Owning a beach house does not have to be so expensive Who does not dream of owning their own beach house? A lot of people would like that but not everyone is able Read More
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Reasons Why Car Covers are a Necessity What do you mean by the term car covers? Car covers are the type of covers that will protect your car from getting damaged or scratched. Read More
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Lately I have been into serious difficulties in sleeping on time. To those people who know me well, I have a sleeping alarm at 9:45 PM but for almost a year now this Read More
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2019: New Year’s Battlecry For a while now, I’ve been trying to come up with ideas and concepts for my 2019 theme. ⚡I’ve recently completed Shonda Rhimes’ book – Year of Yes and Read More
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Iceland – the newest addition to my bucket-list of countries to visit!  Iceland is known as the Land of Ice and Fire, and it’s an apt description for a country that has volcanoes Read More
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2018 Favorites

#2018Favorites Hello 2019! 🙂 One week after 2019, allow me to share a mini-review of the things (and other stuffs) that made it to the list of my faves last year. Therefore, before Read More
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Haiku 004 | Haiku Project Unrequited Love 💚     💚 I see you afar Feel the universe collides You look pass through me. 💚       Related:  Haiku Project. | Haiku Read More
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Have I shared that I used to consider taking Psychology in college? I’ve always been curious about the mighty brain and the way it affects people. Back in university days, I used to Read More
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