Have you ever wanted to create a notebook, journal or binder just for one specific purpose?

I do! 🙂

I’ve often thought that it would be nice to create a notebook for my travels, something to record memories; what we did on a specific day, what the weather was like, where we ate

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How awesome is it to actually have an early Christmas gift!?! 

You heard (read) it right! My first official Christmas gift is in! Here is another brand I’m happy working with.

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This is a closer look into Rocketship Education. It’s a reinvention and revitalized approach for a quality education. Emphasizing on the elimination of achievement gaps through quality educational growth.

rocketship - iamjmkayne.com

How do we know that a certain education is of great quality? What does our society dictates when it comes to defining what/who

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Marriage Attestation - iamjmkayne.com

This is another #PublicServiceBlog post regarding one of the many requirements a married couple has to do in order to be legally recognized as “married” and/or be able to sponsor a spouse and other family members here in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

We’ve been married for three years and the intention of attesting our documents have

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This year’s Blogger Recognition Award goes to  . . . [ drum rolls please…. 🙂 ]

iamjmkayne - blogger award


Similar to the Liebster Award that this blog received earlier this year, #InMyHeart garnered another award just before the year closes! Thanks to a

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#InMyHeart♥ x Basic Invite: Let’s talk about Gorgeous Birthday & Party Stationaries!

Every milestone in our life deserves to be celebrated! A birthday, an anniversary, engagement, a wedding and more. These are a collection of memories worth remembering. Kicking off such moment needs us to start creating invitations. Although lately social media made them accessible by just simply creating an event,

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Many people nowadays usually say they are busy and squeezing in some time for something new might not be applicable. But how about during your lull time? How about while you do a long walk, maybe a jog or run. Or stuck in the traffic? In a queue waiting for something? Obviously, the go to “thing” – is, of course; our mobile phones.

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Sixteen (16) Inspiring Quotes for Teachers.

Allow me to share these quotes that have helped me cope up to the pressure of getting back into the teaching arena. In fact it has been 9 long years that I haven’t practice this very first passion of mine. Yes, you read it right, I am about to embark once again the journey of this humble profession

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