Faith : Misconceptions of Christianity

misconceptions of christianity

I’ve intentionally prepared this blog for Easter Sunday!

When everyone else thinks of Easter egg hunts and parties or just simply going to church and complete an obligation, I on the other hand – have been contemplating another “faith-based” post that I haven’t done for a while.

A week ago I had a chance to deliver a talk (for the 2nd time with this topic) – CLS Talk #2 – What it means to be a Christian.

I want to focus more on the facts of misconceptions for all Christians/Catholics that many of us fall into the trap of understanding barely the actions, without contemplating what it really meant. So, the talk enumerates four (4) of them as follows:

[MISCONCEPTIONS] – Christianity is a:

  1.  A mere Religious system
  2. A mere Moral system
  3. A Social/Humanitarian system
  4. An Escape

Above misconceptions have been misunderstood, misjudged or shall we say a wrong thought that needs to be corrected.

Let me start by explaining why these are incomplete notions of our faith:

First, Religious System.

Majority of Christians nowadays think that our faith is a set of doctrines to believe in, some thing that requires memorization such as the Apostles Creed, Our Father, Hail Mary, etc. Sets of religious practices like going to mass, doing novenas, rosaries. Others do readings about God. Gaining knowledge about the religion or some do a lot for God. But the real question is, while all of these are correct and there is no wrong about them, do we actually understand why we are doing them? When we memorize a prayer yet not applying them in real life, knowledge becomes only up to our intellectual level. When we go to mass, yet an hour later we find ourselves angy, disappointed and wants to start a fight because of taxi or bus problems.

How do we align ourselves into this trap? These are incomplete labels for us – followers of Christ, that what we believe/do should be translated into our lives. These religious practices are ought to be “expressions of our faith” and not just a mere religious system. We do them, because in every relationship we have ways express that love. In our relationship with God, we pray, go to mass, do something for God because that is our expression of faith.

Second, Moral System.

People think of what is right or wrong. Don’t do this or that; do this, do that! Thou shall not kill, thou shall not steal, thou shall not lie – – – and the list goes on and on. When we look at our religion into this image – we see it as a legalistic faith. But it should not be! We do what is right and wrong because we are “expressing our love for God and His people”. Our religion should be life giving. That we do what pleases God and/or what makes our family, friends and brethren happy.

Third, Social/Humanitarian System.

Christianity most of the time is equated to being Humanitarian [Humanitarian – people/system that works to make other people’s lives better]. Also equals to people are good, kind, never get angry, all smiles and pleases everyone. While it is true, that Christians posess those qualities, we are also just human. Yes, we envisions our people to be better in all aspects of our lives and be able to claim that we are happy, good, kind people – we also have our own limitations that sometimes we fall into sin and not being able to cope up with this misconception and thus needs the Holy Spirit to guide us. We are not only the faithful in this earth, other religions or shall we say non-Christians are also good. Infact for us OFWs who have faced many different nationalities/religious people – they too are good.

Finally, an Escape.

Christianity is an escape in the realities in life, that this kind of faith is only for the poor, the weak and those who couldn’t cope up with life. But the truth is, we Christians are the strongest among many faithful, because our identity comes from someone who is indeed tough and faithful. That is none other than our Saviour Jesus Christ who has won our salvation right before we asked for it!

“This Easter, let us recall why we become Christians. Let us go deeper on meanings of these rituals/religious practices and understand that there is mission at hand. This reminder applies not only in this season but at all times, especially when we claim to be a follower of Christ. We are His warriors – His missionaries in helping our fellow Christians.”

Get a copy of my talk’s slide on this link: CLS Talk # 2.

God bless!!!


“To whom much is given, much is Expected”

“To whom much is given, much is Expected”


Servant Leaders Meeting | 25th March 2011

Grand Flora Hotel, Dubai. Today marks another day of Soul Nourishment building for the Servant Leaders. Servants from Southern Emirates (Abu Dhabi & Al Ain), and Northern Emirates (Dubai & Sharjah) have gathered for the first meeting this year.


But don’t get me wrong this isn’t just a meeting, but a good time to enliven our service, our commitment our love all for HIS glory.


Couples For Christ Foundation for Family & Life. Then here is another meaning for our community.


  • C – Centered on Christ
  • F – Faithful to Covenant
  • C – Carrying the Cross
  • F – Faith
  • F – Family
  • L – Life


The crowd rumbled as our Country Servant Bro Luis asked what qualities a Servant Leader should have. Some enumerated Honest, Patience, God Fearing, Open Minded, Generous & a long list, even physical attributes count! Though it seemed simple, but at the end of each sharing, we come up to a fact that in reality we need to be Adaptable in each circumstance. For some would say be firm or others will say be flexible.


A sharing or reaction/feedback has been done to know our stand for this meeting & below are some of them:


In our commitment to serve this community, we sometimes make some other priorities taken for granted or left out… I sometimes do, especially with my family. But then God First, as he said

“Seek He first the kingdom of God & the others shall be done unto you” (—-). With verging tears on his eyes, he praises God for the many blessings he has now! – Brother Aladdin of Sharjah shared.


“It is good to be a listener but in some ways to which I enjoy most in the later year of my service is to be in front as a sharer & be a living testament of the changes I have in my life since being a part of this community”, Bro Dodi, a SvFL from Abu Dhabi shared.


An answered prayer! Says Sis Ashe (SFL Abu Dhabi). All the while we are the once nourishing our members’ souls, this meeting is our turn to be nourished! The crowd replied in chorus: AMEN!


While another SFL, Sis Amie has these following lines that has given much impression & inspiration to me & I believe to others too.


“To whom much is given, much is expected”

“I can’t delay my Salvation” #Faith #InChrist Click To Tweet “The more we serve, the more blessed we are” #Faith #InChrist Click To Tweet “Faith enable us to continue, we need to keep moving & steadfast and render our service unconditionally” #Faith #InChrist Click To Tweet


More of our Brothers & sisters have taken the centre stage to share their part. And they have their own stories to tell.


To wrap it up, this is I guess the first short gathering of the community, but worth attending. For it has freshened up our souls! For all of this, To GOD be the Glory!



God bless!

JM Kayne