SG : I’m in LOVE!!!

April 18, 2012 JM Kayne 17 Comments

Should have published it long time back, just can’t get the time to finish it fast! 🙂 

Most of the people think that it’s too early for me to feel it, that it’s just 2 days more or less and I fell. Let me say, I just feel it, it’s a feeling of belonging-ness & a light mood of being around the city. 

Wont write long like my other regular blog posts. This time, let the photos ☺ tell what I feel! ♥ 

   ♥ ☺ ✩ ♨ ✔ ☮ ✂ ☛ ✽ ✮ ☀ ✌ ☂ ✰ ♥ ☺ 

At the Olympic Walk going to the Marina Bay Sands.
Our very nice House Sponsor, Angel!
Food Ohhhh Food! That’s for 5/- SG$ only!
Well~ it will never be complete without the Eating Session!
Yes! The very First drop is in St. Anthony’s Church!
Kokobear trying to go up up in a way to Marina Bay Sands!
Enjoying the city’s vicinity.. with all the tall buildings around!
Chill time: Good for us that the weather then was cool.
A photo of our ticket to SG!
It’s just a short blog post sharing this memorable stop over in Singapore. I wish I could actually spend more time in this beautiful city! Someday, I’ll do that!
God bless!
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  1. Hi JM! We nominated you for the 2017 Blogger Recognition Award. Congratulations!!! You can check the article here: Thank you and keep on doing what you love!

  2. Awesome, I have visited SG for twice times. Very beautiful country! Did you try the famous Hainan Chicken Rice at the Marketplace? So good !

  3. You gave me major goals! I am currently kicking myself I went so close to SG but didn’t visit it! Oh well, next time I guess.