1. Have my own beautiful Family
2. Have my own house with my own office / Have a home on the mountain overlooking the sea
3. Parasail: Boracay experience! 
4. Travel around the world (especially with someone I love)
(Hongkong, Maldives, Singapore, South Korea, Italy, Paris, Bali, Sri Lanka . . . )
*SINGAPORE – Check our my Blog post on this , visit here –SG: I’m in Love!
*MALDIVES  – Blog series on BYAHEngKOKOBEARS blogpage.

*SRI LANKA – Just recently (13-18 Sept 2016) – I am now working on a few blogs. For now, you can check my Intro blog – CEYLON.


5. Ride a camel, an elephant


6. Travel Southeast Asia/ASIA by 2020. (Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar Brunei, East Timor and Laos)
These are some of the ASIAN countries I would like to explore and SEE ASIA DIFFERENTLY!
7. Sky-dive
8. Get my first passport stamped (from other country of course!) before it expires… completed this in Sept 2008. 
9. Bungee jumping
10.  Learn to Surf
11. Visit the Pyramids of Egypt

12. Scuba-dive Got my Open Water Diving License in 2010.

13. Ride a helicopter
14. Visit the Holy Land
15. Write a book and get publish
16. Have my own TV travel show with Kokobear!
17. Visit the Coliseum at Rome, Eiffel Tower in Paris
18. Help/Support a poor kid go to school
19. Have my own coffee shop / library style
20. Get an article published on a mag
21. Get an article published on a website – Check them on the About Page.
22. Watch the World Cup (football) or any Olympic Game/s
23. Watch an NBA / PBA game
24. Watch an Azkal Game there was an exhibition game AZKALS vs. UAE Players…
25. Visit South Korea: meet my students and friends
26. See the Northern Lights
27. Travel Pilipinas (Bohol, Baguio, Palawan, Davao, Manila, Boracay, Baler, Tagaytay, Batanes, Siargao,CDO )
28. To work in a Media Company – in any division
29. Have a photo with my fave celebrities such as: Carlo Aquino, Jen Garner & Ben Affleck, Toni Gonzaga, Drew Barrymore, Alvin Patrimonio, Kim Jones, Sarah G. Jericho Rosales,
     *Jericho Rosales – Saw him during his visit in Cebu for ASAP & The Buzz, during Sinulog 2017 
     *Sarah GeronimoSaw her in Jollibee Cebu, he was with Mark Bautista
     *Kim JonesI saw her at NAIA – but I was starstrucked! hehehe
*Carlo Aquino w/ Kokobear and me!

30. Ride an Airplane Ticked it out fromt he list in 2008! When I left PH for Abu Dhabi.

31. See a planet. Last 19th July 2014, I saw Saturn thru a big telescope in The Galleria.

32. Attend WSC (World Singles Congress) and Live Pure Conference in PH

33.  Watch a Hillsong Concert , Spice Girls Concert, BLUE Concert.

                  *Hillsong Concert – expereinced on 29 April 2017. Read it on this Concert Experience.

34. Reach Cebu’s Highest Peak –  Done on Dec 2015 read the blog on OSMEÑA PEAK

35. Have my own website/personal domain :Got is in Sept 2016 | www.iamjmkayne.com

36. Get this blog Collaborations/Sponsored Blogposts :March 2016, I just received my very first collab post, check out my collaborations page!