2018 Favorites

JM Kayne 2018 Favorites


Hello 2019! 🙂

One week after 2019, allow me to share a mini-review of the things (and other stuffs) that made it to the list of my faves last year. Therefore, before turning more the pages of this new year, allow me to share 16 of my #2018Favorites.


  1. Book – Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
  2. Scent – BBW Lovely Dreamer
  3. Movies – Exes Baggage, Venom, Greatest Showman
  4. Song – Unfinished by Mandisa
  5. Herbs – Mint
  6. Podcast – Big Lessons by Liz Gilbert, Happier by Gretchen Ruben
  7. Website: Marie Forleo 
  8. App/s : Carousell, Snapseed
  9. Event Last Year (PH) – Moments with Grey
  10. Event Last Year (DXB) – Arrival to Dubai and seeing Kokobear again <3 (w/ Ina & Maye)
  11. Color : Still GREEN, but a specific shade (#9ed9c5, #8acbbb, #8bd5cb, #76b39d)
  13. YouTube Channel – Alex Gonzaga for feel good vids and Lavendaire for lifestyle inspiration
  14. Food to Cook in #KusinaNiKayne –Bibimbap, Soft bones soup and Breakfast: slice-bread w/ strawberry jam and a sunny -side up egg, coffee/shake
  15. Lipstick – Avon’s True Color 24k Pink 24L001
  16. MS Office App – MS Power Point. 😀 haha

#1– Been so happy to receive the book Big Magic from Kokobear – one of his gifts for me in 2018. #2 – It has been inspiring and power and I can’t stress it enough that I so so love this book.  #3 – Then aside from my favorite scents, I discovered this clear bottle from BBW Lovely Dreamer and found it really good. #4 – With the breakthrough and challenges I have this year, I feel that Unfinished is for me and for all who believed that God has a great plan for all of us. #5 – I love mint ever since and I always check it our in the herbs section whenever we’re in the supermarket. Love to use it for tea and a couple of leaves for salads. #6 – Happier is a staple since 2017, then Big Lessons too. While Marie Forleo is a favorite this year because I have been thinking of being a business woman in my own creative space at The Creative Passport. #7 – Marie Forleo is my favorite website at the moment because of her very good content on business, productivity, creativity and more. So I’m literally a “tambay” (stay-in) lol. #8 – Been enjoying Carousell where I created #ShopJMKayne to sell my pre-loved books and other stuffs also I’m currently enjoying and learning snapseed – a picture editor. 🙂 #9 – Having Grey my first ever nephew is a fave moment. It’s amazing how a baby can lighten up and make a home really homey that you’d love to go home even if his not my baby but it feels great to love such an angel. <3 #10 – Going back to Dubai is an amazing moment of course. I missed Kokobear and the place. #11 – Green forever! Green shades and green all the way! hahaha #12 – In love and eyes twinkling with the word #CREATE and creativity! #13 – Alex Gonzaga gives a good laugh. Aileen Xu of Lavendaire is just inspiring 🙂 . #14 – Soft bones my fave and Kokobear’s fave too. Also a Sunday family meal. My standard breakfast is the one listed above. To have an easy move, bibimbap always a fun option. #15 – I love this lipstick, got it from Philippines and brought here in the Dubai. Find it natural looking and shining shimmering splendid at times.. heheh #16 – I always love creating presentations in powerpoint and sometime edit some photos from there. Tired spreadsheets too but still find PPT easy to navigate and do the things I want to work and tweak on. 

So that’s it. I will try to make another list for 2019 Maybe monthly? Well, I’ll look on it. 

What are your 2018 favorites? Share them on the comment below.


God bless,

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Side note: My fave number is 16 that’s why it’s 16 favorites! 😀 

2018 Year-end Review : Passion Projects & Breakthroughs

2018 year-end review - ppbreakthroughs 2018 - iamjmkayne.com

It’s that time of the year when I go about the highlights (and lows) of the year as a review of what these 12 months have been.

2018 has been filled with extraordinary challenges, lessons, growth and love. If this year has been tough on you and those you love, I understand. The important thing is, we keep going because God is greater than any of these problems and we come up victorious with Him by our side.

If you’ve been following me, you’d know that each year I have a theme and this year its Passion Projects and Breakthroughs 2018. That’s where the hashtag #PPBreakthroughs2018 comes. Below are a few of the highlights of this year and sure thing, I’d like to share about them too.

Highlights of 2018 #PPBreakthroughs2018

  • Kokobear’s new job
  • Moving to Dubai
  • Dan2x Wedding 
  • Grey’s Birth 
  • 5+ Months vacation in Cebu
  • My Surgery 
  • Podcast Interview 
  • 10 Collaborations / Sponsored posts 
  • Completed Free Course for TCP
  • Started The Creative Passport (TCP) Workbook
  • Pitched The Creative Passport (TCP) Workbook
  • A full year of CFFL Dubai victories and challenges


So, Kokobear (my husband) was hired for a company here in Dubai which led us to moving from Abu Dhabi (after 9 years) to Dubai to culminate a decade of being in the emirates. Yes, it’s been 10 years now since we both first stepped into this beautiful land. And we are still starting to explore Dubai!

With the change of environment and city I opt to take that opportunity as well to go on a vacation for the new year + the upcoming wedding of my younger brother. Dan-Dan wed Yvette on 2nd Jan 2018 and so I prepared and created their wedding invite, a DIY passion project for me. Check it out here G+M DIY Wedding Invitation.

DIY Wedding Invite5

Then comes a God’s Gift to our family!!! Our newest additional “Belt” member. GREY is my first ever nephew! Such a cutie. You’d probably see a few photos of him on my instagram : @jmkayne.

So from late December to till almost end of May, I spend 5+ months at home. Stayed in Cebu and took a few visits here and there. Met a few friends but most importantly did faced a health breakthrough. Yes, I had a surgery. This story will be shared more soon. I have to say through that this breakthrough is pretty much amazing and takes a lot of courage to share. Something happened that made me never the same after that! 🙂

While I was still in Cebu, I did have an opportunity to be interviewed for a podcast! The beautiful couple Chris & Tiara of Our Food Adventures featured and interviewed me for things about visiting CEBU! 🙂 Listen to the episode here: Tropical Paradise, Swimming with Whale Sharks, and Crispy Pig Skin in Cebu, Philippines with Julie-Mae from IAMJMKAYNE.

jm kayne podcast interview on Our-Food-Adventures-Podcast-12

This year, I’m happy to share that I have made 10 collaborations for 2018. A target I made earlier this year. These are both more on marketing/ads blog post versions. Here are the 2018 Collaborations I made. 

This March, I planned to create the Social Studies online class but I was derailed to other stuffs and ended up with another course. Yet, still so happy that I opt to complete this free course right after delivering it to CFFL Dubai. Enroll in this FREE Course at thecreativepassport.teachable.com. It’s about Speaker’s Workshop – Speaking God’s Words.

Also, I have been creating The Creative Passport workbook. This idea came in when I was on the plane back to Dubai and a creative workbook excites me. I actually have a timeline/deadline on this but currently way behind it. Although, I have to say that I was able to pitch it into a publishing company here in the UAE. I hope it catches their attention and that they will give me a chance to complete it.

This year as well is a great opportunity to be of service to God. I think I have shared in the previous blog posts, that He has anointed Darrelle and I to take care of his vineyard in Dubai and become the Area Servants. It started with a tough road to journey on but He simply made all ways straight and provided everything and everyone that we need. I’d probably dedicate another blog for this story, I’m starting to get emotional and catching up my thoughts because there seemed to be a lot to share. 🙂

TheKokobears 7Dec2018 on iamjmkayne

Finally, the year is about to close and up to this day (as I write this post) I still haven’t have any chance of a real interview for a job. It has been almost 2 long years. I feel like it was just yesterday, but I have to admit … I missed working. I missed being in action and being busy. I missed being in a corporate environment… and more so, I missed receiving that text from my fave text-mate! 😀 hehehe

Also, here’s a short IG post – an open letter to Dubai . 🙂
Dear Dubai - iamjmkayne.com
Dear #Dubai,
Thank you for the past 6 months! I’m excited to roll a new year and see what you have in store for me and Kokobear 🐻… Two days before 2019, I reflect on the lessons, failure, emotions and encounters I have in 2018. I praise God for all the blessings and burdens of both situations and people… Indeed they’ve made me stronger and faithful. Dubai, can we get more acquainted next year please? 😉
Your new Dubai-er 😂 


With all of these things, I still believe that God has a greater plan than whatever it is on my mind. And I continue to wait patiently for His perfect plan and timing.


God bless,

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