Maldives 2015

I’m creating this #throwback blog post as a simple guide of the 4-day #Maldives Trip. A special travel for me and Kokobear way back 2015.

In fact, this is our first international trip – not counting the 18-hour stop-over in Singapore. Where I fell in love w/ SG! Before we tied the knot, it has been on our plan that we are making a yearly trip as a couple. Travel as a family someday with kids at least once a year in God’s will. So, in 2015, we ticked it off! This happened during the Eid holiday September 2015. We purchased a holiday package that covers our two-way flight tickets, 3* hotel room w/ breakfast and transporation pick-up. The tour guide is available, but individual island hopping trip got a cost. So, let me show you our route.

Day 1- Bandos Island – this was the first island we visited right after we arrived. We left our hotel at around 10 am after our breakfast. I’d say that this island is more of a honeymooners nook! Exclusive villas and mini-hut rooms are around the corner of the island. It has also different amenities that covers all you need such as swimming pool, gym, souvenier shops and more.

Day 2 – Chaya Island, I would say is more of a family/friends avenue trip, although I also enjoyed it. We had a chance to skin dive, got a chance to see Nemo and Dory down there, paddled a bit to a center island within the beach and took sometime appreciating the beauty of the place. Water sports and all other beach activities are available, love diving? they have it too! This is one of the many islands that has water villas (villas set-up in the water) where in during our visit we saw a bride & groom doing their wedding shots onsite!

Day 3 – Adventure Trip + Himmafushi Island – This is technically like the last day of our island trip, so we stoppped over to this small island called Himmafushi and go shopping spree. The prices in this island are way cheaper than any other places and almost all variety of gift stuffs are available. We’ve stayed in the boat and did some games/swimming activities. We also had a glimpse of dolphins and a beautiful sunset to close the day. The day wasn’t sunny though, we’ve experienced rain in between.

Day 4 – MaleWe had almost 7 hours free time before leaving Maldives, so we took that opportunity to visit the capital of Maldives called Male. What caught my attention is the sea of motorcycle around the city. If Cebu/Manila has all the jeepneys, Male, Maldives has the motorcyles as one of their main means of transportation, thus, you would see it everywhere at any time. Our lunch was on a Thai restaturant in the capital, it was sumptous and I enjoyed the ambiance near the beach. Learning more about their history was fun too!

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Souvenirs  | DIY Travel Diary

God Bless!


DIY – Travel Diary (Maldives)

Last 2015 September, Kokobear and has the privilege to do our first International Travel together as a couple to Maldives. The summary and further story can be found on – ByaheNgKokobears-Maldives 2015
On this entry, I would like to share to you the DIY (Do It Yourself) art that I did for this travel! I call it Travel Log. A DIY Travel Diary – Maldives 🙂

So here the materials:

  1. Old certificate folders
  2. Binder Rings
  3. cut-out photos of any thing about travel /journey around the world and most especially Maldives photos
  4. Paste/Glue
  5. Scissors
  6. All memoir of the travel
  7. Maldives Photos, tickets, money etc.

So, let’s start!

Materials: hard paper – in my case I used a certifcate folder, pen, pentel pens, highlights, scissor, glue, binder ring.
Front – Top & Back View of our DIY – Travel Log/Diary – Maldives
1 – Standing Front View
2. Tickets & an official note that this is our 1st Official International Travel together
3. A quote about marriage and snapshots from my polaroid cam
4. Money/coins & a daily log about what we see, hear, smell, etc…
5. Day 1 and more pics and notes
6. Daily budget envelops, tickets going back and a receipt of our final meal before leaving Maldives.
A closer look of Day 1 Page, the first island trip  to Bandos Island and the fees
we paid for this trip 🙂 courtesy of
Holiday Factory!

Maldives Memories 2015

This post is dedicated to the whole of Maldives, the travel log, the budget (envelop), the city, the buildings, our hotel, the kick off travel by bus to Dubai, the tickets and more!

See the complete guide on a special #throwback blog on Maldives 2015.

Maldives: Male

Day 4 – Male

Male is the capital of Maldives – it is 15 minutes away from the man-made island that we landed called Hulhumale.

For day 4 – we decided to explore the small city & see for our self the description of the local that it is a crowded city. Indeed it was! Not with people I guess during our time because it was a holiday, but crowded because of the motorcycle!!! You couldn’t imagine the massive number of motorcycles around the city! I guess each person is having one.

We visited the old mosque and tombs, the first presidential palace and few more tourists are such as the souvenir shops. For me it was a short trip – even just half a day. The museum was closed! L
Lunch was on a familiar palate – Thai food – an eat all you can at Lemon grass!
* * *
For this trip we paid 10 USD per person (+ tip) for the tour guide who happens to be a local (Maldivian) and the Asst. Hotel Manager of Eve names Moulluo. (Not sure of his name’s spelling). He was helpful explained much about history and basic culture ideas.
 We headed back to Hulhumale in no time. Stayed back to the hotel and rested until 8 pm for our flight back to Dubai.
5th& final post is  Hulhumale itself, our hotel and more!

Blog post by : JM Kayne


A collection of souvenirs from Maldives…

Amidst the very beautiful islands around Maldives come all the souvenir shops as well within the city or even on each island resort. Here are the photo collections that may give you ideas on what you could buy for your loved ones!


T-shirts and shells are also available.

Prices range from 1 USD (equivalent to 15 Maldivian rupees) up to 100 USD & above depending on the type and quality.

* * *

Souvenir / su:və’nɪə/
noun: souvenir; plural noun: souvenirs
1. a thing that is kept as a reminder of a person, place, or event.
“the recording provides a souvenir of a great production”
synonyms: memento, keepsake, reminder, remembrance, token, memorial;






















































Blog post by : JM Kayne

Maldives: Adventure Trip

Day 3 – Adventure Trip

Day 3 is no different from the past 2 days. The only thing is that we don’t stand by in an island; instead we are offshore 80% of the trip. They call it Adventure trip because it allows you to do snorkeling, jumping from the 3-storey boat, and dolphin watching + a short stop over at Himmafushi Island where you find the cheapest souvenir shops in the island compared to the shops in the capital.
We started at the same time at 10 am and road a small boat to our Tourist/Adventure 3-storey boat. Stayed on the 3rd floor and went our way to the middle of the sea. Seeing different islands around with a bluer sea because this time it is sunny makes me feel blessed to actually see Maldives in its best form. Right in the middle of the sea we stopped and did snorkeling, more fishes and corals, beautiful under water scene.
Snorkeling was fun, we had new comers who are doing their first day with us in this trip, 3 couples who are unlikely adventurous; Shirley spent much time to teach them snorkeling.  Kokobear jumps his way from the 3rdfloor – but as for me since the current is too strong, I just go directly to the sea.
Dolphin show was on when in fact we didn’t expect for it anymore because we spent much time in the Himmafushi and were amazed with all the souvenirs. But we’re too blessed to see the dolphins even if a rain is coming. There were a lot! Our tour guide & boat crew even said that for the longest time they have not seen this number of dolphins considering the weather.
Going back was a rough sea, from afar we can see Hulhumale with a big black cloud ready to give in any time. We were happy and we enjoyed the day. A sumptuous lunch, not as expensive as the past 2 days in a 5* hotel but the chef was good! Tried coconut, coffee and some Maldivian delicacy made of flower.


————— This package is for 110$ per person ————

Dinner? Well we had grilled fish and a very good spicy vinegar + soy sauce! Happy tummy again!

Maldives: Chaya

Maldives Day 2 is another cloudy day – not sunny but cloudy, based on the weather forecast another rain is about to come at around 4:00 pm. Meeting place at Eve’s once again, then headed to another Ferry site going to Chaya Island. This time we have a 12-seater speed boat! We had a bumpy & fun ride as the speed boat maneuver into the sea jumping/leaping into big waves. I can hear my tourist-mate enjoying the ride… with Ohhhh~~~ woooow~~~ Oppsss… water splashing in and out! It took us 15-20 minutes to land Chaya’s dock. We were greeted with a very nice view – a pre-entrance view and a few walk to the concierge.
Briefing done, went to the PADI Diving shop to rent our fins/floaters/mask etc. Then by pair we went our way to whichever part we would want to visit in this lovely island. Popular in many Maldivian island is a water bungalow or villas. So Kokobear and I first headed to that area and enjoyed the open sea and its view. Picture here, picture there, picture everywhere! Of course we’ve done Chaya 360 which will soon be featured in the video that Koko and I are creating.
Lunch was ready at 12:30 – this time, they are not ready –instead you have to ask the chef to cook for you! Salads, sweets, pasta, bundles of bread, burger, and a steak! I had a blast. Forgotten any word that says diet! Hehehe
Time to dip down the water! You would never believe what we’ve seen just few meters away from the beach front! A school of fish!!! Orange fishes and the like! Shirley gave us some bread and headed to that are which is definitely as snorkeling haven! Sadly go-pro’s memory went full! But we realize that those encounters with such big number of fishes were meant to be felt and not just seen – that means try to take this trip too! I think the island was bigger than bandos, it has 2 sides of water villas and we conquer just one side. The beach was a bit rocky but for me it’s a good resort for families. We’ve seen in-house guests couples & family & we even saw 2 sets of wedding, I mean groom & bride who were doing their shoots.
After snorkeling, we have few more minutes to chill and stayed into the water. Looking from the horizon and relaxed.
This time, I start to feel the sun-burned on my skin.

Before the imminent rain – we made our way with the speed boat and reach Hulhumale in no time. Tired but still with so much energy!

* * * * * * * * * * * This package is at 100 $ per person * * * * * * * * * *
Dinner this time is from Airport Beach Hotel, Finally we found the Pinoy chef! For only 25$ we had a sumptuous, really happy tummy dinner of a rice & a fresh fish sinigang! Ohhh my! While writing I can still savour it! 🙂 Worth its price indeed!
Blog post by : JM Kayne

Maldives: Bandos

We arrived in Hulhumale at around 6-7:00 am, our energetic Tour guide – Moustafa (we thought because of the welcome letter) who is actually Shirley came in and meet us. There were 11 of us, an Indian couple, an African Couple, 3 Filipinas, 2 European ladies and us the Filipino couple. Briefing and waited for 10-15 minutes till our car came. We’re instructed to take breakfast and meet Shirley at 10 am for the 1stisland to explore.

Welcome to BANDOS Island. Take a pick of our photos…


Go around Bandos Island
Day one was not sunny. Our photos will show you dark skies but Maldives’ beauty will not fail you! Bandos is one wonderful island that will surely give couples their special time together! Right after we docked a small shop caught our attention, visited it and met the one (1) artist who does all the crafts and souvenir but we chose not to buy as its prices are way too high than other shops! – Shirley advised :). Then a short briefing of the locations because Shirley couldn’t stay with us, he needs to go back to the city.
So here are some of the views of the island as we roam around and took pictures of the beach, the nice cottages, flowers, bats, sand and more! Actually we have not captured the whole area, we’ve covered maybe half only, time and weather condition didn’t permit but way too satisfied with the experience.
Our day one was greeted with a long lost experience. That is to be under the rain! We will be creating our first video blog episode of #ByaheNgKokobears – will share that experience soon.
Waited for the ferry to pick us back at 5:00 pm to Hulhumale.
Lunch at 12:30-2:30pm. A variety of food – but can’t find a seafood except for the fish.
Eve Hotel – A two (2) minute walk from our hotel (Sand Gate Hotel) is Eve Caurica hotel, right in front of the public beach of Hulhumale was our meeting place. We gathered and met the fellow tourists and Shirley’s crew. We waited for a few minutes for the taxi but it seems that it’s all booked; therefore we walked to the main street and waited for the public bus going to the ferry.
The Ferry – 10 minutes travel, stayed on the 2nd deck of the ferry, feels like premium tourist!
* * * * * * * *
Note: To have this package we paid 65$ per person (240/- AED) –  inclusive of ferry, lunch and some island facilities.)other items has to be charged.
* * * * * * * *
Dinner was a challenge, since this is our first night – we were anxious of what to eat even though we were given options. There is Sri-Lankan resto right beside our hotel, a 3-5 minute walk for a Indian & Chinese resto and also heard of a Filipino chef in one of the hotels in the beach front. Because I’m not a fan of Indian and Sri-Lankan food (just a little ^^ ) – we chose to be in safe mode. – We went to the Chinese!
We order 2 egg fried-rice, fried chicken and a coke for 30$ (that’s around 110 AED). Surprise surprise!!! Do you see a fried chicken?!?  When we asked, the server said YES it is! A little dismayed, we took in, not bad for a saucy “fried” chicken, tastes like Manchurian chicken though! Somehow we managed to enjoy the meal.

Across the restaurant is a row of 2-storey small shops like “baqala” or mini-supermarket. We went around and bought basic needs such as mosquito repellant, tissue, water etc. The small town is somehow a sleepy one; it’s around 8:30/9 pm – not a lights off yet but peaceful time.
Lights out at around 10:30 pm after posting our facebook with individual status as we need to explore Chaya!
Indeed a fun day one!
Blog post by : JM Kayne