CFFL #TVM20 Released!

20 - TVM20 Official Cover -
This issue’s cover is designed by Bro. Gilbert Sioson of CFFL Sharjah.

– Editor’s Note –

Hello brothers and sisters! We are now up with our 20th issue! How amazing is that!?!

Over the past seven (7) months, we have gathered a humongous response from our brethren all over the Emirates sharing their time and talent. Praise GOD tayo dyan!

Indeed, the Holy Spirit has been working in each of us. For He gave us the courage to put out our skills, stories and hearts through your submissions. I can’t thank you enough for all your efforts and love. On behalf of the whole CFFL-TVM team, THANK YOU from the very bottom of my heart! You are indeed a blessing to us and to our community.

As we continue to gather your inspiring stories and encounter with God and our neighbors within and outside the community; in this issue we have a full-packed personal sharings from our KFL Coordinators in Abu Dhabi, major photos submission too! 🙂 Covering many of this year’s KPA (Kids Possible Assembly) events. We also have a sister whose prayer was answered. Bro. Paul’s sharing of his recent visit/mission here in the UAE. A question on how’s our vineyard life. A thought provoking throwback article from Tito Frank Padilla. Plus IBC delegates sharing –  on their experiences last March.

Poetry overload too on the Poetic side. Of course, regular favorites on #FotoQuoteToh & Selfie or Groupie w/ TVM. And finally loads and loads of photos on our photo gallery.

Above all, we hope that this 20th issue is another addition to your collection of our community magazine that has touched and inspired you over the years. God bless!



Praying for you and your family!


Sis JM Bacus – Chavez





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CFFL #TVM19 Released!

CFFL The Vineyard Magazine TVM19 cover -
This issue’s cover is designed by Bro. Gilbert Sioson of CFFL Sharjah.

Note: Starting this issue, I will be sharing the cover of CFFL – The Vineyard Magazine and recognize the talented people behind each issue’s cover. For the past issues’ covers, click here > TVM issues # 01 – 18 covers. Also, visit and like like, thumbs, up, vote icon our Facebook Page as well. 🙂 Finally, I’ll also put on my letter, the “Editor’s Note” too!


– Editor’s Note –


I have been out of the country for the past five (5) months, in fact I missed the Destined for Greatness Echo conference. I was back home in Cebu right before New Year and I was a spectator of all the events happening inside the community via social media. Even though I was there, I see to it to always take a glimpse of what are the current teachings and happenings – – – to – of course use them to be a part for this issue.  I have to mention though that #TVM19 was supposed to be released during our June CFFL 37th Anniversary Sportsfest, but due to lack of entries it is moved this month of August (now Sept for LP schedule). Praise God we made it!

Another important announcement too, is that from this year, we are releasing the issues every National GA. Therefore – expect 3 issues per year from March – which is usually our Echo Conference season, June – anniversary month & finally November – which is the pastoral month.

In this issue, expect loads of photos from the past 3 conferences from HFL, SvFL & SFL ministries. Our Photo Gallery too has much more, plus the a special space for the successfully concluded IBC Meeting – to which we had the privilege to host.

Sharings, personal lesson learned and take homes, a movie review, a sister’s journey to becoming or being beyond 30, more poetry and simply the very core realization of being blessed beyond measure.

So, wait no more! Dig in and be inspired!

May God be praised.



Praying for you and your family!



Sis JM Bacus – Chavez





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Writer Mode … [daw]

Writer Mode … [daw]

From my instagram page.
My dream of being a writer was made possible in God’s vineyard through the community, that has opened so many doors for me. Of course this will not be possible without those people who contributed to its completion! I thank the Lord for this wonderful opportunity. 












In order after the full 4 issues – Issue one FAITH WORKS WONDERS, Issue two EMPOWERED TO WITNESS, Issue three WE ARE SAINTS, MARTYRS, WARRIORS and finally Issue four MISSION WEEKEND.
These are the 4 issues of 2014.

And now I am again excited for the next issue this 2015!
Updated mag cover will be added here soon! 🙂

#IDreamADream #AndGodGaveIt 🙂

#Happiness #HappyMe

How to Write Articles

How to Write Articles

Been encouraging some of our brethren to write for The Vineyard Magazine and found out that some of you are actually interested but didn’t know where to start. So I’m doing this post to give some basic tips on how to write an article in general. 🙂

Hey! Remember – that we don’t need a “pro” for this; what we need is your heart and commitment.


I often share during talks that I am a struggling writer. I have submitted stories and poem in my school paper but didn’t get them published. Yet I never stop writing. Writing calms me down and expressing my thoughts eases me. Way back then, my only audience was myself – because I wrote them on my diary. But my dream of being a writer comes alive when a good friend and fellow teacher from GEOS encouraged me to write a book review for Cebu’s ZEE Magazine!!!!



O diba, ayaw sa School paper dahil – sa Local Cebu magazine pala ang aking premier! Ha ha ha! 🙂


From that day on, when I saw my name on that magazine (of course I purchased one…) I never stopped dreaming.


I also had another printed short 5-8 liner quote in Cebu’s tabloid – Super Balita “Reader’s corner” where I won a grocery package for Christmas and eventually started my blog as my platform for all the thoughts on my head by writing.


Flashback 2012, with God’s grace – I end up with the community’s magazine – The Vineyard Magazine / TVM! See how God works in His ways? . . .


Anyhow enough about me, here is what this post is all about.


Let’s start…


What is an article?


·        It is a piece of writing usually intended for publication such as magazine, journal and newspaper. It is written for the wide audience that may include stories, events, reports, announcements and other information.
·        An article can describe an experience, present an opinion, compare and contrast, offer advices and suggestions.
·        It can be formal or informal (for The Vineyard, we accept it all J – allowing everyone to share their time and talent. Our goal is to inspire people, therefore I encourage that writers write their personal reflection and realization of the activities or event they are writing. Adding a quote or a bible passage suits best.


The Basic Format


Like in our English writing classes, an article has 3 basic parts: The introduction, main body & conclusion.


  • Introduction – this part clearly defines the topic to be covered and keep the reader’s attention.


  • Main Body– describe the events or stories with details for 3-5 paragraphs.


  • Conclusion– closing and summarizing the whole topic. It could be personal comment/final opinion or a recommendation through quotes ( bible verses is applicable for The Vineyard)
PLUS!!! An eye-catching TITLE!
Do you notice what you (as a reader) is attracted to when it comes to newspapers? It’s the intriguing titles and sub-heading titles. (Think of what articles – have you read lately and what made you read it?) – This one is a key to get your reader’s attention.


It may also answer the 5 Ws + H (if applicable) What, When, Where, Who and Why/How.


Remember as well to consider where the article your writing is for – a newspaper? A magazine or journal? , who are the readers and what is the aim of your article, does it follow to the goal of the newspaper/magazine you are writing for?


These are just the basics and google could offer you more ways and tips to make your article better.


As a closing to this post, let me inspire you with this:



 Happy writing everyone! 

ODW – 18 Feb 2015