VW Series 002 – WATER

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Spiritual Need no. 2 : Appreciation of Oneself


– Remedy –

WATER – aka Self-awareness & confidence of the truth that you are God’s son/daughter.


Water is the most consumed liquid in the world. It helps us with our survival and sustains our body needs to continue circulating blood as the cells and other organs have to do their bodily functions. 

Like water, our spiritual need #2 – Appreciation of Oneself – has such requirements to continuously replenish and rehydrate our self-confidence. But don’t get this in the wrong side of the coin… This is the opposite of that narcissistic thought about “me-me-me“…

This is more of the FACT that YOU are a CHILD of GOD.

Self-awareness is an essential value a person has to have. Many people nowadays experience depression and brokenness because they feel alone and probably misunderstood by others. This is because they are unaware of how precious they are. Plus the truth that their brokenness actually comes from within. Majority of us do not have self-identity. At times we identify ourselves because of the influence of our friends and mostly from the feeds of those “#goals” (of whatever kind) we see on social media. Unaware of our strengths and weaknesses, the only way of knowing who we are is to actually, take that time to get to know ourself.

How? By knowing what we are good at! And what we aren’t good at too.

Knowing what we are capable of, on what we are good at and the opposite of it, – will enable us to excel and admit our weaknesses, thus will allow us to improve and accept who we are. 


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When you don’t feel you are enough, understand that you can conquer doubt by knowing who you are in Jesus.

– Tim Tebow



In order to process this, try to get a pen and a paper and answer these guide questions: (Note: These are the guide questions from the talk itself.)

  1. Think of someone (same sex) whom you admire most.
  2. What are the qualities I like about him/her which I think I don’t have?
  3. What are the qualities I love most about myself?
  4. What are the qualities I think he/she loves about me?
  5. What are the qualities I have which I think he/she doesn’t have?

Alternatively, I have created two (2) additional activities that may somehow help you dig deeper of your strengths and weakness. You can either use your own notebook/journal/diary/paper or download this free activity sheets.

  • Activity 1 – TALK Guide Questions
  • Activity 2 – WHO ARE THEY? #GOALS
  • Activity 3 – I AM . . . 
Download the above activity sheets here > VW Series 002 – WATER (Activity Sheets).


Finally, allow me to impart this inspiring and empowering scripture from our community’s theme this year:

But you are ‘a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people of his own

(1 Peter 2:9)

So who are you!? 🙂 


I hope  you make time to do these activities and that this one helps. Let me know in the comments below or drop me an email on hello@iamjmkayne.com.


Be blessed and be God’s blessings!


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Kayne Series (Vol. 3) – 10 Random Things

It’s been a while since the last volume of #KayneSeries, where I share something about myself. It’s my version of a Getting to Know the Blogger Behind this Blog series!


Here’s the 3rd installation. This time, I’d like to share;

10 Random Things Not Many People Know About Me.

♥ ♥ 


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kayne series vol 3 - iamjmkayne

♥ ♥ ♥

#10 – Can’t write without a ballpen cap 

Whenever I write something and the pen doesn’t have a cap, it makes me feel so light that it brings me to feel uncomfortable! You see, when I have this moment, I tend to stop and ask for the cap, of course when its not there I tend to actually “force” myself to continue writing. It’s actually one of my a pet peeves!


#9 – I’m weak in writing

Yes, I know… you’d think that I excel in writing especially that I am a self-proclaimed “writer/blogger” and Editor-in-chief of CFFL – The Vineyard Magazine! But, I’m not an expert nor even an advanced writer compared to others. In fact, 2 of my IELTS results will back me up. Among the 4 English skills (Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening); my writing test has the lowest score… what’s my band? Oopppsss keeping it secret though~ lol Nevertheless, since I know that I am weak on that area, that’s  where I work on, the very reason why I study and polish more of this skill. Working in progress up to date!


#8 – I am a licensed Highschool Teacher, major in Social Sciences

Yes, Social Science. When people hear that I’m a teacher they usually assume I’m an English Teacher. Well, to be honest English was my first choice (as my major) but somehow I was drawn to the fact and interesting twist and turns of the Philippine society and of the fascinating transistion of civilization of the world. There goes SocSci! Unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to practice it since I graduated. My teaching experience was in ESL/English as Second Language because of its trend way back 2005. When I moved to Abu Dhabi, I was not in the academe, instead I was into telemarketing & training.


#7 – I can’t go out of the house without a bag

I’m not that person who is obsessed with branded and glamourous bags, but I am a “bag girl” simply because I feel incomplete (again) whenever I go out without it. Just like the ballpen cap, I feel light and I feel something is missing. I bet in Psychology there is that  theory/syndrome of being attached to some thing. Will update this post once I remember that.

#6 – I used to dream of being a lawyer

I was in highschool when the thought of being a lawyer came into my head, I was so interested with radio news because my father is a listener and I am fascinated with the thought of being a newscaster + a lawyer for me to be a credible commentary host. But I guess I went back to my childhood dream of being an educator. These days, I still have those moments when I tend to snap my thoughts and feels like defending myself (when it comes to some issues) or defend a friend where arguements arise.

#5 – I’m a die-hard basketball fan 

Long before being a Golden State Warrior Fan (for Steph Curry & Kevin Durant – bcoz of my husband), I have always been a basketball fan. I play the sports myself back in my childhood days and even during college. A die-hard Purefoods fan since Alvin Patrimonio started! My favorite number to this day is #16 because I was and still a fan! Eventhough he doesn’t play anymore, as he manages the team – I am still rooting for the same team. Right now I enjoy NBA games with Kokobear and spend much time watching GSW and this year I’m eyeing Kyrie Irving as well as he joins the Celtics!


#4 – I’m a lousy (practiced) joker 

Whenever I deliver a speech or share a story during a convo, I always opt to add a joke in between. I practice it and thought that its funny. When I deliver it – I just can’t hit the comic timing! Rehearsed jokes somewhat makes me lousy in that forte. Nevertheless, when I deliver speeches/talks and just hit a “joke” – an approach that I don’t rehearse and just simply throw it, my audience laughs and somehow find them amusing. The truth is, I’m not even a funny person. I’m more of the person who will just laugh in a group of friends.


#3 – I used to be a trying hard singer

People from Cebu Philippines are mostly tagged as good singers. We tend to render beautiful songs with our power belter voices that usually ends up the champion and/or the first runner up in major national singing contests on TV. Thus, we are tagged as good singers + Cebu is also known for its guitars. I AM an EXCEPTION on the other hand. I bet I was sleeping when God showered the gift of music! lol – – – I say I’m a trying hard singer because I used to fantasize being on a stage; dancing and singing the hits of the Spice Girls! hahah YES I am a fan too! 🙂


iamjmkayne.com - mtv vj hunt#2 – I auditioned for MTV VJ Hunt


I’ve always wanted to be a newscaster/dj or VJ! And yes I tried my luck and auditioned for MTV VJ Hunt (Philippines). Did it twice and in the second year, I managed to reach the Top 50! 🙂 I went solo and didn’t tell anyone, headed to SM City Cebu all by myself! This happened during my third and fourth year in college days! Shared this to a few chosen people though after the experience. This is one of the highlights of my university years.



Note: I lost my contestant ID for 2004 and found this 2005 only 😀


#1 – Before GREEN, Blue was my favorite color!

Blue was my favorite color since elementary days, well~ I still love it even up to these days. But I started liking green when I saw one of our Korean student (way back 2005) wearing a bench/ t-shirt. Because she was white and her outfit was in green + white pants! Starting that day, I started to like all shades of green!



Which among these items surprised you the most!?!


I’d love to hear it from you!



God bless,