soon Gift (Singapore)

  5. Wholesale Airtrack : Quality Gymnastic Air Tumble Mat

  6. Competition Time @Old English Co. (UK)

  7. The Flower Gem of Dubai – A Better Florist

  8. Plus UAE – Your All Around Business Set-up Partner in Abu Dhabi

  9. English Language App

  10. Reliable OEM ATV Parts Provider from Bike Bandit


Oopppssss a new collaboration just sprout, guess I’m having 11 this year! 😀 Let’s hope for the best! To see the complete list of the brands and products I worked with, head over to my collab page.

Looking forward to whom will I be collaborating next year! 😀 See you all friends!


God bless,

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Dear 🎅 Santa

Dear 🎅 Santa

Christmas gifts dear santa at iamjmkayne.com

Dear Santa,

I’ve been good this year! 😀

Most of the time, kids (and kids at heart) write to you to tell you their wishes. To ask the desires of our hearts and mind. To whisper into your ears the things that makes our eyes shine and brings smiles into our faces . . .

I, on the other hand is writing you this because I’d like to tell you THANK YOU!

Also, I’d like to share to the other readers of this letter something not many people know about who you really are. I know you and I KNOW WHAT YOU DID  . . . in 343 AD.

YOU are Nicolas of Bari from Lycia – present day Turkey. Your parents are wealthy and your a devout Christian. You’ve been generous even in your early age. You were imprisoned, released and became a priest and later a bishop.
You are associated with Christmas because of your tradition of giving secret gifts to children. Thus parents have made you a friendly figure during this season. Your feast day is on 6th December which was the date of your death. Although it’s a sad day, but it has become a celebration because of your virtue and that you have represented Christ through giving, indeed you brought joy to children and even to adults. 

Aside from that thank you of course, let’s go now, into my wishlist! 😀

*I hope that everyone celebrating this yuletide season will be reminded that this is ALL ABOUT CHRIST. There’s no Christmas without CHRIST.

*Please let my family and friends have a great Christmas and New Year. Keep them safe and make them feel my love even if I’m away from them.

*A new job that I love would really be great! Although I’m open to being a published author too! 😀 (wink*) #TheCreativePassport

*I pray for good health to all my family members, friends, community brothers and sisters and everyone else who suffers pain physically, emotionally and mentally. Even those who  are struggling with Spiritual dryness too. May they find the light back to God once again.

*I continue to lift up all families to have a strong spiritual foundation. For couples to keep their eyes on Jesus and for us to keep the fire in our marriage, putting Him in the midst of it. May Christ’s love be our model in giving out love to others.

*I’d like to offer a special wish to the Filipino people around the world and especially those who are in the Philippines… that may we learn to UNITE for the greater cause of the nation.

*I wish for CFFL Community Growth. Both in numbers and of spiritually matured leaders and members. Special intention to CFFL Dubai of course. May we manage to surpass the struggles and challenges that is inevitable in this area. For His Glory.

This list could go on and on… but to be honest, I don’t want much this year.

I just want the person reading this to be happy.  I pray that may their wishes come true. That they will stay connected to the true source of happiness. No one but the only reason of this season.

* * *

Dear Santa,

The lines in every Christmas Villages (in malls/parks) are so long – but it never stops the people to fall in line  just to be near you and to get a photo of you with the kiddos… Thank you for bringing joy to all of us!

And hey! I also have a wish for you!

That you continue inspiring children to dream on and finally THANK YOU for representing Christ!
dear santa - iamjmkayne.com
That’s Kokobear as Santa during the CFFL Dubai Family Day & Christmas Party 2018 on 7th Dec.




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Curious of my Christmas wishlist? This may help. 🙂

10 Things I love about UAE

10 Things I love about UAE

Ten (10) Things I love about UAE 🇦🇪

10 things i love about the uae - iamjmkayne.com

As a continuation of my 10th year anniversary of being an expat in the UAE for the past decade, I am sharing ten (10) things that I love most in the Emirates. I could give more than 10 but this are the ones that comes first.


1. Accessibility

Everything is accessible. I mean transportation is efficient and bus timing are on time. Of course not perfect but surely you can depend on it. Access to schools, hospitals, parks, malls are easy.

2. Baqala

This is a mini-store (sari-sari store) version of Abu Dhabi. So far I haven’t seen this in Dubai. But this baqala is a mini-store usually on the ground floor of a building, residential building. A store that you can just call and they will deliver it in your flat! In fact I have heard a few expats having an experience that they are even allowed to do a credit! 😀 How cool is that!? hehe

3. Openness to Christianity

Hats off to the rulers of this nation. Yes it is a muslim country, but they are open to other religions. In fact Catholics (and other Christian denomination) have been able to build our own churches. That is why all over the Emirates have a Roman Catholic church in their city (or even 2 & more).

4. Security & Safety

For the longest time, I praise God for the safety and security I feel whenever I go around the city. I have been able to roam around the streets (in Abu Dhabi) at 2 or 3 am and yet feel safe. With and without police presence within the city have built that secure environment and feeling to the residents.

5. Nationality Diversity

Yeah right! Aside from Indians and Filipinos – UAE has almost all nationalities around. Citizens all around the world have gathered in this nation as a melting pot to all of Arab nations, Africa and even Europe. And because of that diversity – you’ll be able to expose yourself to different cultures, language, religions and more. An opportunity to learn and get to know other people too.

6. Dubai Metro

Well, it’s only half a year that we moved here in Dubai but I have to say that Dubai metro and I have just went from complicated to “in a relationship!” hahaha … yep – my story a few months has it all. 🙂 I would say that my 2-hour metro ride almost every Friday has made me feel at home. Read: My Love Affair with Dubai Metro.

7. Filipino shops

Opppsss, it’s not only shops but to be specific Filipino restaurants. It makes you feel like you’re home. Products from home are all around the supermarkets, baqala and other shops. It also gives me a little pride and happiness whenever I see foreign people buying our products. Bananas, pineapples, chips, shrimps, crackers, tuna, noodles and more! How lucky are we! 😀 So whenever I miss home, I take a walk and get into these places!

8. Fun and Adventures

Legoland, Ferari World, Warner brothers and more and more themed parks. Water parks, Desert Safari, Zip lines, Sky Dubai. If you’re not as busy as we are, these parks and fun adventurous activities will really give you a treat. So far I have ticked off a camel ride and also hopping into the world’s fastest roller coaster! 😀 Of course there are still more to work on. Let’s see how it goes soon…

9. It’s natural beauty

Before heading to Abu Dhabi, my picture of this place is the “desert”. To be honest in 2008, there’s already Google and I wonder why I didn’t check out the photos. Haha but here’s a story: I was packing my stuffs as I head off here in the UAE and was so worried if I should bring my high-heels shoes… I was worried it might go down with the sand… peace… I was so innocent and gullible then.. lol 😀 sorry about that! Only to realize that the place where I lived was all buildings and were all cemented. Poor me! ^^ Anyway – my favorite activity is the desert camping. Such a lovely view to see the serenity of the desert. An amazing gift from God to the Emiratis. Here in the UAE we can have both worlds of the buzzing city and the serenity of the desert. Such a grace!

10. CFFL community life

I know now (or at least 5-6 years ago) that I am destined to be here in the UAE. Because I am destined to be a part of CFC-FFL community, where I have been an active member and servant for almost a decade now. As an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker), having a community life such as CFC-FFL/CFFL is a blessing. A true test of being a Christian. A true training ground of the reality of His teachings in loving our neighbors and a great reminder to prepare and be ready for the real life ahead.


These are just  ten (10) of the many things I love about this nation. What are you favorites here in UAE? (Abu Dhabi/Dubai/Sharjah/Ajman/Umm Al Quwain/ Ras Al Khaimah) Comment them below…


God bless,

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HomeCycle Dubai – RECYCLING plastic bottles made easy!

homecycle dubai - iamjmkayne.com

* * *

I recently saw a Facebook post regarding plastic bottles being collected by HomeCycle. This kabayan shared her little way of helping the environment and it has inspired me. So instead of simply throwing our empty plastic bottled water I started collecting them and have dedicated a space at home where I could store them until I reach the minimum quota for collection.

* * *

As for me and Kokobear, we are (unfortunately) using bottled water in 1.5 liters because this is an easier option for us due to accessibility of our location. And yes, some may say that we can opt for a better option which we already considered… but for now we are into this. So to share a little bit of responsibility, I have convinced Kokobear to keep these empty bottle for HomeCycle to collect. It took me almost 2 months to reach the minimum 30 bottles and I have reached more than that. I end up with a big garbage bag full packed of pressed bottles and an extra bag.

Once it was ready, I contacted them (via Facebook) and they’ve instructed me to log-in into their website or download the app. The next day, they have collected it! Friendly staff and easy to deal with. The above picture is Mr. Naveed, the collecting officer and was kind enough for me to take a picture as I have asked permission if I could share it here.

By the way, they don’t only collect water bottles but also some other recyclable materials such as: 

  • Cloth hangers
  • Glass bottles
  • Old Electronics/Mobile phone or other gadgets
  • Coffee Capsules
  • Detergent bottles
  • Paper
  • Aluminum drinking cans/soda cans
And hey! It’s FREE!
I have created a short video about this experience and you can check it on my Youtube Channel. (Link below)

Recycle with HomeCycle Dubai - iamjmkayne.com



* * *

Who/What is HOMECYCLE:

HomeCycle is social enterprise that aims to inspire and motivate individuals and offices to recycle making it convenient & easy.

They collect it at your doorstep and ensure that the items you give them are properly recycled. They have some charities and collaboration with some brands/companies that take responsibilities with these items. With HomeCycle you also get rewarded by collecting points that you can use for vouchers, charity donation or even cash!

Contact Details:

Website: www.homecycle.org | Tel. No.: +971 4 282 93 91  | Email: info@homecycle.orgFacebook: Homecycle Dubai


So, do you have these items at home?

Why not give a little back to the environment by endorsing these things to the people who could properly recycle and give them a new purpose! 🙂



God bless,

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Passion Project Series: Pursue your Creative Curiosity

Read: Five (5) Reasons to Start a Passion Project

No Passion? No Problem!

How to Start Your Passion Project

by exploring your “Creative Curiosity”?

Passion Project Series - No Passion No Problem - iamjmkayne.com

“Passion”, most of the time seemed to be a daunting word – a “BIG word”. I met a friend back in college who says, she thinks she doesn’t have a talent… back then I don’t have the right words to say – that actually everyone does. So I just answered her that maybe she hasn’t discovered it yet. Indeed now, I realized we all have – we just need to take the time and effort to discover it and learn more about it.

These steps are simple, doable action steps that you can start brainstorming now.

Here’s my take on how to get started:


1 iamjmkayne.com

Step 1 – Brainstorm/Dumping Ideas

Whenever asked, what are you most passionate about – our mind wander and we start to have this long list of things we want to do. In fact, you are not alone. Many creatives would love to do this and that or maybe this or this or that or that… sounds pretty “a lot” right?

Let me be specific: I love teaching, I also love hosting/emceeing, I enjoy writing, I find drawing/painting relaxing. I also think that I would love to explore cooking and baking… well – the truth is there are more.

So what I did, I took my specific notebook for ideas and started dumping them all. When I say dumping – I mean writing them all.

CALL TO ACTION: Get a pen and a paper or dedicate a specific notebook for your creative pursuit and use a page or two to do brain dump. Meaning use this page to write all the things that you are interested in. Let’s say you want to paint, write a song, start a blog/vlog, exercise, prepare healthy food, create a poem/haiku, draw, sew etc. Just let them flow. Write as many as you think you are interested and curious about. No judgment here.



2 iamjmkayne.com

Step 2 – Trim Down/Pick at least 3

Now this is step is a bit difficult. If you find it too soon to cut into your top 3, I suggest you do (from 10 to 5 then final 3).

Hey, I just want to say – there is no rush.

Take your time to weigh them in. Don’t be pressured to finish them right then and there. 



3 iamjmkayne.com

Step 3 – Evaluate

Now from three, here comes the more specific and judgment moment. For your top 3, evaluate how-well do you actually know the ins and out of this project. There could be 2 possible options on this.

First, you know and you are well verse on this matter – so it is easy for your to proceed with step 4. Second, if you may find that you are truly curious about this but not so sure on where to start or probably you think you need a more specific skill/s to learn it. Then, in this event I’d like to suggest:

3a. Find someone who could help you, let’s say a friend that you think who has more experience in this field.
3b. If you want to dig deeper and really take on the higher road, maybe you can buy a book about it.
3c. Finally, enrolling into a short course would also help. For example you want to pursue baking, and books/ Youtube isn’t your preferred way of learning. Then a short course would work. Hop on to Google and look for a nearby training center in your city.




4 iamjmkayne.com

Step 4 – Plan/ Choose “the ONE”

From the many ideas, you now have to narrow them down and choose ONE that you are most passionate/curious about.

This doesn’t mean that you will forget all the other list of curiosity you have on step 1. It only means that for a certain duration of time, you get to focus on one thing. Pour out love, passion, effort, time and more on it. Which hopefully you’d finally find your gem! A talent or passion you long to cater and nourish.

CALL TO ACTION: Once you’re ready to go. Start your 3 months plan on how are you going to proceed and explore this passion project. I have created a free 3-month planner for you to help this. Download here. (The Creative Passport 90-Day Planner)
In this planner and step, you will then take into consideration the duration of your passion project. If you’d like it to be continuous and sustainable then you have to incorporate it in your day-to-day schedule or on which timeline best suited.
It’s been tested and proven that doing passion project requires time. You don’t look for time, you create it. In our busy & sometimes chaotic schedule plus the fact that scrolling social media and watching videos online; our time is consumed out of the blue. Therefore, scheduling passion project time and intentionally adding it to our daily routine matters.



5 iamjmkayne.com

Finally, Step 5 – START.ACT.ENJOY

Writing a plan of action with a timeline helps you get a better result. For example, you would want to explore blogging. 


First, I will set a timeline on the things I’d like to accomplish:

  1. Learn how to make a blog – Read articles and guide for 1-2 months (Jan-Feb 2019)
  2. Browse Ideas and research sample blogs that I would want how my blog would look like. (march-Apr)
  3. Create my blog, start to write down topics/posts – May
  4. Publish & Launch Blog (June)
  5. When should I publish new posts? (Weekly? Monthly? Daily? etc.)


CALL TO ACTION: START. So many times, we get this idea and we keep on thinking about it. Wrote it on our diary/notebook or somewhere but still daunted in actually starting it. In fact, even this workbook took a lot of time for me. Procrastinating, overthinking and just simply taking my time without clear reason why. The big leap of faith is when you actually DO IT. Sit down, dive in, and release the first draft of whatever you want to create. One of my favorite author Elizabeth Gilbert always injects this important lesson: “Above all, most importantly BEGIN!”

Also, enjoy and take it easy. The main reason of having a passion project is to mainly enjoy the process and take away your time from the busy and stressful life at work and of all other lemons that life throws to us. Therefore, enjoy the process. Don’t be too hard on yourself.


* * *

If you wonder why I mostly use “Creative Curiosity” instead of simply dropping the word Passion, it’s because one of my favorite author & creative – Liz Gilbert’s  on Oprah’s Soulful Sunday mentioned her encounter with the huge load “passion” may bring to some people – so this is her take on it – hope it may enlighten you further. Check out her talk here.


Ready to start your Creative Curiosity pursuit? Go ahead, take that note and pen and START!

creativtity at iamjmkayne.com

Care to share how it went? I’d love to hear from you!
Email me at hello@iamjmkayne.com or just drop me a message on my blog’s Facebook Page! In My Heart – JM Kayne’s Blog.


Be blessed & be God’s blessings,


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