MAY Day, MAY – Days!

May Day, May – DAYS!!!  Sounds familiar, but not really what you think it is all about.

May is a very special month for me and my husband (Darrelle – aka Kokobear). May – days have special dates that stand out among the 31 days. It has my birthday on 21st, Darrelle’s birthday & Mama Merlina’s bday (my mom-in-law) on the 27th and the most special of all is our Wedding Anniversary, today – the 16th! 

16th MAY

We’re celebrating our 3rd Wedding Anniversary this year. I know it’s way too early compared to other couples, but I have to say it has been great 3 years for both of us. We are not perfect but personally I found myself better, extending much patience and love to my better half. Which for sure he has his own share of that too. 🙂 Darrelle and I met way back 2009, been God’s gift to each other since 2010.  I praise God for this gift he has bestowed upon us. Keep us loving and patient as we continue working on your purpose for us.

    When Facebook is thoughtful ! 🙂 heheheh

21st MAY 

It’s my birthday! ^^ instead of giving my thoughts or further details, I will use this blog post as a public prayer.

Dear God,

Another year for me is yet to start, thank you for being with me all the way. All these years, I though I am lucky: with a good family that has very supportive & loving parents & a good younger bro, friends that though miles away from me but never stopped communicating, completed school, got to work, new friends abroad, and eventually travelled Abu Dhabi. Then I’ve realized I’m not lucky, I AM BLESSED.  Father – your love, mercy and compassion have kept me grounded. Thank you for using me in your special ways, thank you that amidst all the circumstances met throughout almost 9 years in Abu Dhabi, there you are by my side. I thank you for leading me into CFC-FFL community. I have to say, I am not who I am today when it comes to faith without being inside this community of yours.

Thank you for all the people you have sent to remind me of your presence. They may be kind or the opposite of it but it has brought the best of me. I know you are there when I am in pain, you are there when I felt joy. I know you have plans in my life and no matter how difficult and bumpy the road will be, Father I ask for your guidance. I will hold on to your promise and continue to seek the Holy Spirit in all the days to come.

On my birthday, I wish that you allow our plans to be according to your will. I continue to pray that may we be able to represent you in all circumstances. Amen.

Your daughter,


27th MAY 

What more is beautiful when your husband was born on the same day of his
mother. My gratefulness goes to Mama Merlina for giving birth to this man on her own birthday! On this day, I ho
nor both of you. Mama Merlina, thank you. Even if we didn’t meet (in person) and just heard each other over the phone once, I know that you love Darrelle with all your heart and I honor you for raising such a great man. It is because of you and Papa Danilo that I am now appreciating and enjoying this life with him.

Kokobear, I know I’ve been a difficult one but you have always been understanding and loving. I want you to know that I am so happy and blessed to be your  Kokobear <3 ! So honored to be your better half. I AM PROUD of YOU! And whenever you stand in the crowd, delivering God’s words it always make me wanna shout and say “Asawa ko na” (That’s my husband!) hehehe but of course, I’ve gotta keep my cool and be humble. kkkk 🙂 My love goes to you! <3

Three days out of the 31 days and yet I feel like we own the month! Anyone can of course do that. . .  This is just a simple blog post to share a little bit about my life. Which I owe all up to that big guy up there. Thank you Lord for these May day MAY Days!

God bless!!!


Kayne’s Journey to 30!

Kayne’s Journey to 30!

Did I tell you I am blessed?
  • ·      5:30 am – Alarm!!!
  • ·     6:30 am – Mass – – but I missed it so I just stayed and pray up to 8-8:30 am
  • ·     9:00 – 9:30 am – Breakfast 
  • ·      9:30 – 10:00 am – Opened the mall and waited for the cinema’s first show
  • ·      10:30 – 12:00 noon – Bucket List Movie – Danny Collins… So now I know how it feels to watch a movie alone… and totally alone, owning the whole cinema all by myself!
  • ·     12:38 pm – Go back home and do the first fry of my bagnet.
  • ·      2:12 pm – Off to my pamper day 
  • ·      2:30 pm – Saloon session started
  • ·     6:30 pm – Done with the Saloon and back at home, and prepare the rest of our dinner.
  • ·      7:30 pm – Onward, dinner, chatting with Kokobear, checking your birthday greetings…
*In between these schedules I also had a chat at home with Mamo & Dado!!! 
On Facebook: On Leave for my birthday. smile emoticon 
Today’s #BibleAlive2015 is being THANKFUL! And as I pray I can’t help but praise & glorify God for all his blessings! 
 ☻ They call it “the mandatory birthday selfie of the day! ☺ 
۩۩ – The very first thing – visited the church, prayed and expressed all my gratitude to my creator… I recalled – being in St. Joseph for the first time (on my birthday in 2009) – I was alone and now things have changed… He blessed me so much more than I deserved! Of course I did my rosary to Mary too!
۩۩ – Another stop over to my devotion to the Lady of Lourdes…
Since Jobee is too far! I go to my McDo Big Breakfast!
Fulfilling one on my bucket-list!
Saloon day! Time to pamper thyself… Fix my nails & have my hair done!
Greetings & selfie for the birthday! ha ha ha
* * * 29.05.2015 * * *







Extended Burthday surprise from #HHLOVE
#HHLOVE  you rock!!! Na Surprised ako! 😅
Priceless moment like this makes me feel so high!!! Thank u for the love, special messages, gifts and most of all for the inspiration you have given me! 😍
May the Lord bless us all! Mwahhh xoxo ❤
#JMKaynesExtendedBday #SisMeannsBabyShower #HHLOVEGetTogether #CFFLSFL #SFLAbuDhabi #SFLBestLifeEver #ThankYouLord #ThanksGodForHouseHolds #CommunityLife
I decided for a non-fancy resto dinner and cooked my version of bagnet! In fairness it was swiped out! Adding Kokobear’s fried rice and sauce + my fave original glazed dunot from Krispy kreme!!! Oppppsss with pancit for long life!!! #LiveLoveFood
I don’t know if it is personalised for those who has gmail account that this Google logo comes out during the owners birthday… but on my day – this is Google’s header logo of the day! Hehehe
Thanks GOOGLE for the cakes!!! #AssumingKo 🙂


 ☀ ☁ 115 + + and counting (plus call, txts and sms)… You guys made my day!!! ☼ ☁ 

THANK YOU for the over flowing greetings of love posted here in facebook, pm, calls and text.

I can’t answer you all one by one but rest assured that your greetings have reached me. For all the well wishers: from the simple HBD to the inspirational quotes and personal (close from the heart) messages – super duper thank you! You all have made this birthday awesome! 

I thank the Lord our God for everything! May we all continue to praise Him throughout our journey!

I love you all!