A Teacher, a Doctor and a Counselor too!

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Have I shared that I used to consider taking Psychology in college?

I’ve always been curious about the mighty brain and the way it affects people. Back in university days, I used to wish to become a Guidance Counselor thus pushing me to take BS Psychology as a major. But due to lack of funds and information thereof, I have set aside that little corner of my interest. Little did I know that my major Social Sciences covers seven (7) branches and that includes Psych! 😀

Up to date, those classes, sessions and workshops are the most unforgettable memories I had back in CNU.

Also, a part of me never wanted to be in the medical field but I have always been fascinated with the thought of wearing the white lab gown worn by doctors. Ha Ha Ha.. I’m currently addicted to the series The Good Doctor, my interest of becoming one resurrected . . .

So, I’m a teacher who wanted to be come a counselor and now a doctor wanna-be! 🙂

Being a teacher (well, as I used to be – – – ) is a privilege to hold many roles. To teach and mold their mind is the major one but when a student is hurt, I become a first aider/doctor. When he/she is in trouble I give advise and becomes a counselor.

Wait? Why am I talking about these?

Well, I’m sharing about psychology and my interest of being a counselor for a little while because in an earlier blog post I have shared to you a topic related to mental health. We discussed about Mental Health, Self-Love, Self-Care and seeking help from the people close to us. Alternatively seeking help from others who will not judge us because they don’t personally know us and yet they are experts in the field. I was talking about the online-therapy that BetterHelp.com could offer. With technology’s advancement comes the term telehealth.

TELEHEALTH. A digital information and communication tech such as our mobile phones, and computers that allows us to access health services and care remotely, where ever we are most especially at the comfort of our home.

Used by patients, doctors and counselors to improve and support health care services. It is a technique for the purpose of providing telemedicine, medical & health education over a distance and crossing location boundaries and geographic barriers.

A videoconference that transmits health reports, data and other information is one of the many ways that telehealth is being used. It aids patients who are in the remote areas to have access to healthcare services.

I personally experienced such service back in the Philippines when one hospital has this telehealth option. I haven’t really understood the whole process but now I am enlightened.

BetterHelp is a telehealth provider too. They have counselors that will allow you to communicate in your most convenient way. You can use the phone to talk, chat and through video calls. It is a private, professional counseling online-therapy hub.

You sign up, and BetterHelp will match you to an available and suitable counselor for you who fits your preferences. They will consider your objectives, types of issues and the approach that you’d like to take on. Thus more importantly, BetterHelp has different counselors with various areas of expertise and focus in order to achieve the best results for you and your needs. In the event that you don’t feel comfortable and matched with your current counseling session, you can always ask for another one.

In this age of social media, technology and all other advancement, it is only right and just that the medical field will also level up though telehealth and telemedicine. 

Making life easier and convenient.

To learn more about online counseling visit www.betterhelp.com/online-counseling.


Stay healthy and God bless,


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When Self-Love means taking care of our Mental Health

Self-love is a therapy for mental health.”

A pressing topic of the world nowadays is the concern that most people have a hard time figuring out because of how the society seemed to brand it. Many people think that “Self-Love” is being selfish and it caters the “ME, MYSELF & I attitude”. Even though many of us misunderstood Self-Love that way, allow me to straighten up things in this blog.

Self-love is defined as a regard to our own wellbeing and happiness. Self-love in this situation (and in this blog post specifically) is SELF-CARE.

Remember, self-care is a priority. We need to take care of ourselves first before we can extend our help, care and love to others. It’s not a luxury to give our self the love and care we deserve, only then we can fully share what we have to the people, the community around us and to the world at large.

Now, I am equating Self-Love/Care to our Mental Health because these topics go hand in hand. In order to take care of our mental health, we have to give importance to our self; “love and care of our self”.  Although both are trendy topics, there’s still a great need to focus more on them… Self-love and care are misquoted to focus on treats like spas and beauty regimen, which is a skin-deep concern. A vanity! We have to look at it beyond and see it for the real importance. It’s positive effect to our senses.

Understanding self-love/care requires deeper understanding and a positive shift of mindset. It will require another full blog post for that. But don’t worry I will share more about that later on. For now, let me make it short. SELF-LOVE/CARE is taking care of the major aspects of our life: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and all of the sensory aspects.

Leaving our self-care unattended may lead us to depression and possibly end up to a deeper mental health issue. As a matter of fact, many people with mental health issues are untreated. Thus, a deteriorating a mental state has been affecting our quality of life.

What is MENTAL HEALTH then?

Sometimes we think that it is similar with mental illness, but illness is about disorders that occur in the brain such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Mental Health on the other hand, covers our social, psychological and emotional well-being. It is essential because it can affect every aspect of our life. It damages how we think, feel and act. It changes our mental and emotional state that eventually affects our physical action.

Mental health usually comes from stress. Over the course of our life we experience mental health problems with our thoughts, moods and behavior. Biological factors from our genes, life experiences like trauma, abuse and family history are few of the factors that contribute to mental health problems.

The good news is – we all can get the help we need.

The very first step to handling mental health issue to awareness. True, that most of the time people with depression are in a denial stage, therefore it is very much important that we keep an open communication with the people that we trust. Share what’s bothers you. Share what are the happenings in your life… What stresses you?, what is dragging you?…

Probably some of us might also find it hard to share it to our loved ones, because we don’t want to burden them. Well, an online therapy is an answer to this. BetterHelp is one of the leading mental health advocates who has licensed and experienced counselors that help individuals in this field, making it accessible, affordable and convenient.

A part of self-care (and love) is being honest to our self that we need help. And if we find ourselves lost in the midst of the people to whom we are not sure if they will understand or judge us, seeking an online-therapy could be our viable option.

The significance of self-care in our mental health matters because filling our life with empowering activities and happy thoughts help us to reframe negativity. Because whatever our mind holds, the more influence we have than we realize.

To get started visit www.BetterHelp.com.

Stay healthy and God bless,