Cebu – Temple of Leah (2018)

Temple of Leah has started making the buzz all over Cebu and nearby cities as it captures the heart ♥ of many Cebuanos & Filipinos.

This temple isn’t a place of worship. Instead it is an expression of love from a husband Teodirico Adarna to his late wife Leah Albino Adarna. Also dubbed as Cebu’s version of Taj Mahal.

Right after our unplanned trip to Sirao Flower Farm, we headed to this temple which is a 20-25 minutes drive by motorcycle (habal-habal). 75/- Pesos is the fare per person, one way.

Entrance Fee @ 50/- pesos per person (as of Feb 2018)

What can you do/see?

✔️ Basically the temple is open, Leah’s statue will greet you once you enter the structure. It is right in the centre of two arching stairs that make it look like a throne. Some rooms are not opened yet but you could see a glimpse of Leah’s life through her collections such as figurines, books, kitchen utensils and more.

✔️ Unlimited photos all the way from Leah’s structure to the huge columns that seemed to bring you to a #EuropeFeels or #RomeFeels to the two gold-plated lions. 🦁🦁

✔️ Outside is wide space to chill out. A few seats and tables are set at the ends of the area where you’ll be able to see Cebu city skyline. And oh don’t forget there’s a fountain in front that has 3 Goddesses I think… When night falls, it is a treat to see the city lights and the temple itself.

✔️ A snack station is also available where you could grab a quick 3-in-1 coffee! ☕

Our stay took us around an hour. We took the advantage that our driver is only waiting for us and he didn’t mention any time frame for us to finish. I will leave out the details on why this structure has been built and let you read it yourself once you pay a visit to this place. 🙂


Check out some of the photos I took during this visit.



Hope this blog post gives you an idea on how to get there!

Enjoy the sights and lights!



God bless!






CEBU : Sinulog 2017

For many years, Cebu has been known for being the Queen City of the South. The white sand beaches, the food, the people and more has contributed to the popularity of Cebu. Not only that, every new year marks another year of festivity!
In this blog post, allow me to share some basic information about this popular event back in my hometown to which where and when the Sinulog Festival comes in! The above video is one of this year’s presenter – from the Municipality of Dumanjog!


What & How Sinulog started?

Sinulog started as a celebratory ritual for the locals of Zubu (Cebu’s old name). Upon the arrival of Spaniards in 1519 who brought Christianity in the country, the image of Sto. Niño was a gift to King Humabon and Reyna Juana and became the image of worship for the people of Cebu. The word SINULOG came from the word “sulog” which means like a water current movement – that’s why one of the major steps of the dance is the two-steps forward and a one step backward.

Baladhay was the King’s right hand who became sick. So the king ordered his servants to bring Baladhay to the chapel where the image of Sto. Nino was.  In a few moment they saw Baladhay alive and well again. They asked him how it happened and Baladhay shared that he saw the image of the child Sto. Niño and thus he started dancing. Up to date, this dance has become an offering as a sacrifies to the child Jesus Christ. Year after year, Sinulog Festival has become known worldwide and has draw thousands of visitors foreign tourists and Filipinos alike.

Sinulog is a month-long festivity for everyone especially for all devotees, among the events that get people involved into are:

  • Sinulog Street Fair,
  • Sinulog Fun Run
  • Walk with Jesus
  • Sinulog sa Kabataan
  • Novena Mass
  • Ms. Cebu or Sinlog Festival Queen
  • Sinulog Idol
  • Walk with Mary
  • Fluvial Procession of the Miraculous Image of the Sto. Niño
  • Re-enactment of the Baptism of Queen Juana and Rajah Humabon
  • Solemn Procession of the Miraculous Image of Sto. Niño
  • Sinulog Fireworks Competition
  • Sinulog Grand Parade (The Big Event)
  • Awarding Ceremonies @ Cebu City Sports Center
  • “HUBO”

Attending this year’s main event was special because a co-Piper has offered us a “Sponsor’s seat”! It is of course for free! I am watching Sinulog live at Cebu Sports Complex for the first time! Shout out to Joanne!!! Thank you! Got to mention thought that we got it from her cousin who has connections in one of the sponsors – Generica Pharmacy! For your info; Sinulog Festival can be both enjoyed for free (on the streets, for the Street Dance Competition or by buying a ticket for the Main Presentation at Cebu City Complex (aka Abellana SC) for around 500 Pesos and above.

Jollibee and friends joined the crowd at Cebu City Sports Complex for Sinulog 2017!

Tips while attending the festival!

  1. Keep a bottle of water at all times. Walking around the city is a must when you want to see the festivities, major roads are closed because of the street dance. Of course there are food & souvenier stalls around the corner, so as soon as you consume it you can just buy.
  1. Stay Close with your circle. This year the City Mayor ordered a “network shutdown” while the festivities are ongoing. This is for security purposes. So staying beside your buddies will save you time in searching your friend in a crowd of thousands of people, which if your in no luck may end up you going home alone.
  1. Be careful with Pick pockets. Like many other cities, although Cebu City government spreads out the policemen around the city, it is still wise to be mindful of your bag and belongings. Due to the massive number of people both locals and visitors, it will be difficult to identify who is who. So better be ready and
  1. Enjoy!  The view, the street dance and the mardigra itself is a fun experience, people walking around the street and the all smiling people around the street gets you into the mood.
  1. Take Photos all the way! Mobile cameras will do. But if you would like to take a better quality photos then something high-end is recommended, especially if you have an intention to join the Photo walk contest. Did I miss anything?

See more photos on my photo journal blog here.

Go ahead, feel free to drop me a comment.

God Bless!


Travel Guide : Simala Church Cebu

Travel Guide : Simala Church Cebu

Cebu is one of the first seat of Christianity in the Philippines, it is full of churches that represents the countries long  history of Catholicism – accompanied with various festivals in honor of Jesus, Mary and all the different saints. A municipality in southern Cebu named Sibonga has become a tourist/devotee destination because of the #EuropeFeels / #ItalyFeels  – SIMALA Church has. It is a façade in honor of Mama Mary.  

This January, I went on a vacation and took a trip down south to visit the church and paid homage to the Blessed Virgin for all of her blessings she and her son have showered to me and to my family! Here I’m sharing you a travel guide.How to get there:
1 – Go to Cebu South Bus Terminal.
Various of bus going South is available, known to pass by Sibonga is Ceres. Take it and ask the driver or his assistant (known as konduktor) to drop you in Simala. Travel takes about 2 hours. Fare varies as per bus company but it should be between 80 to 100 Php. Your best land mark will be that 7-11 shop on the right side built as the ground floor of an old house.

For bus schedule visit this link of Cebu Gov’t Bus Schedule.
2 – Upon Arrival in Brgy. Simala– Look for motorcycles (habal-habal) going up to the sanctuary. 
Habal-habal (or motorcycle) is the most common transportation going up to the church. Fare is around 20-30 Php per person, each motorcycle can accommodate at least 2 passengers.

3 – Going Home. 
Motorcycle drivers are just around the corner, you can choose and they will drop you right in the highway! In the highway, all you have to do is wait for the bus going back to the city  and you’ll be home. Fare will be almost the same as to going  back and forth.

What can you do:

  • Pray! – Among the many reasons why we visit Simala is to simply pray. Thanking God/Mama Mary for their blessings and this should be the primary reason.
  • Visit the Miraculous Statue of Mary – At the back of the church altar , there is a way where you could offer your flowers and prayers.
  • Write An Intention – Along the way to the statue are writing stations where you could write a letter to Mary. And if your generous enough – feel free to share your blessings!
  • Light a candle – Color-coded candles are available for a specific intention, pick what fits your prayers.
  • Buy – Memorabilias, small statue, prayer guides, rosaries and more are visible on the right side of the church. 
  • Finally, Take a Picture!  – Of course every Filipino won’t miss that chance to take a photo of this beautiful, stunning and amazing structure.
And at all times, be mindful of your noise, stay calm and avoid disrupting the other people who are praying. Please be respectful as well on the way you dress up. Avoid shorts and sleeveless blouse. 
* * * 

I prefer not to get into more details of how was our visit. I’d like you to experience it yourself. All I can say is that it’s my 4th visit and every time I set forth my feet into this amazing place, I’d say it is an encounter with Mama Mary and of our Creator.  

Take a look at some of the photos I took. 

“This crown structure is memorial of the victorious and powerful intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mother thru the Penitential Rosary Walk in 1998, against the killer epidemic hat struck the place, where several lives of poor children and infants had died. Built to honor Mary on the 8th year anniversary of the Monks arrival in Lindogon. Blessed on the 27th day of February, 2004.”

On Facebook I posted: In awe of His creations! Mama Mary, thank you for giving us your son. Amen. 
Lord, I am confident of your love, mercy & grace! Excited na ko sa imong gift nako!
#ThankYouLord #Sibonga #Cebu #cebu2017 #Simala 
DOME. This is the dome of the church. I took this photo on our way going to the back of the altar where you will have a closer encounter of the miraculous statue of Mary. 
See more photos of this amazing & stunning place on
* * * 
Also known as  as the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist (for locals, it is known as “Birhen sa Simala”) is located at the Marian Hills of Lindogon Simala, Sibonga Cebu.  It started with a miracle that Mother Mary cried  with a blood and was witnessed by some of the devotees and believers.  Furthermore, the Monks of Mary (Mga Monghe ni Maria) lives and started the cause of building this palace-like church. Devotees, faithful and just merely the curious people started to flock in this location, thus the support and donation of the faithful has made this #EuropeFeels – instagram worthy photos facade is built (and still on the process of making it better).

Believed to have fulfilled many prayers, a row of “aparador” / cabinet of testimonials of various stories on passing of the board exams, miraculously cured cancer, baby prayers and more will inspire you. An array colorful of candles can also be seen in some areas; color-coded depending on the prayers & intentions you would like to lift up. Red, blue, green, pink, violet etc. –  stands for a specific purpose – wanna know what are they? Go ahead and visit this place! 🙂

Most importantly, attend a mass! 

Here is a guide to the regular mass schedule of the church. 

I would also suggest to avoid Fridays, Saturday & Sundays if you wouldn’t want a crowded place. Pick a weekday and enjoy the peaceful ambiance that Simala Church has! May your prayers be granted!

God bless!

Hello Cebu! Surprise!



As of writing, it is 5:15 am, Manila time – 6 Jan 2017. I am currently in the boarding area for my connecting flight to Cebu.

This is an unplanned vacation which will surely bring a surprise to my family. I have kept this secret for a month now, and only a few of my friends know about this. I hope no one spilled the beans 🙂 . Yes, it’s connected to the blog I recently published about losing a job, read the story here.
Our original vacation schedule is supposed to be April 2017, in time for my in-law’s wedding. But as I have shared on that post, “Trust in the Timing” – I believe, this is an answer to my prayer. To cut the story short, here I am waiting for my 9:00 am flight to the Queen city of the South and in 5 hours more I’ll be seeing Mamo, Dado and Dandan shortly! #ExcitedMe ^^
While waiting, let me share my thoughts about Philippine Airlines. Actually, over the past 8 years –  it is my first time to fly with this carrier. Kokobear was able to purchase for me a two-way ticket for around 1800/- AED (490/- USD or 23,400 Php) . For me, this is a cheap price already compared to 4K during the holiday season and just for one way! Allow me to share that:
  • I have heard many who seemed to be disappointed with this airline, but my 7 and half experience (almost 8 hours) was quite okay. Although we depart late from Abu Dhabi, but we arrive almost on time in Manila. 
  • Food was okay, there were chicken and fish fillet choices for dinner – I took the fish
  • In between snacks of chocolates, biscuits, juices, cola, chocolate cake etc and a turkey ham/cheese sandwich too!
  •  There were pillow and blanket
  • No TV though
  • Playing cards, Globe sim card, toothbrush/paste were distributed separately, something I am not so cool but bearable. I just thought they could put it in one pack and prepare it in each seat – save them the time and rounds. Also, getting a free sim makes me think – this is the reason it’s easy to fake identity… that’s personal view because in UAE we register our sims with IDs/ passports.
  • The crew was friendly, nice and pleasant.
  • Upon arrival at NAIA Terminal 2,  I was a bit confused whether to take my check in luggage or keep it… Gotta ask the Customs desk to know what has to be done. So what happened is that there are 3-4 personnel in one side of the baggage claim area that puts on a yellow sticker that says “domestic transfer”, got mine and had it stuck on. Then I went out and enter once again to the dometic area.
So, far, that’s it.

Time Check : 6:05 am – I’ll be sharing what will happen after that encounter shortly.
So what happened during my arrival . . . 
Hahaha! I wish I could actually capture their faces! 😀

So, the universe connive with me, when I get off the taxi no one is on the street. So I got off as quick as I could, put on my hats, drag my luggage and put it in front of our sari-sari store. 

Right on time Papa was about to go back inside the house, so I said “Ayo!!! Pwede magpa-load“,  (hello, can I have a load?) widely smile and look at him. His face and eyes blank . . . took few more seconds before saying “Hala! – – – Ikaw na day?” (oh! Is that you?)

Mama on the other hand, was about to go upstairs and stopped, saw me, but on her mind “Is it JM, she is, but it’s impossible” 
And I blurt it loud, Surprise!!!! 

They all smiled, laughed and said Hoy! Nganu naa man ka! Wa lagi ka nagsulti! (Hey! Why are you here, why didn’t you inform us . . .)
Then more laughter, hug and kisses follow. 

What a great feeling to actually be at home and meet my family again. My brother was on duty, so when he arrived I also surprised him, but although he wasn’t aware, he took the other door and got me surprised too! 

Sharing you my daily musing, instant reunion, eat outs, meeting friends and more adventures! So just keep on track 🙂


OEC 2.0 (2016 Version)

So, last year I have created a blog post entitled Exit-OEC. This was about how to create your online OFW data and the process of logging in to where you have to register your details as an OFW and be able to request for an appointment in getting OEC (Overseas Employment Certificate).
This year as a prep for my January 2016 (unplanned) vacation, I have gone through the same process but with a little bit of improvements. On this post, I am sharing you my experience during my 27 Dec 2016 – OEC Appointment schedule.
I have logged in to my account, schedule the appointment and after completing it, I have received this Email Confirmation.
After deciding of when to go home as a result of the blog post The Fear of Losing Job, I have purchased my ticket and did the steps below for OEC 2.0.

Note: I have highlighted the Official Steps (in yellow) as the Steps you take when you are onsite during your appointment date. The steps below are “My Steps” according to how I did this process.

My Step 1 – Log in to Balik Manggagawa online (make sure you keep your details) 
Log in and find that green box where you are able to know if you are exempted to get a new OEC or you need to do another appointment/schedule. In my case I was redirected to make another appointment. I didn’t really totally understand why I am redirected to it when in fact majority of those who travelled last year has an exemption… but according to this article, some reasons are stated. Check out Question no. 8.
So, I logged in and arrived at my profile. Under this profile are 3 items : 
1. Personal Data, 
2. Contract Particulars and 
3. Legal Beneficiaries / Qualified Dependents
You can freely change details if you have changed to another employer or if other information has been changed. I clicked the upper right green box and I was redirected to the appointment schedule. I entered my flight dates and the calendar pops up where I could choose a specific date for the appointment.
This is my main profile page and on the upper right, you’ll see the green box to either acquire or be exempted for OEC.
For those who are exempted, this one will show up:
Photo from: 
My Step 2 – On the Day – Go to the Appointment on time
My schedule was at 9:00 am – 27 November 2016.
First schedule was my 2015 appointment .. Don’t know what happened that it shows “cancelled” when I have completed it. maybe that’s why I was not able to get my exemption this year.




Then under that is my schedule this year – it says “approved”


My Step 3 – Struggle where to go
Yep! I am adding that step simply because when I arrived in the embassy, I struggle to find someone (or a visible guide) who could actually guide me properly on where to go. So get inside the office  look around, trying to ask questions to fellow OFWs (whose answers are also “I don’t know” because they too are on the same ground as me), and then I found this A4 paper posted on the wall for the process and although I wasn’t sure if I understood it correctly but I proceeded to the OWWA line – as step 4.
Step 3.1 (Official Step 1)
Extra Step before Step 4 (if you’re registering the first time, or if you’ve changed your company). Outside the office is an area where (Official) Step 1 starts, it’s where you as first timer/ if changed company starts the process. You need to bring the following:
  • Original and copy of your contract
  • Original and copy of your passport font page (main info) and the back page 
  • Original and copy of your visa


Above documents has to be submitted to the assigned personnel including a form that they give you onsite. Once completed, you proceed to Step 2
My Step 4 – Queue for OWWA (Official Step 2)
OWWA payments are collected every 2 years, that means your 92 AED (around 1,196 Php : if 1 AED is 13 pesos) will be your membership fee for the next 2 years, let’s say for example in my case I paid that amount in 2015 Nov and so mine is still valid until 2017 Nov.
As I reached my turn, the officer told me, it’s still valid (saved my 92 AED this time 🙂 ) then I flew right away to the next line. – Step 5 OEC.
Step 5 – Queue for OEC (Official Step 3)
I was the 8th or 9th person in line. This day is not that busy though, so it was a bit of smooth, in fact I have completed the process in 25-30 minutes.
OEC Fee is 10 AED (Around 130 pesos)
Process Complete!

* * * 

This day’s appointment is somehow 3.5*. (5* if I am totally satisfied). Let me explain… I gave 3.5 out of 5 because I think, the Embassy missed to assign a proper reception to receive the applicants. 
I would suggest:
First, that they prepare a small table right in the entrance to POLO/OWWA Office before entering to the main villa. One who could guide if the person should proceed directly to which step and at the same time issue the forms required.
Second, that all staff “still” needs to be friendly. Wonder why I say so? Because few years back, I vented out my frustration about how some of the officers attended me and other people.. Wanna know what I wrote? Read that on this Facebook review PH Embassy on 2013 page.
Out of the 3 staffs I met on this day, 2 of them are pleasant, but one is not. I won’t say if he/she but that person somehow made me and other OFWs disrespected, but I just let it go. 
The fact that I have completed this process in half an hour or less is already a good thing. I just hope that it is going to be faster and more efficient than ever. Still giving a thumbs up though!
Hope this blog helped! tell me your experiences too!
God Bless!

10 Must Visit Places when you’re in Cebu (City)

CEBU – My beautiful city has so much to offer. But what if you only have a short time to stay? Here are my “MUST VISIT” places when you visit the Queen City of the South! Above photo is from Kasia of Stylish travel Trips.

 * * *

     1.       Sto. Niño Church – also known as Basilica del Santo Niño

It is in Osmeña Boulevard, D. Jakosalem St, P. Burgos St. and the Plaza Sugbo where the Magellan’s Cross is located. The main entrance is on Osmeña Boulevard. Two blocks north of the basilica is the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cebu.

It holds the major masses during January’s Sinulog Festival where novenas & high masses are done.*Entrance Fee – None. Free, it’s a church.Official Website here.
      This photo is from

2.       Cebu Metropolitan Church

       This church is a memorable one for me and Kokobear. This is where we tie the knot!
Across Sto. Nino church you will find this beautiful haven.*Entrance Fee – None. Free, it’s a church.Read more from Wikipedia.
Photo from /
Trivia : Our Wedding in May 2014 happened here 🙂


3.       Magellan’s Cross

The seat of Christianity lies within. The cross that Magellan brought to Cebu is inside. The original crossed is
encased inside the wooden cross to protect it. Read more here.*Entrance Fee – None. Free, open to public.


Kokobear’s first visit in Cebu. back in 2012.


4.       Fort San Pedro

It is one of the oldest ports in the country. Today’s structure dates from 1738 and is the oldest triangular bastion fort in
the country. Located at Plaza Independencia.
*Entrance Fee – 30 Pesos (price as of June 2016)
Our Wedding reception happend here… May 2014

5.       Colon Street

       Colon Street is the country’s oldest street. I have spent most of my college years in this street as
       I worked at Colonnade Mall. Old movie houses, ukay-ukay shops, posters, baber shops, grocery 
        stores etc are on its line. 

       *Entrance Fee – None. Open, it’s a street.

Another moment while doing the pre-nup … in Colon Street

6.       Cebu Heritage Monument / Parian 

The monument that depicts historical events of Cebu. Made of cement, iron and steel, it shows Baptism
of Raja Humabon, Sto. Nino Procession, Battle of Mactan and more. Read more in Everything Cebu.
*Entrance Fee – None. Open, it’s right after the end of Colon street.


During one of our Pre-nup stops

7.       Taoist Temple

Built in 1972, located in Beverly Hills Lahug for the substantial Chinese community in cebu. It’s  entrance to the

temple is a replica of the Great Wall of China.

     *Entrance Fee – Free
Taoist Temple – never had the chance to visit this place until we did our Pre-nup . . .

8.       TOPS

Maybe one of the most overrated tourist spot in Cebu. At the top of Nivel Hills, you will enjoy overlooking Cebu City. It

doesn’t offer much, just a place to relax and see far with its horizon. 

*Entrance Fee – 100 Pesos (Price as of 2016)
Another Pre-nup picture in TOPS

9.       Cebu’s Provincial Capitol 

We call it Cebu’s White House because pof it’s external similarities of USA’s White House… *Entrance Fee – None. Open, it’s a government building.

Photo credits to the owner… Found it on Facebook/Instagram 

10.   Larsian Barbeque, Fuente

This is Cebu’s most popular Barbeque place! *Entrance Fee – None.
You just have to pick a stall and order the food and pay as your order.
Photo from my Aunt’s Larsian BBQ Station – Kristine & Daling BBQ Fb page. Now called VHEZ BBQ

These are 10 of the must visit places. This list will take you only 1 day!




Underground River – Palawan

Underground River – Palawan

Palawan has been a familiar name to me ever since I was in high school. A cousin of mine married someone from the place so they settled in this place known as the cleanest city in the Philippines, Puerto Princesa Palawan. See the #ByaheNgKokobears Palawan Adventure overview here.


I have been curious about the world renowned Underground River and just last year (2015) December I had my personal experience of this enchanting place!
Let me start by saying at first I thought we were unlucky to be in Palawan during these final days of the year wherein the last sets of typhoons are also scheduled to hit the places we are ought to visit (Bohol & Palawan). We stayed at Astoria Palawan for 4 days & 3 nights. We had our itinerary full packed but have to be adjusted depending on the weather condition.

Also know as Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, is first on our list and was supposed to be a day 1 experience but has to postpone it on the day 2 because of heavy rains and that no one is allowed by the coastguard to travel that way of the sea. But to our surprise, our tour provider advised us that there is an alternative way to get there! 

How we get there:
Because our accommodation was far from the city – we have to travel back to the starting point of the underground river for about 30 minutes. We had an exclusive van all for only the 2 of us! 🙂

The adventure started!
Our tour guide & driver accompanied us to the registration area where they have assigned a local kid () to be the internal tour guide as we hike up to the mountain and go to the other side of the underground. He was only 15 years old – a bit shy at first but as we sweat off and go further for the next 30 minutes of walking through the wet forest he started to be talkative. The forest was all green, several of plants surround it and different sizes of trees filled it.
Excuse the blurry pic! Our tour guide moved right after clicking the button of our GoPro 😀 Imagine how big this tree is!!! 

The soil was a bit brownish/orange-gy and wet, a rain was about to come. We have to hold some plants us we ascend to the next level. There were 4 stops. Where we could take a rest, drink water or take some photos. And in each stops there are rescue team as well whenever there is a need.

One of the stops… 

We have to go up and down with various man-made stairs (made of wood) which will definitely test your breath!!!

Way to go!!! Climb pa more!
This one is on the way back to our hotel… where we stop by in some of the mountains that shaped like an Elephant and a photo of this yellow tag wherein 2 Amazing Race were done!
The underground
We met with other tourist who also took the challenge to walk for 1 and half – 2 hours just to see one of the world’s wonder! We hurry to fill the little boat, put on our head gear and sail. Of course some briefing was made.
Inside is all black! It is the darkest at its finest. It is natural and should be maintained to keep the bats stay underground. 
Inside or underground are beautiful natural creations of stalactite and stalagmite! Formations of people, food, church and all! A plus factor is that our guide seems to know when and where to stop amidst the dark place and a sense of humor while introducing the spots.
Off we go! 🙂
A fellow tourist exiting as we enter…

Above are some of the captured photos while we were inside… there actually videos but I chose not to put them in to keep you curious and find your way to this beautiful place!

All the walk and pain and tiredness have gone once you get a glimpse of this amazing underground river. I realize it as we went home and see the mountains that under those mountains is the river enchanting as it is even while imagining it.

The Beach

There is a special beach or shall I say photos only beach – white sands shore that makes an impression of a faraway island, secluded yet majestic! 🙂 … Had our time to do the snaps and take a minute or two to feel the beauty amids the stormy & wavy sea during our time.

Credit to the owner.

We have our own photos but somehow misplaced it. Will update this once I see it!

Puerto Princesa Palawan – PH

This is the 4th leg of our 2015 Vacation Itinerary. This is another #ByaheNgKokobears Special! This post will be short, just an overview of the 3-days we spent in this beautiful place. Separate blogs with details will be shared as well soon.

Day 1- Island hopping (2 Islands only due to the rainy season)

An exclusive boat for 4! The Kokobears, our tour guide and the boat man! 🙂

Luli Island

Caption this blogger pose moment 🙂
Just happy! Sharing this moment with Kokobear!

Cowrie Island

This is the cue for the lunch…
Although not allowed to swim, but this line of trees with autumn coloured leaves give you a great feel about the island! ^^

Day 2 – UNDERGROUND RIVER – Puerto Princesa Highlights

We spent the whole day with the below places/activities

Of course, the highlight is the Underground River.

Secured our front seats on this lil boat heading to the underground 🙂
Exiting the underground river…

Day 3 – City Tour

Provincial Capitol

Iwahig Prison & Penal Farm


Crocodile Farm




Baker’s Hill


Butterfly Garden & Palawan tribal Village




Binuatan Weaving Creations