CFFL #TVM20 Released!

20 - TVM20 Official Cover -
This issue’s cover is designed by Bro. Gilbert Sioson of CFFL Sharjah.

– Editor’s Note –

Hello brothers and sisters! We are now up with our 20th issue! How amazing is that!?!

Over the past seven (7) months, we have gathered a humongous response from our brethren all over the Emirates sharing their time and talent. Praise GOD tayo dyan!

Indeed, the Holy Spirit has been working in each of us. For He gave us the courage to put out our skills, stories and hearts through your submissions. I can’t thank you enough for all your efforts and love. On behalf of the whole CFFL-TVM team, THANK YOU from the very bottom of my heart! You are indeed a blessing to us and to our community.

As we continue to gather your inspiring stories and encounter with God and our neighbors within and outside the community; in this issue we have a full-packed personal sharings from our KFL Coordinators in Abu Dhabi, major photos submission too! 🙂 Covering many of this year’s KPA (Kids Possible Assembly) events. We also have a sister whose prayer was answered. Bro. Paul’s sharing of his recent visit/mission here in the UAE. A question on how’s our vineyard life. A thought provoking throwback article from Tito Frank Padilla. Plus IBC delegates sharing –  on their experiences last March.

Poetry overload too on the Poetic side. Of course, regular favorites on #FotoQuoteToh & Selfie or Groupie w/ TVM. And finally loads and loads of photos on our photo gallery.

Above all, we hope that this 20th issue is another addition to your collection of our community magazine that has touched and inspired you over the years. God bless!



Praying for you and your family!


Sis JM Bacus – Chavez





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CFFL #TVM19 Released!

CFFL The Vineyard Magazine TVM19 cover -
This issue’s cover is designed by Bro. Gilbert Sioson of CFFL Sharjah.

Note: Starting this issue, I will be sharing the cover of CFFL – The Vineyard Magazine and recognize the talented people behind each issue’s cover. For the past issues’ covers, click here > TVM issues # 01 – 18 covers. Also, visit and like like, thumbs, up, vote icon our Facebook Page as well. 🙂 Finally, I’ll also put on my letter, the “Editor’s Note” too!


– Editor’s Note –


I have been out of the country for the past five (5) months, in fact I missed the Destined for Greatness Echo conference. I was back home in Cebu right before New Year and I was a spectator of all the events happening inside the community via social media. Even though I was there, I see to it to always take a glimpse of what are the current teachings and happenings – – – to – of course use them to be a part for this issue.  I have to mention though that #TVM19 was supposed to be released during our June CFFL 37th Anniversary Sportsfest, but due to lack of entries it is moved this month of August (now Sept for LP schedule). Praise God we made it!

Another important announcement too, is that from this year, we are releasing the issues every National GA. Therefore – expect 3 issues per year from March – which is usually our Echo Conference season, June – anniversary month & finally November – which is the pastoral month.

In this issue, expect loads of photos from the past 3 conferences from HFL, SvFL & SFL ministries. Our Photo Gallery too has much more, plus the a special space for the successfully concluded IBC Meeting – to which we had the privilege to host.

Sharings, personal lesson learned and take homes, a movie review, a sister’s journey to becoming or being beyond 30, more poetry and simply the very core realization of being blessed beyond measure.

So, wait no more! Dig in and be inspired!

May God be praised.



Praying for you and your family!



Sis JM Bacus – Chavez





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VW Series 002 – WATER

WATER - VW Series 002 - iamjmkayne.comTo learn more about this series, read: VW Series Intro & VW Series 001


Spiritual Need no. 2 : Appreciation of Oneself


– Remedy –

WATER – aka Self-awareness & confidence of the truth that you are God’s son/daughter.


Water is the most consumed liquid in the world. It helps us with our survival and sustains our body needs to continue circulating blood as the cells and other organs have to do their bodily functions. 

Like water, our spiritual need #2 – Appreciation of Oneself – has such requirements to continuously replenish and rehydrate our self-confidence. But don’t get this in the wrong side of the coin… This is the opposite of that narcissistic thought about “me-me-me“…

This is more of the FACT that YOU are a CHILD of GOD.

Self-awareness is an essential value a person has to have. Many people nowadays experience depression and brokenness because they feel alone and probably misunderstood by others. This is because they are unaware of how precious they are. Plus the truth that their brokenness actually comes from within. Majority of us do not have self-identity. At times we identify ourselves because of the influence of our friends and mostly from the feeds of those “#goals” (of whatever kind) we see on social media. Unaware of our strengths and weaknesses, the only way of knowing who we are is to actually, take that time to get to know ourself.

How? By knowing what we are good at! And what we aren’t good at too.

Knowing what we are capable of, on what we are good at and the opposite of it, – will enable us to excel and admit our weaknesses, thus will allow us to improve and accept who we are. 


quote green -

When you don’t feel you are enough, understand that you can conquer doubt by knowing who you are in Jesus.

– Tim Tebow



In order to process this, try to get a pen and a paper and answer these guide questions: (Note: These are the guide questions from the talk itself.)

  1. Think of someone (same sex) whom you admire most.
  2. What are the qualities I like about him/her which I think I don’t have?
  3. What are the qualities I love most about myself?
  4. What are the qualities I think he/she loves about me?
  5. What are the qualities I have which I think he/she doesn’t have?

Alternatively, I have created two (2) additional activities that may somehow help you dig deeper of your strengths and weakness. You can either use your own notebook/journal/diary/paper or download this free activity sheets.

  • Activity 1 – TALK Guide Questions
  • Activity 2 – WHO ARE THEY? #GOALS
  • Activity 3 – I AM . . . 
Download the above activity sheets here > VW Series 002 – WATER (Activity Sheets).


Finally, allow me to impart this inspiring and empowering scripture from our community’s theme this year:

But you are ‘a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people of his own

(1 Peter 2:9)

So who are you!? 🙂 


I hope  you make time to do these activities and that this one helps. Let me know in the comments below or drop me an email on


Be blessed and be God’s blessings!










Faith : Misconceptions of Christianity

misconceptions of christianity

I’ve intentionally prepared this blog for Easter Sunday!

When everyone else thinks of Easter egg hunts and parties or just simply going to church and complete an obligation, I on the other hand – have been contemplating another “faith-based” post that I haven’t done for a while.

A week ago I had a chance to deliver a talk (for the 2nd time with this topic) – CLS Talk #2 – What it means to be a Christian.

I want to focus more on the facts of misconceptions for all Christians/Catholics that many of us fall into the trap of understanding barely the actions, without contemplating what it really meant. So, the talk enumerates four (4) of them as follows:

[MISCONCEPTIONS] – Christianity is a:

  1.  A mere Religious system
  2. A mere Moral system
  3. A Social/Humanitarian system
  4. An Escape

Above misconceptions have been misunderstood, misjudged or shall we say a wrong thought that needs to be corrected.

Let me start by explaining why these are incomplete notions of our faith:

First, Religious System.

Majority of Christians nowadays think that our faith is a set of doctrines to believe in, some thing that requires memorization such as the Apostles Creed, Our Father, Hail Mary, etc. Sets of religious practices like going to mass, doing novenas, rosaries. Others do readings about God. Gaining knowledge about the religion or some do a lot for God. But the real question is, while all of these are correct and there is no wrong about them, do we actually understand why we are doing them? When we memorize a prayer yet not applying them in real life, knowledge becomes only up to our intellectual level. When we go to mass, yet an hour later we find ourselves angy, disappointed and wants to start a fight because of taxi or bus problems.

How do we align ourselves into this trap? These are incomplete labels for us – followers of Christ, that what we believe/do should be translated into our lives. These religious practices are ought to be “expressions of our faith” and not just a mere religious system. We do them, because in every relationship we have ways express that love. In our relationship with God, we pray, go to mass, do something for God because that is our expression of faith.

Second, Moral System.

People think of what is right or wrong. Don’t do this or that; do this, do that! Thou shall not kill, thou shall not steal, thou shall not lie – – – and the list goes on and on. When we look at our religion into this image – we see it as a legalistic faith. But it should not be! We do what is right and wrong because we are “expressing our love for God and His people”. Our religion should be life giving. That we do what pleases God and/or what makes our family, friends and brethren happy.

Third, Social/Humanitarian System.

Christianity most of the time is equated to being Humanitarian [Humanitarian – people/system that works to make other people’s lives better]. Also equals to people are good, kind, never get angry, all smiles and pleases everyone. While it is true, that Christians posess those qualities, we are also just human. Yes, we envisions our people to be better in all aspects of our lives and be able to claim that we are happy, good, kind people – we also have our own limitations that sometimes we fall into sin and not being able to cope up with this misconception and thus needs the Holy Spirit to guide us. We are not only the faithful in this earth, other religions or shall we say non-Christians are also good. Infact for us OFWs who have faced many different nationalities/religious people – they too are good.

Finally, an Escape.

Christianity is an escape in the realities in life, that this kind of faith is only for the poor, the weak and those who couldn’t cope up with life. But the truth is, we Christians are the strongest among many faithful, because our identity comes from someone who is indeed tough and faithful. That is none other than our Saviour Jesus Christ who has won our salvation right before we asked for it!

“This Easter, let us recall why we become Christians. Let us go deeper on meanings of these rituals/religious practices and understand that there is mission at hand. This reminder applies not only in this season but at all times, especially when we claim to be a follower of Christ. We are His warriors – His missionaries in helping our fellow Christians.”

Get a copy of my talk’s slide on this link: CLS Talk # 2.

God bless!!!


RePosted: #InMyHeart I was lucky, I AM BLESSED!

Reposting this sharing that I have submitted to CFC-FFL Fliq Media. This was featured in one of the sharing walls of WSC 2014. 


I’m Okay, I’m good.

I pray, I do good things to others.

My life is beautiful! I am lucky!

These were my statements all my life back then… Life before getting to know Christ deeper was actually satisfactory and typical. I go to mass, I pray the rosary, do novena and indeed I was a regular Sunday Christian. All the aspects of my life were pretty in good shape; a great loving family, an amazing set of friends back home, finished school, able to go abroad and have an instant job in Abu Dhabi because of my cousin. (Actually GG na lang ang kulang, but I wasn’t thinking of that by then (2008). Although I thought I’ve been a worthy Christian, thinking I am lucky – – – I would say that I have become a better one when I encountered Christ through the CFC-FFL community. This drastically made me claim that I am not lucky; instead I am BLESSED!

Flashback 2008: When a fellow SFL invited me for CLS and while not sure of what to expect, I was receptive of the invitation. Over the years of being a member, then became a servant and now called to a married life in CFL, I have encountered the Creator day in and day out. When all I consider was about my family and myself – this instance of knowing God permitted me to reflect who I am to other people and of my personal relationship with Him.

Romans 8:28

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.


I recognized that I was not only called to be an OFW to help my parents, but I am called to be of service to God.Loving Him has taken me to loving His people as well. Life outside our country is never easy; we face different challenging and difficult people however when we are aware of God’s purpose in our life, we must trust in the LORD with all our heart and lean not on our own understanding; in all our ways let us submit to Him, and He will make our paths straight (Proverbs 3:5-6).

The five (5) years in SFL have equipped me and Darrelle (my husband – whom I’ve met inside the community too) to the next level. We’re now in our 3rdyear in the CFL ministry and a week ago, we’ve attended MER 2. Alongside this retreat comes a re-affirmation that indeed we are so blessed to be a part of this community! Some have pride, most couples don’t seek help… keeping issues to themselves and do not even discuss about the essential topics of being a Christian couple, but that’s the beauty of a community like ours. The teachings, household meetings and other sessions with our brethren are an encounter with Christ.

Of course community life is not a bed of roses; but in our 8 years (and counting) we’ve learned to look past through the “human being” state of our brethren and instead look at Jesus alone. I’ve met the closest friends that you could freely discuss about Christian life that never goes awkward when opened to non-community people and a second family through our households inside this beautiful community.

I have personally made 1 Corinthians 16:14one of my life verse: “Do all things in Love”. May I be able to please God in all things that I do for the rest of my life and finally, #InMyHeart, I “was” lucky; I “AM” BLESSED!








JM Bacus-Chavez | SFL 2009-2014 – CFL 2014-Present

Evangelization Rally: A Spiritual Re-Charge!

It’s been a while since we had a break in our weekly household & all for the yuletide season & as an Opening Salvo for the New Year here’s Evangelization Rally as an opener!
So here are some of the captured photos of this year’s Spiritual Re-charge! 2012


Personally, it’s a very helpful session for me. It allows me to reflect & bring myself back to the true raise of life!
May this year be as fruitful as last year!


We Will Overcome : Strength in God 2011

We Will Overcome : Strength in God 2011

So GREAT; Exhausting yet Uplifting!
This is how most people who attended SIG Conference yesterday feels. The long travel, the hassles of waking up early, the preparation & all have been dragging, but at the end of the day, we all are so filled with vibrancy, zealous & love! Blessed as we say, for being a part of this community & for being chosen to take part of this experience.
 This conference was held in Flora Creek Hotel, Dubai UAE, it was opened with a rosary. Morning Session was taken care by the Northern Emirates (Dubai & Sharjah), for the morning worship & hosted by Brother Don Cruz & Sis Liza Ballesteros. While afternoon session was for the Southern Emirates (Abu Dhabi & Al Ain) with yours truly (JM -Julie Mae Bacus) & Bro. Christian Cagulada as hosts & the Praise Fest.
Sessions 1 -4 were delivered by Tito Benjie Gadi & Tito Pancho Lopez-Tan respectively with the special sharing from their better haves Tita Elaine & Tita Marilyn.

 The 4 Cs – The Fervor of our First Love

Christ Centered. Called as Couples. Called to Care for the Children. Called to Community.
As it was written in the bible, we are all called by God even from our mother’s womb. He has given our names & has given us a purpose. What we need to do is to live according to the plan & purpose of the father, so we could live a happy, meaning & purposeful life.
Although most of us feel that we have our own priorities; to assist our family, to take care of our husband/wife or children, and to mingle with friends, these are definitely in the list, but organizing our thoughts, contemplating & realizing that we have to keep the fervor of our First Love, the Call & responding to our Destiny is essential in having Christ as the very centre of our life and the top most priority.
As the Prophet Jeremiah says:” For I know that plans I have in you, plans to prosper you & not to harm you, plans to give you future filled of hope”  (Jer. 29:11)

Living out our Call

You are my servant, to whom I show my glory. God has always been ironic in his statements, He seemed offensive in most of his gospel, but if we look at the deeper meaning of it, we realize that what he actually means was to give us hope.
A Light & a mirror that’s what we are. We are called “Light of the World”. How?
It is when we become witnesses of the Lord. Sharing our life in the community, sharing our stories to others with God’s Strength within us permits us to contribute our blessings, for these stories could inspire them especially in their troubled times. God has used us, used us well that we are called to share his mission.
But most of the time we question our capability, our worth in serving him, at times, we are afraid to commit, for we think we are not enough, just a timely reminder in the talk that, it’s not about ME, it’s not the “ME attitude” it’s only saying “YES” and He will do the rest.
God has neither hands, nor feet or eyes to do his will, so he uses a person (like us) to fulfill his mission. Our eyes will be his eyes, our hands, his and our whole being as Him. That is why when a person calls or invites us for an activity related to Him, our mind set should be, He/She is not inviting me, but GOD. For how will God show his love if he will not use us.
Giving generously ourselves to others means giving yourself to the Creator. Isn’t it fulfilling to know that we have helped God in making this world better & helping Him complete his mission? Definitely YES!
As of my case as a host for the afternoon session of the conference, there seemed no trace of “tense” moment, but to be honest, it is the first time that I felt my whole legs were too weak just before the program starts. Yet the Holy Spirit has filled me with so much strength!  And I praise the Almighty for that!
Well for sure not only me but the rest of the people who showed up in front & had their piece of anxiety.

Comrade in Christ, focus in God’s Strength

God will provide what you need.
He has been our source of Strength, we draw it all from Him, as the Prophet Isaiah said in 49:5, My God is now my Strength. He has manifested his strength in Ordinary people, in saints, in his disciple, even to His son and why not to us? He loves us so much that He will definitely take a step for us.


As our shirt says: Of all the hardships, trials, sufferings, all the negative feelings & emotions, all pessimistic things that have been in our surroundings, WE WILL OVERCOME!
There will be times when we give all our strength to a certain thing we love to do, the things we want in life, however He has not written that script in our life, so it was cut & not edited in the scene of life that it all fell apart. Plans you have worked on for a long time but end up useless since these don’t have any blessings from Him.
Tito Pancho said: “Do not desire so much for the things that when God don’t give it, you will just end up frustrated”. God will provide what you need, not what you want.
Humble ourselves before Him, always remember we need to keep our eyes with Jesus, believe that in Christ we can do all things, because if God is with us who can be against us? (Rom 8:31).
Sis Ruth made the crowd giggle with her sharing, it seemed like this talk was intended for a Love Forum, that at the end of her part, the crowd rumbles to see who Destiny was.
But of course she delivered her piece well about the manifestation of God’s Strength in her journey.
As our journey continues, be steadfast in enduring the difficulties, as I am writing this article, I have my own share of perseverance in life, in my family & in the community.

Raise Restore Reach

An important verse from Isaiah 49:6 : “It is too little, he says for you to be my servant, to raise up the tribes of Jacob and to restore the survivors of Israel; I will make you a light to the nations, that my salvation may reach to the ends of the earth“
CFC-FFL’s history is no accident in relating to this verse. We Raise, we almost fell but Restore and at present we Reach out! God has ever planned our journey and has assigned each of us (whatever our service in the community is) to be a light to the nations.
While our brethrens; Bro Pol & Sis Viedahlyn Magracia  –CFC-AUH shared their struggles in their married life & overcoming it.
Sis Salve Aldeguer- CFL-Sharjah – about their services for the SFL & that the Singles have made them feel younger and hopeful to live life forever in love with her husband Tito Ike.
Sis Leny Comia-Chavez – HFL Al Ain, shared about the extra effort in keeping a long distance relationship, even denying her husband her signature for a venture (with lots of prayers & guidance of course) that has led to a serious fight, but then God has a plan and he ironed things out for them.
And Brother Ed Santiago of SvFL-AUH, about the humps & bumps in the life abroad & for his new blessings in having another (better) job which will lead him to his new mission country Qatar!
God’s Strength was the key to have the courage to share their life in this big crowd.
Afternoon session was filled with entertainment when our SFL Sisters from the Northern Emirates show cased their talents in dancing a medley praise song “Trading My Sorrow”.
Of course, should I say not to forget the Banana Dance? Right, the crowd go gaga in dancing this “pa uso” that even after the event, I can hear them singing and dancing it!
Plus the infectious smile “peace be with you” session. A smile could lighten up someone’s day; it could possibly be his/her only sunshine the whole day. As Mother Theresa said “Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” And the crowd goes smiling all around, for SFLs who don’t have their GGs yet, it can be a good chance to see Destiny around!
But,,, nothing beats the most awaited part of every CFC-FFL gathering, that is when we raise the roof, sing our hearts out, dance & fill the whole ambiance with grace & love, often times an experience of teary eye or even crying; overwhelmed with God’s presence.
This assembly is no way an accident. God has planned everything to fulfill it according to what is written in our destiny, that on this date, 18th of September, 2011, God will strengthen us!
 First love, our calling, being a light of the world, being blessed, destiny; these words and more signify one great day, great music, great event, Great & Strong GOD!


Photos from: Bro. Randy Espiril, Bro. Joemer Hernandez, Bro. Rusty Estrella.