MAY Day, MAY – Days!

May Day, May – DAYS!!!  Sounds familiar, but not really what you think it is all about.

May is a very special month for me and my husband (Darrelle – aka Kokobear). May – days have special dates that stand out among the 31 days. It has my birthday on 21st, Darrelle’s birthday & Mama Merlina’s bday (my mom-in-law) on the 27th and the most special of all is our Wedding Anniversary, today – the 16th! 

16th MAY

We’re celebrating our 3rd Wedding Anniversary this year. I know it’s way too early compared to other couples, but I have to say it has been great 3 years for both of us. We are not perfect but personally I found myself better, extending much patience and love to my better half. Which for sure he has his own share of that too. 🙂 Darrelle and I met way back 2009, been God’s gift to each other since 2010.  I praise God for this gift he has bestowed upon us. Keep us loving and patient as we continue working on your purpose for us.

    When Facebook is thoughtful ! 🙂 heheheh

21st MAY 

It’s my birthday! ^^ instead of giving my thoughts or further details, I will use this blog post as a public prayer.

Dear God,

Another year for me is yet to start, thank you for being with me all the way. All these years, I though I am lucky: with a good family that has very supportive & loving parents & a good younger bro, friends that though miles away from me but never stopped communicating, completed school, got to work, new friends abroad, and eventually travelled Abu Dhabi. Then I’ve realized I’m not lucky, I AM BLESSED.  Father – your love, mercy and compassion have kept me grounded. Thank you for using me in your special ways, thank you that amidst all the circumstances met throughout almost 9 years in Abu Dhabi, there you are by my side. I thank you for leading me into CFC-FFL community. I have to say, I am not who I am today when it comes to faith without being inside this community of yours.

Thank you for all the people you have sent to remind me of your presence. They may be kind or the opposite of it but it has brought the best of me. I know you are there when I am in pain, you are there when I felt joy. I know you have plans in my life and no matter how difficult and bumpy the road will be, Father I ask for your guidance. I will hold on to your promise and continue to seek the Holy Spirit in all the days to come.

On my birthday, I wish that you allow our plans to be according to your will. I continue to pray that may we be able to represent you in all circumstances. Amen.

Your daughter,


27th MAY 

What more is beautiful when your husband was born on the same day of his
mother. My gratefulness goes to Mama Merlina for giving birth to this man on her own birthday! On this day, I ho
nor both of you. Mama Merlina, thank you. Even if we didn’t meet (in person) and just heard each other over the phone once, I know that you love Darrelle with all your heart and I honor you for raising such a great man. It is because of you and Papa Danilo that I am now appreciating and enjoying this life with him.

Kokobear, I know I’ve been a difficult one but you have always been understanding and loving. I want you to know that I am so happy and blessed to be your  Kokobear <3 ! So honored to be your better half. I AM PROUD of YOU! And whenever you stand in the crowd, delivering God’s words it always make me wanna shout and say “Asawa ko na” (That’s my husband!) hehehe but of course, I’ve gotta keep my cool and be humble. kkkk 🙂 My love goes to you! <3

Three days out of the 31 days and yet I feel like we own the month! Anyone can of course do that. . .  This is just a simple blog post to share a little bit about my life. Which I owe all up to that big guy up there. Thank you Lord for these May day MAY Days!

God bless!!!


Life Backstage

Posted this photo on Facebook last Saturday (16.04.2016):

“Didn’t have time to take a pic with Kokobear during #UAESC2016 (esp. w/ the backdrop #Misericordia) … Yesterday we experienced the hectic life backstage.
It was fun, challenging and tiring. But at the end of the day, we praise God for the strength & experience that He gave us!
This made me realize that in each event the people behind the scene are those who actually made the program successful! Kudos to all #ServiceTeam and most especially to all our missionaries  #TitoBenjie_Angel_RJ_Jepoy
Kaya kahit di man ako nka pagpicture… Puno naman ang puso at isip ko sa Mercy, Grace at Love ni God!!!
We return back all the glory to the Lord! This is an experience that truly touched our hearts and soul! “
—————- . ♥ . —————-

Yes, I haven’t collected much photos but I am sharing some of what I took through my phone. I will also be sharing my personal reflection of the events this April. Planning to add it on CFFL – The Vineyard Magaazine (TVM) issue 11. But for readers and followers like you, 🙂 You will get that refelction first before it get published!

Watch out for it soon.

God Bless you!

CEBU : Osmeña Peak Adventure

Osmeña Peak -
Date: 8 Dec 2015 – Tuesday
Location:Mantalungon Dalaguete Cebu (Also known as Cebu’s Vegetable kingdom)
Altitude:approximately 1000 meters above sea level.
It is known to be the highest peak in Cebu.  Seeing many friends visit it, made me curious of what’s up with this O.Peak!?! I see mountains and a beautiful scene in each photos, therefore #ByaheNgKokobears signed it off to be our Cebu adventure for this vacation together with the current hit Canyoneering.
How did we get there?
Of course it requires research, question and answer from family & friends who have gone there and blogs that provides information about this site.
We learned that you could actually go there directly even without an adventure agency to guide you. All you have to do is ride a 3-hour bus to Dalaguete. Ride habal-habal (motorcycle) for an hour up to Mantalungon market and from there, locals – actually children,  could be your guide on the way up. (Of course you just have to give them tip).
But in our case we have contacted Highland Adventures and got an Osmeña Peak + Canyoneering package at 2200 Php each. We had our guide Kuya Randy who accompanied us all the way up to the peak and helped us set-up our tent.
The Experience
It took us an hour from Mantalungon market to the foot of the mountain. Climbing up will require you another 20-25 minutes. Be sure to have a good pair of comfortable of rubber shoes.
Before reaching the top, you will start to feel the thin air so if you need to take a break then feel free to do so! And while resting you can start enjoying the view of the town.
When we reached the site (around 4:30 pm), our guide showed us 2 areas where we could build our tent and pointed out the peak itself. We rushed to the summit and see the majestic view across the town.
·        Northwest from the summit, you can see Badian shorelines and island.
·        Southeast from the summit, you can see the remaining vegetable farms of Mantalungon.
Indeed a very good time to see the sun set from up above, but due to the cloudy and windy December season, sunset was not very visible although we can still get a little peek of it.
Then we build our tent.

This could be one of the longest nights we (Kokobear and I) ever have. Tent is set as early as 5:30. A very early dinner at 6:00 pm. We bought lechon manok, chicharon and puso from Mantalungon market for supper.The night falls fast, a blooming night; wind howling, cold almost freezing, and hearing the sound of night — from nocturnal animals; crickets I guess. As the wind hits harder, we feel that we need to add some more rocks inside and outside our tent to keep it from being swept away. The night was young but we’ve been in and out of our tent ensuring that we keep it strong enough. Good thing we’re equipped with flashlights!!!
We lied down and started to rest until we heared a complete silence, (tick-tock-tick tock – the sound from our watch) . . . and in a few seconds we could hear a stronger wind howling, seems like going around our big tent (we borrowed from my Aunt – that could actually accommodate 6-8 persons!!!) and blows right into it! This has been the cycle all night long… Couldn’t help but feared of what is next! So silently I prayed all the prayers, including The Creed, all ready and keep asking the Lord to please let us survive and let the wind stop. But it never stopped. Koko did his share of prayers too! I’m not writing this to frighten you but I am sharing because this could possibly what you will experience if you plan to do an overnight.
Nevertheless, I didn’t regret having sleepless night because the reward comes in the morning! Aside from the stunning Mantalungon range that are grouped together overlooking and stretching up to Badian shores, the breath-taking sunrise made us in awe of God’s greatness! “Maka-tindig balahibong” amazement ang feeling when the sun smiles right in front of us at the summit. Almost reaching it! All I say was… “wow”, you are amazing Lord!!!
Osmeña Peak – from afar, they look similarly to Bohol’s Chocolate hills; only this multiple hills are not fine, they are jagged hills with thinner and sharper-pointed peaks. The highest jagged peak of these mountains was named after in honor to one of the popular political clan of Cebu – The Osmeñas!
Early morning at 5:00 am (9 Dec) we heared a couple with their guide being on the summit already. Also amazed with the view, you can never stop taking memoirs!
To some, this might not be a mountain climbing, maybe just a hike. However to those who will choose to spend overnight, you are definitely on for some adventure! 🙂
We stayed until 8:00 am onsite, capturing all photos possible of the mountain ranges, of the sun, jump shots, 360s and all. And will surely give another “we will come back” remarks!
Finally, we went off to the main town for the next adventure!  See #ByaheNgKokobears – Cebu Canyoneering
* * *
Provider: Highland Adventures PH

Badian Cebu, Philippines
+63 917 950 8750

This post is not sponsored by Highland Adventure PH. All opinions are 100% mine. If you have a service/product you’d like me to feature/review on my blog, email me at

JDAnniv1 – The 1st Anniversary Special

 JDAnniv1 – The 1st Anniversary Special


We are a newbie when it comes to the married life. Today (16 May 2015) we celebrate our first wedding anniversary.
This maybe is only for 12 months, but it has a background of more than 5 years of being “GGs” –(God’s Gift) to each other!


Today or actually a day before today is our weekend celebration of this blessing from God, so here are some of the activities we did to bond and celebrate our love!
15 May (AM)

Mangrove Kayaking





15 May (PM)
Yas Mall window shopping and a cinema – Pitch Perfect 2




16 May
AM : Breakfast & swimming at Centro Yas Hotel
Half Day – Ferari World – we took 2 rounds of the world’s faster roller coaster – Formula Rossa
Another hald till 6:30 pm – Yas Water World – tried various rides, chill in the river flow and conquered the 6 seconds drop.
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm – Meeting with Cheer Dance team Abu Dhabi.
10:45 – 12 m. n. – Dinner @ PF Changs.







#TheKokobears @ 1 #JDAnniv1 #16May2015
* * * 

Bora 2.0

Bora 2.0

BORA 2.0

After our big last year, once again we visited the beautiful island of Boracay and because it is summer once again, especially here in Abu Dhabi… I browsed my photo album and decided to share with you some of our pics almost same time last year…
We were from Roxas, so we took an hour maximum 2 by van to reach Caticlan.

Going there…
Tickets: So you need to prep 200 Php to cross that beautiful island.

In more or less 5-10 minutes, you will arrive to the other end of the port where you can ride a taxi, a tricycle or a van (if your hotel provides) to the station that you have booked your stay
For BORA 2.0 we are now eligible to use our “vacation investment” through ASTORIA Boracay! During our first visit in Bora (2012) we were convinced to invest into one of the high end hotel chains of the country – ASTORIA CLUB PLAZA that guarantees our free 7 days a year for a life time. So this time our official honeymoon is in station 1, right in front of the beautiful beach!
Astoria Boracay: Our official residence for 3 days & 2 nights.

Stairways to our room…

Welcome drinks!!!

The Bedroom

The hotel offers daily breakfast, lunch and dinner. Though we are already a club member, that gives us 20-30% off, we chose to try other dishes from the variety of restaurants around the island too. This makes Bora a budget friendly place.
The hotel has a swimming pool area for those who don’t want the sea water.
Right after the façade of the hotel is already the beach where you could see the crowd swooning to this lovely island and some stalls that offers variety of island activities.
When the night hits, you can go around the island and see different bands playing in each hotel or restaurants, you can also see the talented Filipinos showing of their painting prowess in front of you to create t-shirt memorabilia.

*  *  * 
On our day 2 – Koko and I decided to do some activities, we started with island hopping! For only 5000 Php – this includes an exclusive banca with the tour guide Adrian and 2-3 boys that helped us in our cruise.
We went to the rocky island where we conquered our fear of height and did the cliff jumping!
We also did a little feeding for some fishes in a certain part of the island.
A jump shot at PUKA Beach where we had our lunch!
Next, we did Helmet diving! It’s amazing to actually be surrounded by the colorful fishes on the sea and feel your feet on the seabed!  (photo to follow)

Over-all a fun-filled Bora 2.0 visit!!!

J + D : A Travel Themed Wedding ♡

J + D : A Travel Themed Wedding ♡

Hope J+D: A Travel Themed Wedding

Hi there!
On this entry, I would like to share some photos of our Wedding theme “TRAVEL & Photos” because I have found lots & lots of ideas & inspiration from blogs, facebook, instagram and google in general that were very helpful during our prep of the big day. So this is my way of paying back all those who shared their own stuffs & has made our search easier.

To be honest, though Kokobear-Darrelle didn’t propose yet – we have started our small steps to tying the knot. Just like… 2 years (approximately) before 2014 – we have started saving little by little. Then, one (1) year before 2014, we closed some deals: wedding outfit packages, photo & video, venue, church etc. At first I thought it’s only the color motif that has to be considered and then somehow we would like to go more into details and eventually decided a theme so we could picture out how we wanted our Wedding would look like. Indeed, choosing a theme helps us decide for items like cake, invites, table decors, etc.

So it became official! 2014 Feb – He proposed!!! 🙂

Why? Why travel? We chose “TRAVEL” simply because we both work abroad and we both dream of visiting more countries. Of course, travelling will always be connected with memories which are represented by photos! So this is J + D – A Travel & Photo themed Wedding!

Note: Travel Theme Weddings as per my research would include the following; Places, photos, transportation, baggage, passport, tickets and anything else thats connected to travelling.

To start off, I always think about a unique invitation, we could not decide & finalize it… I have seen lot & don’t want to copy others. But with the help of our theme, we end up with a passport & flight ticket! Yeah right! There are a lot of the net and I don’t want to use the normal travel passport design! So, taking advantage of an Architect on my side, we brainstormed & finalize this cover!


Note: Of course the thumb mark is not solely from our brains, hehehe – we’ve seen something like that in goggle & we revise it a bit!

*PASSPORT PHOTO (Page 2 & 3)

* *PASSPORT PHOTO (Page 4 & 5)

*PASSPORT PHOTO (Page 6 & 7)



                                                                     Welcome Board

I saw the same design in an invitation and since we have already picked our official invitation – I therefore thought of using it for something else… it took me some serious thought where to put it on because I really love how it looks. It is very meaningful to both of us because maybe, maybe if we didn’t leave Philippines (Cebu & Roxas) our paths will not cross! Ehe! Cheesy lang! – Thank you Abu Dhabi!


*BACKDROP (DROPPERS) – made it myself by collecting our photos through the year and make it like a curtain alternate with paper airplanes.

Credits from SMDP (Our Photobooth Provider) 

*PHOTO-BOOTH PAPERS– made use of Kokobear’s gift and ask him to personalize and do our own background and thats how it looks like!


This is essential in every event, to know who came and who celebrated with us. Although our packages covers their own guest book, I wanted to create something different, so I browed the web once again & found a blog of a Filipina whose theme was also about travelling! (Can’t recall the exact name, but big big thanks to you!!! – She has given me another idea of our entrance too… will share it in a while). So I asked the Kokobear to design 2 (for variation purposes) and we go these!

Thanks to my good friend Phil who helped us get it ready!


Personalised passport + envelops and our own stamps!
Handmade paper airplanes with personalised messages that I manually wrote!
Paper airplanes on each table used to welcome us as we enter the reception.
Table of places and their famous land mark at front of our reception venue.
A bit far from the travel theme, but we chose this figurine as one of our giveaways.
The given sample was NY and i forgot to ask to change to AD… But it still looks stunning!
Radisson Blu – Cebu – Our official hotel on the big day!
One of 1080p’s package is this beautiful coffee table book of our prenup for the guests to sign up!
A vintage car with Fort San Pedro as our back ground!

There are still so much to share… but hope these items would be helpful if you plan to have a travel themed wedding!God Bless!#TheKokobears #JDWedding2015

Blog post by : JM Kayne

Abu Dhabi – To the Park We Go! (Mushrif Central Park)

Abu Dhabi – To the Park We Go!

(Mushrif Central Park)











Abu Dhabi has the variety of parks to offer wherein families get together every weekends. Parks and beaches are often full-packed with kids, families and friends that chill around. Of course food will never be absent and it also have the activity areas…
Koko and I has explored almost all of the parks for the past 6 years and a half. But this year, Abu Dhabi opened the new park called MUSHRIF CENTRAL PARK. So last Friday, we visited and explored the park. It is a good place to chill, sit down, see and feel the green grasses, walk around and sweat out! We were not able to take photos of all the wonderful sites because I intentionally want you to see them yourself! For the one-hour and half in the park I would say I enjoyed the place! So what are you waiting for? Visit now!
Here are the details…
Mushrif Central Park – 17th Street, Mushrif Area, Karama
Getting there
Taxi is the easiest way – (will cost around 15 AED) – – – you can just tell the driver the park name “Mushrif PARK” emphasise “park” as others may hear it as MALL – since there is also Mushrif Mall.
Or a bus will do! Bus No. 44 and Bus No. 32
 5 AED per person (for one day pass only)
Ripe Food & Craft Market
Every Saturday from March 21st
 Let’s Go Yoga
Weekly classes for adults, teens and younger children. For more information or to sign-up, email
Elite Sports Academy
Weekly children’s football and adult fitness classes. For more information or to register, visit Elite Sports’ website
Sunday & Tuesday
Children’s football – 5:30pm-6:30pm
Adult Fitness – 6:30pm-7:30pm
Children’s football – 4:00pm-5:00pm & 5:00pm-6:00pm
Adult Fitness – 4:00pm-4:50pm & 5:00pm-5:50pm
Note: Some items are not allowed on site especially food, bottled water is ok. For the complete list – you can get it on their website.
For more info – visit
Photography: JM & Elle Chavez (The Kokobears)