Favorite Blogging Apps

Favorite Blogging Apps

Favorite Blogging Apps!

Every blogger has his/her go to blogging apps –  whether you use it through your mobile phones and on your desktop/laptop. There’s been hundreds of app around IOS & Google Apps Stores that helps bloggers and vloggers to polish our contents and everyone has his/her favorite. Here is my humble take on this:


1 – WordPress App

Major major top bill on this list, is the main blog platform, WordPress! There are times when I am away from my laptop, so made sure that WordPress app is handy on my phone. Draft ideas on titles, photos and write ups are easily saved while I am out of my desk.

2 – Canva 

Photo editing and layout has never been easy. Canva helped me a lot in all of my head photos and IG photos. Simply choose a template, change colors, text, photos and even filters. In no time, you’ll have your beautiful versions of an IG Photo, Youtube cover photos, Facebook FB Page cover photos or even for your presentations.

3 – PhotoGrid

Collating photos artistically is also very important. At times we want to capture photos that seemed to look similar but if you look closely it shows details of minor differences which is possibly your purpose to explain how things work – probably on DIY items or How To blog posts.

4 – MailChimp

Readers are one of the most important treasure a blogger must have. Emails are as good as people that we want to keep and so, to keep them organize, try our Mailchimp for your broadcast emails and keeping contacts.

5 – Social: Instagram, Facebook Pages, Twitter

Build more page visitors through Social Media, therefore these 3 are important to me. Aside from these 3 major platforms, I am also into Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, Bloglovin etc. Although majority of my views definitely comes from these big 3!

I know, there are some apps that sets schedule on publishing posts or IG contents, but I wanna make things simple and still personalized. Oh by the way, I still keep with me my favorite manual apps – my notebook and pen! 😀

For now, these are my current favorites. How about you, what apps do you use in your #BlogLife?

Go ahead, share it!



God bless!






This is not a sponsored blog post. I just simply enjoy these apps!
How to START a BLOG (2018)

How to START a BLOG (2018)

Source: Unspalsh.com

For a while now, I always encourage my friends and a few readers to start a blog whenever they tell me that I inspire them to pursue their passion in writing. And I always get caught up to the thought that why not tell them HOW TO DO IT? 🙂 

Now, this is my action step! ^^ Let me share how in this blog post.

The 7 steps to start a blog:

  1. Answer, WHY do you want to start a blog?
  2. Decide what to blog about. Define or identify your niche
  3. Choose a blogging platform.
  4. Get started with WordPress.
  5. Design & use your blog!
  6. Pick a domain name. (Optional for beginners)
  7. Find a host. (Optional for beginners)

Don’t worry, I will elaborate these steps one by one and hopefully I will give justice to it. 


<<< A little BACK STORY <<<

I have been blogging since 2008, this year is a very important year in my life because it’s the year that I have ticked off one of my bucket-list : To get my passport stamped before it expires! lol hahaha kidding aside – this is the year I left Cebu for Abu Dhabi.

So, to ease loneliness (not really lonely but excited of the new adventures) and more on being homesick – I have decided to record my experiences through blogging. Thus, In My Heart came to life. Because these are the stories #InMyHeart ♥.



 #1 – Answer, WHY do you want to start a blog?

[ #KayneAnswers: I wrote it already above – I wanted to express my feelings and document my life experiences.]

Most of the people, will have the same reason as mine. Others because they have learned that blogging can also let them:

 Practice the writing skills

✅ Share their stories, poetry and other literary expressions

 Earn money

 Or just to simply make an online diary of their life.

You, what’s your WHY?


#2 – Decide what to blog about. Define or identify your niche.

[#KayneAnswers: I want to blog about my life experiences (take 3 heheh). At first, I can’t define  my niche but overall its a lifestyle/personal niche where topics about life, travel, faith, teaching are combined.]

You have all the right to choose whatever topic you want to write, as long as you don’t hurt anybody.. {Avoid fake news pls!!!}  I would suggest that you write what you are passionate about. You can also just make a photo blog – where you simply share your favorite photos and a little description or caption. 


Not Sure What to BLOG yet? Write anyway! Share whatever you have in your mind. I even found a blog that I am currently loving – where she simply share a note of the little things in life. Check out http://justlittlethings.net. Another blog only features his favorite YouTube Music videos and songs. One fellow blogger shares her journey about depression. Actually, it is all up to you. 

#Writing, for me is therapeutic, it eases my thoughts amidst the many cabwebs it has. It calms me down. The words that I release through the pen and paper takes out anxiety and makes me feel better. #iamjmkayne #InMyHeartJMKaynesBlog… Click To Tweet

💡 FYI: Niche noun [nich] is defined as – pertaining to a specific position or specific appeal to a market. This means topic such as Life, Travel, Faith, Family, Food, Political issues, Entertainment… etc.



#3 – Choose a Blogging Platform

[#KayneAnswers: In 2008, I was blogging through in Blogspot.com (this is the Google blogging platform). And in 2016, I have decided to move it to WordPress. Simply because I have found out that WordPress has more users compared to Blogspot and that I often encounter difficulty in connecting and conversing with bloggers from WordPress when I was still in Blogspot.]

For item #4, I am sharing the platform that I am using now, and that is WordPress.


💡 FYI: Blogging Platforms – are the sites  (software/service) that allows you to publish your content onto the internet in a form of blog. There are many options to this. There is Tumblr, Portofolio.com, Google+, Facebook Page, Medium, SquareSpace, Wix and more. This link will help you more as it compares these platform.


#4 – Get Started with WORDPRESS

  1. Visit www.wordpress.com or download the app (in IOS or Google App stores)
  2. And the next few steps are on the below Slideshare. 🙂 Or alternatively, here’s a free downloadable version of ✅ HOW TO MAKE A BLOG 2018.

 Alternatively, here’s a free downloadable version of ✅ HOW TO MAKE A BLOG 2018.



#5 – Design and USE your Blog!

[ #KayneAnswers: I got my blog theme/design from a free WordPress design called NIKKON. It’s easy to use and if I wanna make it premium, I can totally change it once I’m ready to pay for the extra and better widgets or services. But for now, I’m happy with it. ]

Pick the design you love. Change when you feel like, edit this, edit that. Change the font, change the color. You can change it as you like. But there are times that you have to buy the premium versions of it. So if you’re cool with the free one (just like me) stay there. haha 😀

There are thousands of blog designs or themes you can choose from. WordPress Free account has  options or you can also purchase your prefered style and upload it to your blog. 🙂


Source: www.heise.de


#6 – Pick a domain name

[ #KayneAnswers: In the earlier stage of my blog I have already used i-am-jmhkayne.blogspot.com  Mine happens to be www.iamjmkayne.com.]

Optional for beginners. Domain names are your personal choice of what your world wide web (www) address will be. Picking a domain name in this level means no more – – – domainname.wordpress.com or domainname.blogspot.com or domainname.tumblr.com. This time only yourdomainname.com.

Bear in mind though that picking a personalized domain has a cost. It is not for free. WordPress itself has a per month price, shown in the above slide/downloadable guide. BUT! Don’t worry I can recommend you a cheaper service that will cost you around 550+ Pesos only for 12 months! I will share that website in the next item.


#7 – Find a host

Again, this is optional for beginners. Understanding what a blog host sometimes is very confusing.

[ #KayneAnswers: My blog’s host is COFFEEMAGS! I also bought my domain from them at *500 PHP (*10$) for 1 year. While my blog hosting is at 1$ per month (more or less 600 PHP/year). So far they have the cheapest cost I have encountered, but their service is great! Both Michael and Gecel are so helpful especially for a non-techy person like me 😃 ]

*Price varies depending on the domain that you choose.


💡 FYI: Blog Host – is the place where your blog lives in the online world. For example, Blogspot’s host is Google. It is powered by Google. To make it more simple, Andy Traub makes this simple analogy: Web hosting is the LAND and your domain is is the ADDRESS of the house. So for you to stay in your place (online) you need a blog host.


This is my humble version of HOW TO START A BLOG this2018. A very basic guide to start into the blogging world. This has been my passion project (even without knowing/understanding what a passion project was back then) and still an on going one. 🙂


Read about why you too, should Start a Passion Project here.


I hope this post inspires you to start your blog this 2018!



Let the blogging begin! 🙂




God bless






This isn’t a sponsored post. But the above CoffeeMags has an affiliate link which will give me a share for successful sign ups.

50 Blog Post Ideas for Lifestyle/Personal Bloggers

50 Blog Post Ideas for Lifestyle/Personal Bloggers

Blog post ideas from different sources have made this blog up and running for years. As they always say “Content is gold”! At times, I am stagnant of what to write and share. No community events, travel session with Kokobear or just got no inspiration. The easiest “go to” for me is Google ideas and in no time, I get started.

So, I am paying it back by simply listing my own share of blog post ideas for Lifestyle bloggers or for Personal blogs to keep you going. Hopefully this will help you in any way. 🙂

  1. Why Do You Blog?
  2. Answer your FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about yourself/blog or others
  3. 5/ 10 /20 Things about Yourself
  4. An Interview with someone you admire.
  5. Share a review of your Favorite TV Series / List of Drama (or K-Dramas) that you love
  6. Talk about a new place (You visited or moved in to)
  7. Write a Public Service Blog post
  8. Share about What’s on your Make-Up Kit
  9. Do a Blog Series (Example: You Blog You series, Kayne Series)
  10. Product Review
  11. Book/Movie Review
  12. Share an Opinion about a Certain issue (Current Events)
  13. 20 things before 20 / 30 Things before 30 / 40, 50 etc. – Bucket list
  14. Your A – Z List
  15. List down and Appreciate 5 bloggers and describe why?
  16. Show your Collections (mugs, stationaries, bags, souvenirs, books, etc.)
  17. Your OOTD (Outfit of the Day)
  18. Share about your Favorite Instagram Accounts
  19. An Encounter with God
  20. An Encounter with Your Neighbor
  21. Lesson You’ve Learned about last Sunday’s Gospel (or Friday’s)
  22. Books you are currently reading / planning to read
  23. Advise about a certain relationship issue
  24. Recipe Post
  25. Monthly Reviews/ Favorites
  26. Write a Letter to the Younger version of yourself
  27. What’s in Your Bag
  28. Birthday/Christmas Wishlist
  29. A Reverse Bucket list (share all the cool things you’ve done already)
  30. Free Activities/Locations in your city
  31. Round up your favorite brands (in all items)
  32. Gift Ideas (for a certain occasion)
  33. Your Best movies of the year
  34. How To – – – (something you are expert or good at)
  35. Share and Explain your favorite Bible scripture
  36. The DOs and ‘DONTs about  – – –
  37. Your Current Passion Project
  38. 24 or 48 Hours in (City name)
  39. Experiment: Go out of your comfort zone and share about that experience.
  40. Share your favorite Poems / Quotes
  41. Travel/Make Up/ Bag / MUST Haves
  42. A list and photos of your local street foods!
  43. Q&A Post
  44. That High School Life Memories
  45. Write about your FIRSTs
  46. The Songs that’s currently on your Playlist
  47. List # that you are Grateful for
  48. Do a Photo Challenge (series or stand alone post)
  49. A Blogpost with no words, just pictures.
  50. Host a Giveaway



Stopping at fifty (50) this time, but whenever I get some ideas, I shall add it up here. Enjoy and let the blogging (once again) begin!


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God bless,







Another 8! – My Blogging Journey so far . . .

My Blogging Journey so far . . . 

If not because of LinkedIn, I won’t remember that during this month (November) in 2008 right before I arrived in Abu Dhabi – I have started my little steps to the world of blogging.
 It has been 8 years!
To date, I still enjoy doing so.
Five (5) years ago I dreamt of having my own website during our SFL DISCOVERY WEEKEND – 2011 activity. I wished to use www.beinspired.com – but it has been taken already. This year I come to realize that it culminates that five (5) year plan we had in one of the activities and found out that I have ticked off this dream. So I’ve used www.iamjmkayne.com. It is only this year that I have created more than 60 blog posts and counting (last year 2015 – I had 55) – and it is also just recently when I officially leveled up my blog (in terms of content, design and other blogging niche thingy . . .) by purchasing my own domain. I am overjoyed! 🙂
Cheers to this opportunity to write what’s on my head. Cheers to the fact that indeed DREAMS come TRUE and I always honor God for these happenings. I know everyone can do this but not everyone has that guts to do so. That’s why whether I ace this field or not, I am already happy by just being able to continue expressing myself through this blog. To everyone who is apart of the 31K ++ views I THANK YOU! Again you make me happy and you bring joy in to my heart!
Yes, I drew this back in 2011: Got married –  þ (no babies yet)
Still in the community CFFL (CFC-FFL) – þ
Personal website / Blog  þ (Book not yet)
Teaching / delivering talks – þ

God Bless!

JM Kayne | www.iamjmkayne.com   


25 June 2016 | Sunday
Today, I launched my new blog site address.
Yes! I have decided to take my blog into the next level and get myself a personalized domain.  Cheers!
From https://i-amjmkayne.blogspot welcome to my new site address as www.IAMJMKAYNE.comA new address but with the same content of the stories #InMyHeart – blog posts about Faith, Family, Travel, Foods and more about life!




Like my Facebook page on: In My Heart – JMKayne’s Blog




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You Blog You – Vol. 3

From LOUISE: If you’re wondering what this is, #YouBlogYou is a blog series dedicated for bloggers wherein they will answer 11 questions related to blogging every week. This is a great opportunity for us to know them more as bloggers while others can learn something from them too.

Finally found the time to complete the #YouBlogYou series volume 3! Above link is Louise’s original post.


This #YouBlogYou volume is about blog design and statistics. I am a bit raw when it comes to this, so maybe my answers are not detailed yet.


  1. How do you classify your blog? In what category does it fall in?

I classify my blog as a Personal-Lifestyle blog because I post anything about my journey. From my Faith/Community life, to the places I travel, books & movie reviews and any other topics that I thought worth sharing.

  1. What is the title of your blog? Share with us too what’s the story behind it.

The title of my blog is In My Heart. As what I have shared in the first #YouBlogYou questions, the contents of this blog are about my life, these are the stories “#InMyHeart” ♥ 


  1. How did you come up with the design of your blog? Tell us if it’s a free/purchased template or someone you know made it for you.

BLOGGER: This is a free template from blogger itself. I have tried other templates before and so far this set up makes me comfy. For now I am satisfied because once a reader opens the link here, they are automatically directed to my blogs which is definetely what I am showcasing. Of course I have the Home, Gallery etc buttons as well on the top. (This answer was early last year ~Feb 2016 before I moved to WordPress.)


[Update] NOW/2017WORDPRESS – I am currently using NIKKON. It has all the ready widgets and set ups that I love, so it was an easy choice.


  1. If you own a domain, where did you purchase it? If you don’t have one yet, what’s preventing you from getting one?

Feb 2016 – I have not bough a domain yet. Since I am a newbie, I am still starting to learn and understand for now the pros & cons of purchasing one. Maybe someday I will level up and will take my own domain.

[Update] – I have finally decided to purchase my own doman – that’s June of 2016.


  1. Where do you host your blog? Which platform? (Blogspot, WordPress, Tumblr, etc) Are you planning to move to another platform/host? Why or why not?

I host my blog with Blogspot becasue it is free. It is user-friendly, easy to understand and navigate (which is very helpful for newbies).

There was a time I wanted to switch to Tumblr and WordPress but I feel like I will re-do all the blogs I made and will loose the pageviews and comments.

[Update] – I have decided!!!! 

June 2016 – I have purschased my own domain now and I got it from GoDaddy! My hosting on the other hand is from CoffeeMags.com where you could host your blog at 1$ per month! 🙂 


  1. How often do you check your blog statistics?

I check it every now and then, I don’t have a very specific schedule.


  1. Do you think having a good and fast-loading template affects the traffic of your site?

I think I have. So far my posts loads fairly fast, thanks CoffeeMags!


  1. Do you use other sites, software or apps to schedule and post your blog posts? If yes, care to share it with us? If none, simply tell us how you share your posts.

Blogger has a scheduling post app that automatically connect to Google+ then manually share it to my social media accounts.


[Update] since I moved to WordPress. I have installed Social Media sharing widgets that made my sharing faster and easier.


  1. How do you think you earn blog post comments or blog shares?

Comments rarely come. Maybe because as of now, I don’t have much followers yet. But I do have readers who don’t have blogs – who randomly visit my page. These days I try to join some threads and join other blogs’ discussion. Hopeful to have more someday.

[Update] – After purchasing my dmain and hosted my blog, joining a few Facebook blogging pages, I have now started gaining readers and followers. Won’t share for now how many but hopefully on my next update.


  1. Aside from the activities mentioned above (blog post sharing & comments), what other efforts can help increase a blog’s statistics?

I promote them via my personal facebook page and now I have dedicated a page for this blog too. Google+ actually helps a lot. Working on some more ways and learning ideas from other bloggers.


  1. Check your blog statistics and tell us either what you think helped you attain that number of views or what do you think you could have done to increase it?


Above photo was still in Blogger – Just few months ago, i celebrated 10,000+ views for the entire duration of my blog. To others it’s too small, but for me it is already a milestone 🙂 Looking at my blog statistics, I know I am way too far from the goal I would like to reach this year. But I am positive. I will work it out with God’s grace.


. . . Will share my WordPress stats soon.

You Blog You Vol. 2

Blog Series: #YouBlogYou Vol. 2

The series continues, here is my Vol. 2 

  1.      In your opinion, how important is it to produce good photographs for blogs?
Very important, people or readers nowadays prefer visuals than just texts, I personally visit  blog or a site again and again if I find his/her photos interesting!
2.      What gadgets do you use to take photos? You can name more than one.

     Iphone, also a DSLR owned by my husband, Ipad. But I am no professional with taking photos, I just simply take them. That’s why it is on my resolution this year. 

3.      For how long do you own those gadgets?
A while.
   – Been an Iphone/Ipad user since 2012.
   – DSLR came just last year, 2015.
   – Koko has Hero3 and
   – an Instax polaroid.
4.      Will you recommend those gadgets to your fellow bloggers? Why or why not?
Well, I guess I’m in no position to say a recommendation regarding these gadgets for now. 🙂
5.      Do you use any other application to edit or add filters in your photos? If yes, could you share it with us?
I do, I use IOS app like, Font Candy or PhotoGrid. Rarely Adobe Photoshop.
6.      Who usually takes your photos aside from yourself especially on OOTD shots? Show gratitude by mentioning them here.
Myself and Kokobear! Thank you to my ever supportive husband! ^^

7.      Aside from the camera, what accessories (or props) do you use to take photos? Ex: tripod, flowers, makeup, etc.

     Whatever is available, that I think could make the photo look better.
8.     How do you come up with your photos? Do you research first how you should  pose, how the products should be presented or it just goes naturally?
     It goes naturally!
9.  Do you have gadget you wish to receive this Christmas?  What and why?
     Nothing. I’m happy with what I have. But maybe a polaroid printer.
10.  Do you have an Instagram feed or blogger you look up who produces great photos? Share them with us!
     Yes! Aside from my favorite Kim Jones, I look up to these Instagram profiles:
*Hello Kris                        *5ftinf


*Marie Lozano                               *NadineLustre

10.  Share three (3) photography tips to newbie bloggers.
🙂 Not now. hehehe


—————- . ♥ . —————-