The Parents are out & the children are IN!


Event: Mini KIDS Assembly
Date: 10-11 February 2011
Venue : Tito Bonnie/Tita Weng’s House

The Parents are out & the children are IN!
This weekend (11 March, Thursday Night) is scheduled for their Parents’ Marriage Encounter Retreat. So this time the kids are IN for a short Retreat too, we call it KIDS’ Assembly.

It’s an overnight event, 5 kids or shall I say almost youth + 2 toddlers with 5 of their Ates & Kuya from  the Singles for Family & Life ministry.

Brother Darrelle, Sisters Amie, Ash, Lou & yours truly were assigned to be their service team.
We had a long list of events that was not totally covered for some reasons but then it was somehow a great sleep over.

Jon, Maynard, Bench, Dave, and Daniel- the all boys group plus Benz & Bea! These kiddos have rocked our world more than we have rocked them!

Letters to GOD. The main event of the night was a movie for them to reflect on. We have them engrossed watching it, even the toddlers! At the end of the movie, we found some of them or us with a teary eye. As part of the activity, we had them wrote their own letters to GOD & a separate one for their parents.

All 5 of us were happy to see them all willingly & seriously writing their letters, with matching arts & for sure a heart warming thoughts inside.

They have kept us awake all night after the activity, played their gadgets or even just bumped each other on their bed till dawn of 2 AM. They requested for some Philippines Scary stories. So Ate Lou & Kuya Darrelle gave them some and when the lights off, they were all behaved & have fallen asleep.

It was short, Friday morning was spent for a brief breakfast & the kids have gone to the church for their Catechism class. We hope to have a bigger group next time so we could explore more with the activities & have a stronger bond with these fellows.

Finally have realized one special thing: That they aren’t the normal stereotype personalities of “Laking Abroad” children who are difficult to handle. To our surprise they were very cooperative & interested in doing the activities we have in line.

Hats off to the parents of these kids that in God’s Grace these children are well raised.

Blog post by : JM Kayne

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